'Bachelorette' forecast: Season 13 finale

Engaged Rachel Lindsay reveals her winning suitor.
24:50 | 08/08/17

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Transcript for 'Bachelorette' forecast: Season 13 finale
I welcome to the finale of bachelorette forecast these Rachel give out her final rose last night lot or is it that you know it was a dramatic ending and Rachel in the and looked very happy. So a lot to talk about today that correct forecast you know we and forecasting what's going happy each and every week this entire season and also talking episode. Aimed at so today. Nothing much that has a honey get into the just how regional chose her mind I don't feel it at every scene and at an event the it was dramatic finale ever hat. And he might have lived opt out fine acting and those three hour and on Mexico's most of the time. By I and I liked I really liked to had raped all. Sitting out there during. Now live shot with Chris Andersen and taking viewers along in real time exactly the first time they ever and he acts or acts are sitting out there during a live shall act watching the Alley. With the audience which aired. It out. It. After rose on the right we alcohol until they're not to add that in a quiet night first spotlight bitten in the producers. We have a lot of trusted Rachel and not let up on live TV I think that that's a lot about her. By. While I liked having her grants along and it also just felt kind of stunted like she's holding them back because she can't really get a real pain and on if he's feeling it won't it because it could get away the ending exactly at LT I mean it. Seen actions Jiten right. After they saw themselves up on gas guy back seat mr. Mack it was it was great dramatic you can really eager motions that you'll still much more than when they wore on after the pound rose apple they had it and it. So I think giving it during the actual. Italian during the during the episode completely different on actually seeing how the guys. Emotionally or feelings out. Now with the very exciting episode as the earth pat is built it and now I literally had no idea what was going to hack. I knew exactly how I got my eye gloating. Right. That's why I predict it lacked a when I was watching. The yeah. I was telling her. I 845 yen is when Eric Senegal. An apple in. So I asked you're straight and right. It's an Alley wise. Knew in the back that there are three guys and lots. But Eric was the first of those being eliminated which didn't surprise me at all I mean I think Rachel ever. Figuring Mary. Engines like and but they weren't and getting married and I think Ericsson no problem finding that it ready. I completely agree you know she had a ceremony that was in an early in the episode and we happen right here airing. In the litany. Oh. Since coming in to this week. Clearly he had. Was hoping to gain a lot of scary. But if we're honest with myself. I'm more confused than ever cast off more that I was being and the only thing I noticed is in a speech is what I want for myself pianist and I want a proposal. Ally in come hearing today and come here to have a boyfriend I came here to cultivate a relationship that's moving towards the comical appearance. And I realize how much I want that for myself and. I think you're ever prepared to send someone home. But the rooms of the situations that I have to compare to relationships I have against Lana. News news. She didn't care to cycle which twenty. Do you want that guy who was saying I love you play I myself personally don't feel like she's ready. Or do I go with that guy who I feel like is ready for marriage she's just not willing to propose at this time. The only thing I can. News aspires to follow my heart and my dad and hopefully that leads me in the right direction. Peter. An extremely difficult moment for Rachel right there happiness and Eric she really deeply cared about Eric but she is that she was ten she lets it in love with it is I didn't think it would ever. Really naked and even one of the most emotional but I think of that fear and exact thing in pushing up the right I'm prepared to go you know flatly he confronted rat live up the road and guy I and you can have no problem play calling an auditor. Girls grow love being a lot Eric when he came back at me he is again looking guy heat got so much popularity during that entire season he is growing and growing as a man disease and everyone was really aren't Obama what Harry and injuring that that idol which keep it up I'll ceremony soaked carpet. I talked about some of that don't like only he he was really surprised he felt confident that he was at the rose over here who didn't want to look so that's why so much confidence. He really Alley and Rachel had that connection. And we also have that moment. Rachel talking about this line right after he had seen himself eliminate an during actress. Was frustrating to know that you were prepared to get done when me and then you know this guy like Peter still they are who. Who knows if he's got Alice defeats the I was like. Well how lights. That was the first on the whole season is gross ceremonial stuff. This really see your copyrights that I was shaken and never houses like I'm. He just said he's. Silas lives. Okay. Small forward it is now landed. Was tough but things happen. You changed a lot of you shall love for the first time there's time. There was beautiful and number and a lukewarm and I think prices in its home. My heart was broken and am and and with Rachel. If the film are. And so that's what I was lacking now I just want to thank you for giving me. You know around the scene left need to a mom and was a boy became a man and a so now unfold them life really can began a really can take up and they can do things always wanted to do so. Things you know maybe if you don't need help you hello. I really cool. It would. You can did there. But maybe even just one reason why. Why you said good bye. I mean you know like I kinda hard to set of a little bit but it's it's not that I didn't love you know. It's just that I have to compare what I had with. The other two men laughed and you know it's it's it's so hard because it's not that the feelings when there is just that they were stronger. But someone else but. You know I think the journey that you had we had you know I'm happy to so to have met each department journey he can be so great. For someone else to look hard for me to say that but that mean that's like. It's true that I wouldn't give. Stunning not U I you are such a beautiful person I am so glad America got to see that. In my mind that's you know perfect mixture closure right there are regional air which brings me to my air part of I think that's the buster type right thing. Rachel and Peter's final day and break up. Well aren't all it was heartbreaking to watch and mean they're both crying a boat don't wanna say it I get tears stain on Peter shirt. That really stuck with me. But even I as a very rock real conversation and it's got a real issue. He doesn't want to propose yet on it and it darkness to light but -- but is on the proposed yet I am so team Peter on this one Iranian. They only known each other for what six to eight weeks they've never ending an exclusive relationship. I get that Peter wants to you know. Go at each other's towns decide which sitting there. Name actually get to know each other outside of this fantasy world that is about at any legs everything that was so mature made so much sense it was so real I mean he is not living in a world and that's how relationships actually last so that's why. I don't understand you know how she. She didn't get where he was coming from also gets his I want engaged and I want to wring this is all like out I think she got wrapped I think she. All of pressure when an apt brat you think I would I would think that you think the goal is to get engaged and you look like a failure you don't. So. I I think she's so wrapped up and she's you know cotton has swirled for weeks on and work all your thinking about is finding the right act posed to you brain and actually got attorney Kelly she would feel embarrassed mediation came home. Peter as her committed boyfriend but not ring on her finger but it caught in the real world opinion should have been re together I. And they would Etzioni she weighing on her for a lot of that at this out eaten with her other dates with Ryan Andy Sheehan is thinking about. You know in the app for my thinking about hearing even when in this your date. And heads up every show you know you I see your op I feel like they're something different like that. It's all because Peter was in her head. It was it was very her heart because she was selling mother Peter I believe that it was breaking her heart that she couldn't eat with him because she cared more. About the each. And I think the fact that Rachel is still. I think in that need Ian log up. There. The live show well. Peter Rachel confrontation on the live show to need. It. I think Peter Handel outweigh better than regional and I think each she seemed so bitter race when I felt. She three times that to him. You know me he is too slow it for eight years not right rapists prost. Three times I think that's her weight thing please don't be the actual. Ticket and actually watching as that actually. Each she like giving it and support is there on his cats. He's shaky happily crying. Completely are crooked and she I think that the defense mechanism to try to. You know let's put away her. And they look like. Everything's great it's also wonderful but he's just trying to you. It's still a lot of things but that's why she was being sold and another that the lack and I allied episode Peter apologize history well for saying. Wet during their break up he. You know they're settling differently than we are pretty know me really think Brian isn't in the bulk and credits. And he was absolutely. And and the like (%expletive) he apologized and Barbara Walters on. I thought that that part of the tires episode is what's up with you can as I'm living my past life. I'm Rachel but that's uncalled for I like it inside a package that that actually cut commercial rate right after that his bases its flight. I mean it was important is completely all at our nation agrees they angry excellent battling. In my mind that I'm living my Catholic continent with defense and it. And I feel like she's genuinely happy and her new engaged relationship but I like yep you heard it means that exactly unit needs an especially because that's about it Qaeda Adam like TV back you know showing up and bring an op magazine cover. Weakness and joint indeed being out in the cool over the top saying I'm so happy. Exactly. Like. This whole day easy years of our current and he feels like Rachel attacking him everything it's it's just an awful moment on ice agent Peter. All of that mine I need. A consolation prize because. Which. He did it out a lot of action oh Shane thinking that's that's how I feel because. She she was clearly completely. Torn apart heartbroken he just wouldn't propose that was the only actor. That was stopping them from eighty at that moment so was Brian consolation prize at each. It that way up well. To me one that was laugh he was the one laps he was the one with the and you are being kept at an all time. I don't want to propose I want an Atlanta if this is everything so lovely you mean that you're the perfect and I'm gonna propose that I don't I want my fear it was never ending. Here is now because it's been pretty consistent for years. Me at bachelorette. It doesn't answer her than that bachelorette who haven't they pick for the first impression Atlantic the final rose because they feel like women are. Often. Very focused on what they why exact and so it. She's going up a first impression Bryant sitting right characteristic than a half yeah right and they have just this chemistry and it happiness together. The bulls exactly right getting them all that the kind of guy issue on appeal it. And that's at six apparently feel like it's harder for winds and it. Discount. I completely agree it's becoming more trash that they ain't that bird's eye that they get their urged congress to you. Can. Watching this proposal parking lot after watching. What hurt Peter just went after watching her Peter on the live program. I could I was literally an analyst at the point proposal I have ever seen on her threat for. What. I was still upset about the situation happened aboard and and that why they got this situation why you know that Bryant propose it why Rachel accepted it. I couldn't act that moment watching proposal he I don't think that. Off I am second hopeless romantic coming into the bachelor show it's not about the drama romantic actually I feel acting is great and I. Still all. Like it's they might how high. Story exactly Allan. And families on the show incident and watch it from now back to at. And I all lanes and I like reading at a couple in the end evening onion with. Bachelor and Higgins became Lauren I thought you know a great match and innate sense another I was happy fat and happy for me because. I love Joseph talent you know her yet she be such a fund apps that talk shot badly you know win win situation here. I don't I am I don't see why I don't think they're the best fit at the options she hack. And coming around you know battery bachelor asked Iran watcher is so. Talking to curry and our our first look girls you been watching and I. The and it's their earth I'm watching shall I. Hate gotten as we just thought about how we eat. We're sure about patter oh aren't you happy with the Italian general outreach handled it we want here are first time watchers. Are you know. Hey guys I totally agree with you I think we hear in the copy shop and because copy shot. On the upper west that are just as disappointed as you guys are back in the studio. Much you but I just shake Rachel and be like. Grow up girl it just a little bit because I feel like she chose Ryan because he's the Heidi and me she always wanted to Bryant when she was growing up in Dallas system went back. But I feel like Peter is the guy for her and that's why she got upset with him my mind I mean you could cut the tension with a knife. Putin in next to her he would like inching away from her actor Chris Hairston at that segment. I'm very disappoint injury so I just hope that it works out for her I mean. I've lived long enough to know that not everyone gets married because they want to bead the most happy maybe she just went to get married to get a reading. And I wish of the path of life on that though him what do you think did Rachel just settle for ring. I think she definitely settle for rain I mean this. The only reason why Peter her split is because he could not say will you marry me and so. Between her sitting average home and then that happening. That only leaves Brian so you have to serve marry Brian it was definitely a settlement. Brian is the default on the computer. What about you. I definitely keep it accurately feel like eight and me. Compromise there's something. You kids ages I don't feel like she followed her heart a hundred. Great point and in the end you're married. Only one of us out here that's my so you know we know we know what is your take on recent decision last night. A sale I thought. I think she made the wrong decision also all. It's it's kinda like the last full relationship with cheese was enjoined by. Saying she gathering. What that's all you want then I think Rachel's succeed at last night. But about your reaction from the entire season this is our first time watching and it was. Symington to I had no idea of going to be three average last night but what was it like will you watch again would you watch bachelor paradise but he got things. Cam I'll start with the. So look at Eric as the excellent next season and definitely watching. Sell what condition I'm I don't think Elton an investment paradise it just seems like him much of the fun house me and ultimately see how that was and it's a lawful release loving relationship. But I'm as far as the national rent and bam slam in peak in every once in awhile but this would severely taxing humbled really big really. Pull you in as little coves and you want these things that happened but once it you know women watching people live their lives that we can't dictate that you would that lives. And the only bright night and we can do is just be grateful that they you know extended his portion of their lives via Cindy after watching all of thank you Rachel and shiny tell me your thoughts are unitarian again I unit turning to Basilan paradise what do you think I'm definitely limits in any game. Also. Cookbook. Those bachelor re in paradise to many shenanigans for me. I am glad that they did show like a well rounded black woman who can communicate clearly. Have a little bit of SAS aim. See what she lives and know what she wants and be so confident yourself I think that's something we definitely need to seen the media. And not just even with black whether minority women period some very glad my acting Rachel was a good choice for that. And that. People came speech fruits of themselves. You know I am saying of the solicitor ruling. But I don't know but to this season finale AA but. I add I definitely enjoyed this season. About you meeting in but this season I did like it abated the they'll fun house at batchelor paradise I don't think I wanna tune in to that put on but I'll definitely gave batchelor another choice. One thing I did like about it though the diversity that they brought this season though. A full me I like that. Well. I think I'm a lifelong you're now how many equally next bachelor. I want to follow Rachel's like this the if she's gonna release David Brian Kerr I'm gonna pray for you on that how it would happen to Peter like I'm invested now I get them apart it actually nation. I just when it been a very special thinking to speak at poppy shot currently hosting at the entire season we've been here for months taking their meeting copy. And I think it is as you've made it super enjoyable to watch. Be via texting text each other every night watching that show it didn't damage them you guys and back to the studio. I. Much angry and thank you ladies I ain't how we're on the same age we all things that she battle. But does a lot about Venetian feel that I'm in a long time fans. The overwhelming feeling is. That it bachelorette and wrong but I want to sell you guys on bachelor pair diet because you know why Donald shenanigans. We're on again CNN. Outlined at any age here and got married and now they're expecting their first child a girl on September. Can stay even as romantics like mount my that's not Harry I don't Wear exactly and there are other ones from last season that it also at eight gays and now are also expecting her urged child's well. Quite likely that in Italy where all where all out Astor paradise because that would Wear steel they can't I love it not fun house and that batchelor on house out. Talk about a little bit our thanks as a talking about it all season Hmong. An Alley east it is gloat just yet Lynn and it is the only line at eight Bryant. And Eric sell out her at a I don't or Peter was right. Only wanna rock at the final round is any congratulations at 8 PM EZ line I. Peter I eat I eat it last night I was still rooting for eater I thought. I don't recently I thought Peter would I want that we're gonna get hit. And come to their that they did and my or in. It would be regional air being and we punch you guys actually I don't wait that's not. The big surprise. That led. And Rachel and I. Reunite on the stage like that show it likely is that that Bryant is that here. What's going on but I mean. I'm not on its seats and I mean like it begins at this entire episode arc Astor where cast an Alley. I think. Is a wonderful. Is the level added he's real he knows what you want he's not he's not just get it and and I think it is in a guy that is why now at the clean air. That actually seen it so we're all thinking and that for the appetite. Actually agree. When asked an aged acting ill. Feeling I. Shall we. All of it acting last night this morning. It's missing consensus we feel this way. We all feel extremely or Albert eater Rachel would be happy we were on the boundary. In her Bryant asked me hope that we hope it works out. That's what. As a nation is all you're not watching actually parent couples are actually hopefully not exactly still getting hired at an accurate and it can't really expect to start lasting bachelor paradise. You guys for it all annaly Shapiro all of its social media it's where those that bracket here with how. Of course now add. This is my dream talking about apps are at threat to you guys well let. And we hope you all. Eyes because. That you want to. That time.

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