Aug. 17, 1989: Elton John talks about how he has evolved as a performer

The singer had just released his 29th album and embarked on a major world tour.
2:40 | 01/24/18

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Transcript for Aug. 17, 1989: Elton John talks about how he has evolved as a performer
And Johns Hopkins always film classics and there's a reason for that. He remembers it was fans were early on in his career and he wants to make sure they keep coming back and apparently. They did so. I don't lose the original audience because they may be the net and on that kind of glad that my friends when they Grubman but this kind of nice and flexing to get younger people to. I don't know whether they come out alive if you just steal whatever that they come and it's very. And that is flat feet keeps you young and it keeps its very good for the the. Some of your really diehard fans were quite concerned when you have that option last year I believe it was new sold all of flashy stuff. Now I know there's going to be a change when you're in black now which are not Johnny Cash all the time might note that sit. Aaron. Pop pop up. Let's let's check out a little bit tell me a little bit about those colorful clothes behind you are the ones that you Wear on stage. Gianni there Saatchi. I think it whether the unease designed all the states closest. We will tell and I want to cut of just nice suits but I do wanna come just on statin he's been through back to heaven but I quite a separate but with some of the colored suit because. I McCullough who kind of person I'm an AMOCO will gut. I don't mind. Life is so cyclical isn't it we go through cycles of darkened and cycles of light and if we. If we concentrate on it we can stay in that light area and everything works. You know I think I think you I'm not had a terrible time for company is you have to get through that and it and it makes you stronger you have to you have to go through those changes to make is so strong. My can now follow the side nine that I had a lot of good friends and knowing that I had 23 is complete not a mystery. But it made me much better person as a as result I think and the and I think you just have it nobody else can dutifully does have to stay that battle it out and luckily I'm and from the fortunate position even spoke. I was feeling depressed and I had certain things hanging over me like it's Saddam work and pay my mind about that this month that a two when you have in mind. The music business is so competitive. You always seem to have that edge. Why. You know that you have to be competitive in this business and I don't want to end up in Vegas I don't want to be. Come abroad went perform I want to stay in this business to compete with the U two's in the two with Michaels from the McDonald's and whatever guidelines specifically and as you've got another thing that depends that have lost faith in the it was in. I join.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"The singer had just released his 29th album and embarked on a major world tour.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"52580129","title":"Aug. 17, 1989: Elton John talks about how he has evolved as a performer","url":"/Entertainment/video/aug-17-1989-elton-john-talks-evolved-performer-52580129"}