Barbara Walters: 'I Will Be Home Soon'

Whoopi Goldberg reads statement from Walters about her recent fall in Washington,D.C.
0:58 | 01/22/13

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Transcript for Barbara Walters: 'I Will Be Home Soon'
We want to start out. The morning with an update on Bob -- who went to Washington over the weekend to -- the inauguration. She missed a step and had a fault -- cut her upper temple at a doctors -- erupt when she's doing fine but they want to act. In other wanted to take -- Barbara asked me to read this statement first and foremost I want to thank all of the people who have called written and been concerned about me. I'm most appreciative. I'm running a low grade fever and the doctors are keeping me in the hospital into my temperature is normal. I'm pleased to say. That it is going in the right direction. And I will be home so yeah. Okay. Layoffs they had grey -- -- cabinet. They had their big about their name on us that I know you can be -- so let's go bar happen if they get them -- six you know -- down.

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{"duration":"0:58","description":"Whoopi Goldberg reads statement from Walters about her recent fall in Washington,D.C.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"18284882","title":"Barbara Walters: 'I Will Be Home Soon'","url":"/Entertainment/video/barbara-walters-tells-viewers-i-will-be-home-very-soon-18284882"}