Barbara Walters Thanks ABC for Building Dedication

ABC News journalist says her legacy has been to help pave the way for working women.
4:51 | 05/12/14

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Transcript for Barbara Walters Thanks ABC for Building Dedication
This I put a few not shut up NB a few people. And -- look at this I am so touched I had. I respond to just talk to me that you bet I think I made due to three hours -- Immediate contact all of you the company shouldn't have gotten. -- I am so. Truly touched by this did not want to ask Bob. We have got back a long way. Bob -- an ABC page when I finished met him and I am so glad that I was nice to him -- They would be naming a loading dock. So there are various landmarks in New York is the war historians know Lincoln Tunnel the Kennedy Airport. But not I had to this wonderful list. Is going to be. About the -- it it was Kennedy ever thought Barbara Walters apparently. Lincoln town -- what are. So I may not be a landmark but a couple of pitches. State. People are going you can't I want to retention Ben and questions and send your -- all around here on her pictures. -- -- -- Talking all of these pictures are going back after -- It's. Got to be. Yeah. But it's a -- a huge honor. To have this building named after me. And they change the pockets of and volume I'm it was beautiful plaque will be my name I want to -- something likely agent anyway. Desk assistants to the producers of correspondents and anchors -- have you walked through these. Yeah my name is going to be in this building the building. Belongs to you had all. People actually and what -- -- legacy. And it's not the interviews with presidents and has -- -- numerous celebrities. -- -- -- -- No -- you guys out but -- I have a legacy. At this people and being sensitive. I hope that I -- -- tomorrow. And paving the way. There's so many of -- fabulous men -- -- and I can't tell you how much pleasure. It gives me mentioned smiling woman comes up to me and tells me her achievement. That's -- Okay. Our rob my name will be this war I want you to know you name. To be. In hand. In the hot. My mind. I think you with enormous. And I am not going to -- I make everybody else and I well enough but I thank. You. Taking the time to -- again and do everything you've done so -- To be part of -- BC news. It. -- Help you appreciate this guy gets open a lot of theme park attractions. But I don't get to name to many buildings. But barber. From this day forward 47 west 66 street -- forever be known as the Barbara Walters ABC news headquarters. A year ago. An inscription rating the Barbara Walters building ABC news headquarters. In recognition of Barbara Walters historic achievement and current contributions. To the fields of journalism and broadcasting. For the past five decades present on May twelfth. 2014. --

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{"id":23687504,"title":"Barbara Walters Thanks ABC for Building Dedication","duration":"4:51","description":"ABC News journalist says her legacy has been to help pave the way for working women.","url":"/Entertainment/video/barbara-walters-abc-building-dedication-23687504","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}