Beyonce Rips Her Earlobe Mid-Performance at Tidal X

The pop icon performed with a bloody ear after she accidentally ripped her earring out mid-performance.
3:47 | 10/17/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Beyonce Rips Her Earlobe Mid-Performance at Tidal X
Exactly this hit a start. The staff raffia says yes the pop diva was performing over the weekend in Brooklyn for her husband Jay z.'s charity concert. When her long braided pony tail. Call in one of her earrings and literally ripped it out of her heirloom. The resulting in. Davis and that it actually love blood dripping down her neck. And the heart by concert goers in the audience and those watching live stream. But. In a testament to her share strength. And determination. And resolved. Beyoncé powered through her set without even missing a beat him. No word this morning on just how extensive that injury was but he saw that moment there in the video clip where she just kinda late. It touches your ear and then that bitterness or their hand and then just. Keeps going. Yeah that's act she's not scared this is a reason why we all bow down. Next much less painful performance onstage in Southern California. No wardrobe malfunctions verse or Paul McCartney who surprised the crowd. At the desert kick music festival in Indio when he brought Rihanna on stage to perform their hit for five seconds. The duet was. The first time the former beatle and bad girl performed the song together since last year's Grammy Awards the dedicated music festival is popularly nicknamed old cello was that flies poking fun at the relatively older demographic of attending. And even sir Paul himself joked about it as. Rihanna stepped down from the stage. That we finally found someone under fifty. Under the age of fifty. It seems like a great show. I NX of some ground shaking news for sex in the city fence during an interview on CBS Sunday morning. Sarah Jessica Parker. Was discussing her new TV series and HBO called divorce but the conversation quickly turned toward Sex and the City and it's our job. A bit of a hint about the idea for a third movie that could be taking shapes and so here's a warning from Parker by the standard of. I a the fiftieth. She said broad the idea addressed in the butler's pantry not on the table but somebody is holding at nearby. And that she didn't elaborate on how close. Nearby it really adds more how far away the butler's pantry and is from the table quite yet. But this latest threat is certainly sounds a lot more. Promising then lunged what she said back in May when she said they were no plans for a third installment so she's the warnings are getting more dire. It's epithets and I'll make sure you get Bethlehem hadn't been so that provide it was a big news for the Simpsons of fox animated sitcom marked a milestone last night six. Hundred episodes. Clinton White House part 27 which also became. The first TV shows you. Feature virtual reality. The Simpsons premiered in 1989. And is now only 36 episodes away from landing in TV history it's already the longest running prime time series in terms of total number seasons. Getting out milestone back in 2009. With blinding wind season finale 36 episodes away from CBS's gun smoke for total number of episodes. Any scripted Primetime Live action series gun smoke premiered in 1950 vibrant twice seasons with 635 episodes and has held that record. 440 ones now most people are like what's guns.

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{"id":42854176,"title":"Beyonce Rips Her Earlobe Mid-Performance at Tidal X ","duration":"3:47","description":"The pop icon performed with a bloody ear after she accidentally ripped her earring out mid-performance. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/beyonce-rips-earlobe-mid-performance-tidal-42854176","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}