'Bachelor in Paradise' finale

Check out all the proposals, surprises and the reveal of the new Bachelor!
3:41 | 09/18/19

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Transcript for 'Bachelor in Paradise' finale
I'm Wheeler as saying you're watching ABC news live that we are here acting cops and had a season finale. It was a summer public drama love and ultimately three engagements we're here catching up with all the cast members to see how they doing post here thanks did you find haven't yeah. Certainly Digisette and whatever there ma am lucky guy came into paradise is now expectations and just sort of and if it took its courses and soon. Expectations coming an apparent ice but this out of. Nowhere boy you know I mean under the hot I had an execution I think that's let me institutions agree that I just couldn't handle of the nine dead end. But no higher than look what happened in every hopes coming into paradise mean this is your second time. But little revamping plan was having to have Biden obviously. As a sailor. I didn't have to let's find him two years ago and then I was definitely open but I was definitely has sent. Just because it hasn't let up any of many times and it's. I was I was hopeful that little sliver of the record I. Mines he insists and now they're making some history and so I was I was so happy let you know I don't know them personally and such genuine incredible humans like with good hearts. What amounts to seeing on that stage that they each side. The same thing I differently with a lot about each other and they exactly does the boring but they have axles could cards parents. When backup to fund that same right. Itself a connection with someone who is defeated the bachelor franchise history not even get a history franchises -- hot of the film. I'll. Ashton and it's a crazy because they we weren't trying to unite uniting your just loving and hopefully when they don't just be normal like going to meet Phelan as he likes as an arm. We look at that moment like for Unix specially you walked up the staircase and it was just like this moment tears during your eyes and I'm sure you're Imus must not. You don't feel like you guys are reunited dead after all this time there's feelings an obvious. This shocking I obviously everything stock tanks it was a feeling that I ever outline or just an overwhelming nightclub. Throughout my clients at the scene where. Some much clarity has given me. Yeah. He made and beautiful common onstage. You know that the negative comments Seawright. The highways south of posit that have you know lately there is one negative comments are says a thousand positive clients. He can't and I am how did tonight our expectation. That I was there. Very emotional I think in a lot a lot of different ways. In both positive and then like we saw some real or. You know relationship conversations in front of us. Or unexpected grabbed Chris and Chris out. Let you guys act to he just got married and how does yeah I went funeral. Man has been on Sam we've been really busy you with working. A great weakly fired Good Morning America and ABC news and Hugh its weekly for Playboy. It's been great on to be honest with you read the year old like. Stability now is tickets another level. And like the partnership has gone stronger so it's like we've always been close but now we like solidified that way he what's he means actually evolves so much. As a we are now on exactly when and how the clean slate and I. With a positive I have this. Going into the dish up to perhaps I think that they noises. You know it's not you start paradise I finish and we're finishing off a beautiful note. After months adding anticipation and be next stops it was announced today he'd rather than we can't bouncing some of the doubts that will be counselor nations. Next about slack and so next time I'm Wheeler a sag you're watching ABC news live.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"Check out all the proposals, surprises and the reveal of the new Bachelor!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"65681250","title":"'Bachelor in Paradise' finale","url":"/Entertainment/video/bachelor-paradise-finale-65681250"}