Beyonce Drops New Album This Weekend

The co-hosts give their readings on Beyonce's new visual album "Lemonade."
5:46 | 04/25/16

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Transcript for Beyonce Drops New Album This Weekend
Not the hottest topics this weekend when the relieves that beyoncé video behind new album relent on me. What its premiere Saturday night if you miss to take a look we got a cape. And the claimants. And crazy. Isn't he Boone. I mean being locked up holiday on mainly out Madeleine being crazy. It the you. And now it was. Now says the premier people are saying this video reveals that daisy was not thankful to hack. Yeah all. He. Signaled little ticked off yes she's not around smashing car and I was back when Rendell and a bad has since had a baby she has since then much much lagged since there's so. Is this is a great way to sell a story or is this was going on student told me it's as she filled me. I don't lab segment but I was on Saturday night but I Watson life and I I had an idea I was tweeting about it. It was so passionate for slugging I adore her and she isn't live it's beyond. She so passionate and even sing her passion not just about day but about her dad. Talking about how she was raised in a posting video footage from a childhood I mean that some mean she can do no wrong and I will always be and beyond through side as much that they love day. No no you can't I got a fat. And like all hype about it I started watching Allen Mick Elliott and here I was a little uncomfortable can that not. I feel like I'm invading the personal space and she's angry if her husband and cheat I don't know what I'm watching this and I'm going. I want to watch this but I continued growth. And it was such a beautiful German was and it's so what's the jets so we ducks again it goes through marriage any income if there work. Issues and problems she goes through the anger she goes grill also bringing him and a little redemption and there is that they get. Can't say yeah we are also some pretty yeah. It is quite some pretty other heavy excuse to you know police brutality female empowerment and infidelity but this is a line that got me. I act like I was nervous that she was gonna have a divorce announcement at detector at the beginning but she says you get my idol and you get my on good it'll be clear X I can Wear her skin over my her hair over her hands clapped her teeth as confetti it's like silence of the lambs Obama. Feel like I didn't feel and I know that we not a notes it was founded on has outsell. Has the line. Slow. It's been giving commie Becky and I think you all I have set up to cut back even the good hair is cut some problems. She was Gaza referenced this Becky with a good hair yeah apparently Jay we can a scene had an affair with. So it's like the talk of the Internet racial Roy let me re emphasize Roy not Rachael Ray. America can't. Yeah. I don't say. It's a real gang. And went white racial boys and an instant name out Wilson's death. Good hair don't care we will take good lighting result is a result truth always live in the light you all people went off that got what does that. She was reverend thing that she may be there's Becky with a good hair and people agree that hey why would she do that if my big question but you know. It's me it's like the level of thirst there is like Sahara worthy it's like very thirsty I. Now things are putting herself in the middle of Islam that no agreement thinking about her pit from Rachel to Becky. No none none none none none. Okay. I hope I didn't Alex I didn't land I am back. Don't they are back yeah. We're all and that's what he had so you know like way back in the day and I like big but that he got her back I don't. Why yeah. Sounds a little girl back you write that yeah I really how you. Reverend Rebecca Sony Brett Favre like that I don't get Becky when his hectic. Yeah I yeah it's. It's a whole conversation that we don't even have not had a right out but you know what its own this along and you know that the big question I have been all of this drama. Is. Fiance folks I am praying you're listening. If you're gonna go after somebody who you think is wrong here I don't get the person writes. Don't go after Rachel ray yeah. When you're trying to get a hold the Rachel raw why it. Because it makes you all seem like you're not paying the attention that I'm sure you are OK so does not all of you won't have to one person. You know could do that Witten did the person right please and don't stop what make does not my plan it out. If you think they have they now say beyoncé and Jay-Z beyond easy I call them. Beyond like gradually and beyond the rat rat we can't as powerful as the clintons and a lot of ways except talent obviously. I get out so people should not Scott about the clintons don't single dad's side I could tell on July I'm sorry that he's a little time I. Yeah. These are professionals so why would not screw around with powerful people afloat you'd whether that that little. Scarlett Rachel Lloyd yeah everytime I brash designer Rachel ray just want to ride and I went up at buffalo wings to put garlic thrown into the at eleven hours. Winfrey and gets it and lemonade. She not in and how she gets it was Rachael Ray Hoffman about it immigration rings it's all right as I.

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"The co-hosts give their readings on Beyonce's new visual album \"Lemonade.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"38659147","title":"Beyonce Drops New Album This Weekend","url":"/Entertainment/video/beyonce-drops-album-weekend-38659147"}