Will Beyonce Lip-Sync at the Super Bowl?

HuffPostCelebrity.com's Rob Shuter has the latest celebrity buzz.
3:39 | 01/24/13

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Transcript for Will Beyonce Lip-Sync at the Super Bowl?
Celebrity they are just like you and me they have major drama when it comes to their divorce -- They lips -- at big events well allegedly. And they fire their lawyers adhere to give us all the latest celebrities -- bid for a post celebrity's -- -- in Iraq and I really -- with beyoncé gate. This is massive -- -- -- sorry no west so I think at this point most experts would agree that she did indeed seem to -- track. Of herself but the M and -- correction what this means issuance in the studio. Before the inauguration and recorded the song with the bond and that's what they played and that's what she signed a -- And why haven't -- upset because -- complete picture of it wasn't making it think that's a quick question I think the reason people are upset is because it was beyond -- The dogma saying Britney Spears -- We -- sorts of. Expecting naming beyoncé is known to happen incredible voice she's terribly talented she could actually sang this month. And cited by the local school it. Whitney Houston -- was Whitney Houston who sentenced next month and and I think it's more than -- -- -- the -- of the -- she actually -- to track to cities and not but usually it's the first time. We've really content onto his -- entertaining and I Inglewood what can be very interesting. Is that she's doing this global. Now most people at the suitable to in fat lip -- is technically very haul it to get -- stone -- on the middle. Of the state media. Informant it's and to get the technical sound equipment to the level that you would need for about sort of I get that -- thinks this time we won't be surprised -- -- again. Tell Lindsay Lohan she's fired her half Time Warner and it's very surprised that this Lindsay has had so much trouble with -- war. Through out of the actual. Period of life really she is still -- young lady and the person and humans was credited. For keeping him to get and keeping. Out of prison or in prison for very little -- period of time. -- -- -- This person's been in -- life -- as a substitute shoots month that Shawn Holley -- holly Johnson racial and holly. -- being that -- unfortunately this is just weeks before. Among some massive case from the NC. Where she has been -- -- of lying to the east. In a car accident -- on the bench and that we know why indications of this in June that Washington avenue and Malia -- -- -- in new you'll unfortunately. He can practice the war in -- the moment some some lot of technical stuff. Everybody's wondering why when two wrongs actually. Smollins. Now one mourns and -- a story about -- -- Now what's up Bethany Frankel ultimately if she is her divorce now turning -- it now green -- She's broken up with husband -- and she filed for divorce and she asked some very usual things. During that process he wanted full custody she wanted to keep the residence she didn't want -- paying him any money. -- really really -- the ball very hard people telling me -- negotiation. Team but he said he you can come right he has just filed in response. Everything that she is -- well. He. -- custody he wants to keep a five million dollar prize he wants her to pay hand spousal support he -- to pay him. For the child -- gonna events adding up to be a very ugly and let Ronald -- thank you so much stronger. It.

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{"id":18306734,"title":"Will Beyonce Lip-Sync at the Super Bowl?","duration":"3:39","description":"HuffPostCelebrity.com's Rob Shuter has the latest celebrity buzz.","url":"/Entertainment/video/beyonce-lip-sync-super-bowl-18306734","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}