Ayesha Curry's Supportive Tweet Sparks Twitter War

The co-hosts talk about the decision to publicly declare affection.
2:11 | 05/13/16

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Transcript for Ayesha Curry's Supportive Tweet Sparks Twitter War
The wife of NBA star stuff Carly. Yes she started a trip abroad the other night just a cheering on her husband and some people treated that all women. Should be doing that for their husbands do should be out there saying how great your husband is constantly I mean it really got ugly didn't run. You know I really did and I find it interesting that there's a Twitter war based on something good. We pledge to start from the beginning didn't she just sent to sweep its act tweet out and said go hon here's something simple like that yes that's how it all started people that had about baby after he scored a three pointer last night but the issue is is people like you know. Some people on Twitter going you know you should he say next year man in the air counter is lesion Dusan who's making say that. I think it has why are we hiding about something on Twitter it's she did well I'm makes him get jealous that you didn't put anything good about your. You're like one hand I mean it's so funny I was just on this morning what. When Mother's Day came around and make said the most beautiful things those who thinks to meet personally I can't put her. And then he Reese yeah he's like. I guess I have to tweet happy whether you think I think we're sitting literally with conversational than what you want to tweak when his day to mis action to put a picture up a picture. So that he said happy mother's it's my beautiful wife and my thanks sweetie we have this conversation because he would hate for people to say outlook and appreciate it tweet happy Mother's Day to Vanessa so clearly there's tell. No what I say about that also is you know these people who are constantly saying oh my beautiful wife my beautiful husband I love you so much. You know the divorce rates very high I would not put anything in writing. Yeah. Yeah. It's not interested in how they're so weird pressure yeah. Ordered public admiration almost like why can't just be enough to hat we could have a conversation private like I Italian private I Latvia and on the same thing they probably also blasted him for doing it because right but your personal business out mistreat each actually yeah. You don't support some want using heat if you but the bottom line is with social media the latest today someone's always gonna have something to say about doing adding that every one of boys because the good people boys. And the bad people boys to Canada and wrestling I want to hear how much that Libya husbands I really.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"The co-hosts talk about the decision to publicly declare affection.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39099220","title":"Ayesha Curry's Supportive Tweet Sparks Twitter War","url":"/Entertainment/video/ayesha-currys-supportive-tweet-sparks-twitter-war-39099220"}