Awards Season Preview: Best Picture Favorites 'Very Different'

Why 'Moonlight,' 'Manchester by the Sea' and 'La La Land' present an interesting challenge to awards voters.
9:10 | 12/15/16

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Transcript for Awards Season Preview: Best Picture Favorites 'Very Different'
Very interesting. Is whether this effect. On the odds Ian when you look at factory looks at. Oscar nominations Oscar we think it's. One look at and the nominations is the beginning on the evening an election. Irish gambling it's. Right now. Case is even. It is that he is even odds to wean. Best actor but the award now this again about two months from this and as warnings now if this were viewed up close view and how big story adds. In the yes it and it we look at. What's going on with his possibilities just because it's even money he's got the best odds of any film performer in England in this at. It's oh. Keep him bluntly whether this blaze when people's asses on the other actors they're voting. Parker nation. I mean that was moving. Right now its. Built in amp is better. It which matches and it shows how much he's been mute as a result he'll. Announce it keep. It after dating. To. There was this happening. It. Real it's obviously Denzel would benefit the most from Catholics its own when it asked. In most instances which means game was assigned in theory 3% chance of winning it. Nothing yet. And we're getting there. Ryan Gosling is also makes as Andrew Garfield. Tax rate Angel in from news. And excellent. To. It's a real game. Is won it. Three. Which. Could be right yeah act it's interesting to me that you. The alliance might have had her music and that's just Lee. I am Irish Catholic group in east this is close to home it's kind of funny points. How can he hasn't. Well it's a black continuity and I. Hurt his. Partner group at sixty. Years and how. A 100%. And few. Music theater it. I'd. But it's one. Changing the way through them is going to be approach that extra Zell is almost. Looking at the oddly almost a lock he's yet it is a real good like again it's at. Farley's act better than he announced when it is win even as points. In its focus around Los Angeles. Academy loves that promotes the city I mean it's just it's it's got a lot going for him. Funny to think about being put an anger that's technically. An unrelated issue that could also impact the Hollywood Hollywood. It's who doesn't love to Steven and it wouldn't does not actors whose in the movie actor. And about actor Vegas can appeal and I live in LA I don't know if you guys toilet now. And counties. I am out well I'll tell you. My resistance to that what's happening outside the definitely an. So called. But everyone in Allen by the how beautiful and look at that it and I think in New York we're sort of used to the New York being a character. But LA doesn't get back and all that often and I think your point is well take and that. Actors the Los Angeles beaten me two beautiful character. I was. Rehearsal the. As you. A shoo in her for supporting actor he has been he's a great story too he basically. Has been in business about twenty years or so with kind of typecast as aid supporting actor. And you knew from house of cards and and the caves. With all the ultimately hurt either here. And then now he just. And excellent burgers as is a delightful talented human being there's this and he's just fantastic. And that I'm so excited for him. That's genuine fifth. And has all the things people want to vote for. Right. It's gigantic bummer it's a lot of fun to watch them very pretty incredible script coming it's exactly GAAP. And it's incredible film lately it's been extremely moving the whole time it went that was not my man Maxey so it was. A quiet because that's the plot of the film it's a man by deceit it's great. Think though that when we look at awards shows and we think about who wins softer remembered. They keep bringing this up but. These are people voting it's basically popularity contacts right that's what we're talking some at cern. When you look at this honestly who's popular right now and and could you people want to see win. And that's kind when it comes to county and looked at the Golden Globe writer voted on four passes for action. And the sag awards which are on high the actor bright house right community is huge difference in what people thought was good for. And most of the movies that are nominated. Bar very depressing and very dark wall and that one beacon of your. World and I didn't. An unspoken thing Portland beat them. And the get the lobster. There's. There'll really dark and that animals with the panel. And he kind of theme room one. This keeping up the you tell you itching something interesting earlier about how in this yet there's so many superhero movies and the movie everyone's talking about right now critics who wins that Dave Miller at the box office. We saw is looking at the box office numbers currently there and. It's really bad civil lobster that about really bad hit. About the author and Ferrell is nominated for Golden Globe ordinance that. Glowed in the last him I haven't seen. Leslie can explain more later she's seen it it it's completely pain. It's of the area it to to stoke OK so basically it's basically. British a lot of the lives up summer. If you're seeing in that you've got to this town and you pick an animal. That you will be turned in Q if after thirty days you do nine. Find your ups and Colin Farrell checks and the hood. Animals he chooses should he not find his mates. It is the officer. And that sort of becomes. The worst Kokomo. I mean if I knew I had really liked it. My husband. Sort of walked out jumped around asking what did we stood out you know it's sort of split the we I actually really enjoyed I like that. An order of magnitude more money than many of the other films actually legit content. Yes though so yeah lost about fifteen million which beats combined captain fantastic while Milan and Manchester Tennessee kept. An effort to weaken and every in the five point nine million worldwide thus far so it's it's committee agreed in the heartland I think line. And now I'm a big period behind her Mary good together. The about six point one million worldwide. In contrast. Of this movie called net pool 760 million world laughing. Silly to hit it in the traffic accident necklace and. Here who only if you put it it's very polarizing now and I think maybe a little bit of the repercussions. This moment that we're in with superhero movies. You either starring. A little bit element there is a seminar. Is it negative though this might not be a positive thing which is kind of scary to think about. You know if you knows. Stephen Spielberg famously said that eventually superior movies will. Go out of fashion go the way of the western so this could be the tipping point if you don't have a Captain America you don't have a Star Wars we don't have the dead pool. You're not making a lot of money and its what does that mean nominees all the nominees that are in the single digits millions. Yeah. I.

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{"duration":"9:10","description":"Why 'Moonlight,' 'Manchester by the Sea' and 'La La Land' present an interesting challenge to awards voters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44213707","title":"Awards Season Preview: Best Picture Favorites 'Very Different'","url":"/Entertainment/video/awards-season-preview-best-picture-favorites-44213707"}