Bebe Neuwirth Takes a Stand to Help Find Homes for Abandoned Cats and Dogs

Broadway and TV Legend joins Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore for Broadway Barks.
4:55 | 07/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bebe Neuwirth Takes a Stand to Help Find Homes for Abandoned Cats and Dogs
-- a Broadway legend winning Tony Awards for her roles and -- charity and Chicago she's also a TV icon is -- from cheers and then Frasier but now -- knew it. Picking on a different kind of role one that is very close to her heart. The star -- annual event called Broadway barks and she joins us today to talk more about it welcome -- again thanks for joining us but if you do little pregnant Ellis without -- -- The little boy whose a rescued. Cat in this one of the many many. Cats and dogs who will be up for adoption of Broadway -- this Saturday and -- well I can attest that he's very well behaved and there com and then something you're down -- he's interest in the it and who of the -- Tell us about the event itself we'll Broadway bar. Has been going on for fifteen years now and Bernadette Peters and -- -- -- -- started it with their love of animals and saving animals who really need us the homeless. And it's an event in Shubert Alley where the whole Broadway community comes out and hosts an adoption event for all the areas shelters and adoption agencies. Under the mayor's alliance in New York City so there. All lining 45 and 44 street and through Shubert Alley there all these air conditioned to fans. With all kinds of beautiful dogs and cats and kittens and puppies who need homes. And they're all there for everyone to look at and visit with and hopefully adopt and then starting at about 5 o'clock. All these Broadway. Stars and performers come out and and showcase. Different animals and so -- -- -- debut of Jim McNally eight and a great style because there are many. You know very big names that -- this -- clothes sure sure. Let's -- this year Sigourney -- is going to be fair Carol Kane Michael injury. Billy Porter all kinds all the big shows on Broadway shows all the people's. The people from Cinderella run -- Motown. -- -- everybody will be there everybody loves animals and it's all. Produced by Broadway cares so the -- community is a very very close knit community and everybody helps each other. And that extends to our. Four legged friends as well. And it's great about it is you know you -- it's great to see all of these actors in their performances but this is the open up more off the -- and you kind of get to see people in different -- yeah. Adler being in introducing yes that's -- time that's right we bring the animals on stage and I have become the crazy cat lady. Just thought I did because I -- the period began dating and and I I love to take care of cats they they generally turn to meters from the -- -- CJ here with us. How don't like AJ get adopted typically. Well. -- these offense. A lot many it it really does work people really come out and adopt them and there are. There's just such wonderful animals. Throughout the year. You know tens of thousands of animals rescued. Every year and they all need. Homes so there forever homes and insurance agents can't. With that -- Maybe someone on this may be right now I'm flattered that people don't I don't read that some if not he will be at the event invites you might take them home -- I have three -- -- -- -- you know just a couple of weeks ago I rescued. -- there and there's. It is so rewarding you know it's it's it's such a wonderful thing to happen -- anyway but to know that you've helped. Get an animal locator -- literally off of the street and provide them with safe and loving home this. That's nothing -- they can't speak for themselves we have to speak for them. Wonderful and you know we'd be in your introduction we talked about you work on Broadway and yes and on television. And have a CPM at how high do I have to CD it's called porcelain. Has to do with color from his skin and -- -- also not -- -- -- also. Quality of porcelain is strong and fragile and all the songs that I saying. There it's a very eclectic interesting group of songs and there are. Both very strong and some very vulnerable -- contains some fertility but there. Tom Waits and The Beatles and also candor and have been statements on time since its interest. We'll be be news thank you so much for joining us and thanks -- her husband out. Broadway -- the united this Saturday July 13 in hubris. York city and they are TJ. Isn't. All he's a sweetheart now I think -- -- -- her like -- is.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"Broadway and TV Legend joins Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore for Broadway Barks. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"19652860","title":"Bebe Neuwirth Takes a Stand to Help Find Homes for Abandoned Cats and Dogs","url":"/Entertainment/video/bebe-neuwirth-takes-stand-find-homes-abandoned-cats-19652860"}