Beyonce's Surprise Album Release

ABC Entertainment News Editor Lesley Messer gives us the inside scoop.
3:00 | 12/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Beyonce's Surprise Album Release
Friday the thirteenth -- might be unlucky day for many. And not for beyoncé fans that pop queen who never ceases to amaze surprise for fans and critics. Dropping her self titled hit album last night which took the music industry by surprise and easily buy stores -- to talk about it. He is our own Lesley -- entertainment editor and This came out of nowhere. It -- it it proves that there is nothing beyond they can't she pulls this off and like effortlessly. She -- and she had. Think she's in the middle of the world far she has a baby right she's traveling the world and somehow found time to -- an album. And release videos to go with the -- which you browse the world frankly think that. How does she keep this under wraps. To put -- -- she didn't let anyone know this was even something -- thinking about so no one even thought. To say gee I wonder at fiancee and in between her world war and and her family obligations as an album wasn't even a spot in someone's mind this is and has been in the process for a wild scenario yeah she's been doing that there -- some that -- -- that look like. She is taking snapshots while she was on vacation right so it's something she's definitely been working on for quite a long time. But no one had any idea and -- we think what attracts the very incredible she can't do wrong beyoncé can dance she can saying she's beautiful. And her this is this album is no different. She posted on her FaceBook page a video talking about why she kept the recording secret I want to take -- -- of that. I felt like I don't want any body. Give the message when my records coming up. I just want -- to come out. When it's ready. And -- meet Tomas hands. Can you not be awed and inspired by that right and it shows that she's forward -- he wants to push the envelope she wants to surprise people she wants. To connect with her fans and not the -- -- it's it's pretty gray. -- thing is is that she did this not only with fourteen new tracks but there's also three bonus videos that are out as well read it and. They're all different they all have different messages different -- and in one video even get to see a glimpse of her daughter I -- I think I love it asked -- an idiot. That's the thing of the things that in her and husband JC had been very very careful to really make sure that they're controlling. How much exposure Blue -- is getting -- it's. All and they're giving you just enough that you it's your state -- But no one know is the little intricacies of what their life with her is light. But they want they understand that the fans have a curiosity and they want to sort of give a little taste of what they're. She is she should this is similar collaborations she -- -- worked with frank ocean she worked with Drake obviously. Mr. Carter -- also on here as well let. These are all friends of -- -- -- worked with frank ocean -- he worked with. Justin Timberlake which is another way that they were able to keep this so quiet they were working with people they trust people they love. And their benefit that -- -- all the benefits. Did you I was kind of thinking about that this morning -- you wonder if like as are having this casual conversations -- for -- just the thought of like -- can't. And be on the site hanging out you know eating eggs -- hawkers and make that reasons to mind blowing experience but. You what are flake he would say -- -- and a drop in wet with with what our. Simple and you just think about the it. You know you work with people you love and it makes everything so much easier this is just a casual conversation for them there -- -- -- you wanna work on beyoncé probably assure -- -- one hour -- my album yet they. It's it's just crazy to think of these conversations being had that they down. She controlled and such a way that you know everyone else is like you to try to tweeted out are trying to pirated and some kind of way -- to -- it but obviously she trumped everyone. Blue -- making debut as well that. That the question is this then did she. Did this did the publicity stunt that overshadow the actual quality of the music that can. It's funny I had a friend she was talking to me early there and -- -- so excited at the album and then she stopped to say wait is -- music any good right. I think at first obviously yes it's everyone's gonna talk about how was she able to pull this off. But the music is good it does live up to that I have and I think once people pay the money listen to music watch the videos. Which are all so much time. They'll see that it ways it is everything and more. It's the behind the scenes it's like the real bay right if we -- if we can all step into her life just one moment. Beautiful pictures. Eleven -- Lesley -- thank you so much talk -- appreciate it and he.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC Entertainment News Editor Lesley Messer gives us the inside scoop. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"21235260","title":"Beyonce's Surprise Album Release","url":"/Entertainment/video/beyoncs-surprise-album-release-21235260"}