Barbara Walters Building Dedication Ceremony

ABC News honors longtime pioneer journalist Barbara Walters as she retires from her career.
8:17 | 05/12/14

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Transcript for Barbara Walters Building Dedication Ceremony
Robbery urine -- amazing amazing person to a measly month -- tool of the so much. And we thank you. And you'll always be so essential -- about. To the history of ABC news. To its president's its future. We thank you vote. -- good afternoon or good evening everyone. Barbara my remarks are prepared but I assure you they -- from deep within the bottom my -- -- just -- we've known each other. The Barbara Walters started her career in this building. And so today we're celebrating our remarkable legacy. And acknowledging her tremendous importance to the industry and to our company. By dedicating this building in her honor. I actually started my career -- ABC. Around the same time on the same block. Fact the building right across the street and last I checked they were not naming that building after me. In fact the company just sold the the disrespect that -- Actually first met Barbara almost forty years ago and while -- an -- to call her colleagues all these years and even happier. To call her friend. -- always been a huge fan. And admirer of barbers and as we stand here to celebrate all she has achieved. An all she's given to the industry. And of the company. It's the friendship. And affection. And the respect that I have for Barbara as a person. That brings me here today. Getting a chance to lead this phenomenal company is an extraordinarily. Extraordinary privilege. I come to work every day. With gratitude for the opportunity and tremendous pride for what we're doing and -- people who work here people that I work with. But of all the people that I've been proud to work with Barbara Walters. Will always be at the top my list. Our company and our industry frequently celebrate the accomplishments. Of its people. As -- so often celebrated -- but it's there character. What they stand for and who they truly are that is most important. It's the quality of the person that gets a name put on a building not just the -- traditions. And the accomplishments. So Barbara -- the magnitude of your career is breathtaking. And your achievements are on rivals and we'll probably never quite be equaled by anyone who follows you. You are truly a remarkable person. No one is more dedicated more unique. More passionate about there were. Part York. And how fortunate is for us that you may use your home and ABC all these years. And so speaking. For everyone. At ABC news and the entire company we're thrilled to honor you what you stand for. And what you've achieved by dedicating this -- in your name. This is truly an historic moment for our company in a rare honor. And I can't think of anyone more deserving than you -- Barbara Walters. This I put if -- not shut -- -- -- a few people. And -- look at this I am so touched I had. I respond to just talked to -- -- -- immediate contact all of you to -- -- should be in bed -- I don't I am so. Truly touched by this -- did not want to ask for Bob. We have got back a long way. Bob -- an ABC page when I -- met him and I am so glad that I was nice to him otherwise. They would be naming a loading dock. So there are various landmarks in New York is the war historians know Lincoln Tunnel the Kennedy Airport. But not I had to this wonderful list. It's going to be about who watches. It was Kennedy ever thought Bob what is apparently. Lincoln town -- what are. -- -- may not be a landmark but a couple of pitches -- each day. These are going you can't that I want to retention -- questions -- send -- my aunt the aunt her pictures. Shia -- And all of the pictures are going back -- -- It's. But finally. Yeah. But it's a question huge honor. To this building named after me. And they changed the pockets -- and while you have -- that is beautiful plaque will be my name on I want them something secret agent anyway. Desk assistants to the producers to the correspondents and anchors each -- -- who walked through these. Yeah my name is going to be in this building the building. Belongs to you had home. People actually and what is your -- And it's not the interviews with presidents and -- -- -- numerous celebrities. -- even the store openings. No weapons you guys. I have a legacy. And I said this before and being sensitive. I hope that I played -- small world in paving the way. There's so many of -- fabulous when we did tonight I can't tell you how much pleasure. It gives me mentioned smiling woman comes up to me and tells me that her achievement. That's -- Okay. Our rob my name will be this war -- you name. Could be. In my head. In the hot. My mind if I think about it was enormous. And I am not going to -- I make everybody else got I don't know enough but I thank you. -- day. Taking the time to do and thank -- everything you've done so fat. To be part of -- BC news. It. -- -- appreciate this guy gets open a lot of theme park attractions. But I don't get to name to many buildings. But barber. From this day forward 47 west 66 street will forever be known as the Barbara Walters ABC news headquarters. Here we go. An inscription -- the Barbara Walters building ABC news headquarters. And recognition of Barbara Walters historic achievement and current contributions. To the fields of journalism and broadcasting. For the past five decades present on May twelfth. 2014.

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{"id":23687701,"title":"Barbara Walters Building Dedication Ceremony","duration":"8:17","description":"ABC News honors longtime pioneer journalist Barbara Walters as she retires from her career.","url":"/Entertainment/video/barbara-walters-abc-news-building-dedication-ceremony-23687701","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}