Billy Bush fires back at Trump for questioning authenticity of 'Access Hollywood' tape

"The View" co-hosts discuss Bush's comments.
2:52 | 12/04/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Billy Bush fires back at Trump for questioning authenticity of 'Access Hollywood' tape
Welcome the back to the show. Billy bush -- remember Billy bush? He just confirmed what we all heard with our own ears. Donald Trump did say everything on that bus and he was doing his job of fluffing up the network's biggest star at the time. How will this play in the red states? Will they believe him? I don't think they cared the first time about this video and I don't think they'll care the second time. They won't care about what Billy bush has to say T. A year has gone by now. Over a year R. Billy bush is unemployed and seeing Donald Trump in the white house and saying what's wrong with this picture. That's what's always been odd to me. It's so odd you have the guy who said the krasz words grab the women by their stuff and the guy who just kind of didn't say anything and he did play along with it he got fired. He's unploibl. What's wrong with that picture? Look at the men accused of sexual harassment out of a jedediah Bila. He's saying all I did was stand there like an idiot and laugh along. You have a bunch of people in congress doing worse. Not only are they their we're paying the hush money. Why is that? That's the $64,000 question. Actually $17 million. $17 million in the hush fund. For the entire harassment settlement. We don't know how much is sexual harassment. I think Billy is looking for redemption. He's due it. At the time he was one of the biggest names on NBC. He was on the apprentice. Do I hope the a man in my life wouldn't behave that way, yes. If Billy bush wants a career, this is the right route. Go into activism of some kind. Your entertainment career is gone. That's where I would tell him to go. Especially with the last name bush might be pretty powerful. What about the fact that bush -- not bush. Trump has said privately I didn't say that. That's not me. He said -- Is it delusion, mental illness or a lie? No. People believe -- he is well versed in saying things that aren't true and people believe it. If people tell you you're god long enough you're like I'm god. That's what's happening with trump. He thinks he can say anything and people believe him. Bush said he P once called out trump for P inflating the ratings. Trump said people will believe you. You tell them and they believe you. If you put it out there P it becomes true. To the case of Roy Moore to go back to that for a second,

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Bush's comments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"51567197","title":"Billy Bush fires back at Trump for questioning authenticity of 'Access Hollywood' tape","url":"/Entertainment/video/billy-bush-fires-back-trump-questioning-authenticity-access-51567197"}