Best Friends Breast Feed One Another's Kids

A pair of mothers say they breastfeed one another's children. Would you ever do it? "The View" co-hosts weigh in.
1:47 | 11/30/15

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Transcript for Best Friends Breast Feed One Another's Kids
Bright creative can be a time for a lot of new lobbyists until Connecticut others are supporting each other by nursing each other's babies from time to time. They and they claim instances there's supplies so they don't have to pop. I met. I think it is the oldest profession in one of the oldest profession in minutes economically yeah. Car. Thank you very much another big companies moms were tested for infection I breasts that all of my kids I until with a close friend. He think about it using do you drink cow's milk. Where does it well I I drink almond milk however than anybody drink yeah I'm an utter comet as an outer garments act I just I'm I'm and come to. One very squeamish about the booby milk sharing I just I think we milk is pretty will be milk sharing I just think. You know for all these kids are nineteen months and I think when your kid is nineteen of the can walk to the move it may be I was. And and so there already almost two years also another senior best friends boobs and then they're like. This is isn't T it natural maybe young every year with its goals set but I wasn't a breast fed. Breast feed my best I had a special surprise for all of you check your mugs at right. I know yeah okay. And it's okay. And hands and delicious. An ad read that says I what is long as they weren't byters because that hurts women helping each other and I and I can't sleep. And only love and amp T should not be glad to day. Good god I would still be nursing my son yeah I know and then visual I didn't.

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{"duration":"1:47","description":"A pair of mothers say they breastfeed one another's children. Would you ever do it? \"The View\" co-hosts weigh in.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"35492719","title":"Best Friends Breast Feed One Another's Kids","url":"/Entertainment/video/best-friends-breast-feed-anothers-kids-35492719"}