Bloom Fest Kicks Off in London

ABC's Louise Dewast gives us an inside look at the Bloom Fest in London.
14:18 | 05/27/16

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Transcript for Bloom Fest Kicks Off in London
Hi I'm you mean they'll live for ABC news digital in London I'm in Chelsea one of and they think. Mean they've Arie is in London is that like the west and it's in New York. And this week and as the competition taking place. Highway 36 the salts are competing for the Basque. Floral displays I'd thought of it back civil cold. Talking being in the sixties every year and this kid the theme is carnival. In on that course of that year's Olympics. That would limit how many and show you some of that I'm confident they that are here. Today and all week. Through this one is cooled to keep in mind done it which is clueless is famous apple being one of prince's case. Favorite. Jewelry designers and it's actually inspired by that famous rule. Barings. Yeah we have another one. It's a floral been means and this means ready for the thumb. This kind of bury my. Role his ultra. And inspiration behind this one that is and the nothing carnival. Which is a very famous Jamaican music festival bit his recently summoned on them. Me that he is made it. Lots and is and what a super fun things about this. Back civil loaded here is that be how rich Phillips. For a visit is to go on the trail from one Phillipston on the action. And pastel picture here hah. Housing anchoring a spot. Came its cash. Happening not T danger is. Okay then. And if his house being. Central London and the next stop I think is just around the point that they write me. Fuse on a disobeying in this is upon. Had its demise assigned event itself acknowledged. Which of course the very famous. I shouldn't think they've been on the aggregate left many members of the world he and here's. We just arriving hand and here anyway they like. Carrigan home off here. And show you some of the designs hand. Mrs. Other currencies as it may come. Accompanying. One. Time she Wanda and innovation award. Sedaris several and warrants for this competition. Daryn one. One award is given by a panel of Oxford. And some stuff that's been this has been. Fares are ready the wind is happening announced yesterday at the chart top art Chapman is one of of the Gwynn is. News youthful. Larry this news is actually its path from. And inside and say there's another competition. Which sixty's online and to anyone can go on the web site. Tells him being done UK and beg for their favorite. Not one. I think we gonna go. That builds hot waited. Of the pirates actually. Made this beautiful sculpture. Hi nice Kinney. Let's. Say you are dead the design can you tell us about if you think you that you can. But having the exact. Sent once simple. Tell us about it. What does it represent what was it. Reason behind it we thoughts looking at the concept fair conical. And and trying to find a way naturally using radio and T kind of natural heat and ingredients. We create something that didn't pathetic. Dayton it to conduct because the white competing here they and that opiates kind of leaked to intensive ideas and everything didn't activity on mount. And see what we do. We didn't want days. Let these tropical province. Starts kind of what we thought raised about the essence of re that's radio and tape. I had an incidences that adjusted rates in different direction but still facing some pretty thankful. An eye on these hot line. Although tropical reference bonds that you thought pay you've got power play. Goals. We'll listeria needs you've got umbrella ferns. I mean you eat what that your people would have Hastings. To evoke that kind of looking field. Things in Spanish lost its labs the and act it's weaving these led to the lab incidents that the white obviously have in the main connection. And and then we face the elephants itself on indeed the elephant which is politics elections that. For the competition it's about kind of the cage acts. Reference in the friends the working wave. The earnings parade employed and the like. We need to a couple of these caves on patients doctors to kind of thing iPad and out comes the am. That's in from the wind and said that often. Note today's. From polystyrene which took four days. He's an autonomy of the day while I mean it's it's more about planning price tags and kind of wacky. That's on pace that's. Or things. Coffin construct and then about sixteen hours to apply LaMont save the top of that. So just a bit of the one. When. It's the reason she can really simple facts. That's it thinks incredibly effective. And did you have another eight to nineteen and it comes with us and you need back in that they're back home. Fantastic picture that we have here. Very it's got to. And it's just great as well that'd. And healthy and it's just such a beautiful. Area that is kind yet. People sort of meaning and it sold its interest in space. It makes it such a joy to be an exit what parents and X lol but I think the fact that. These walls organized by the conduct in the state to. To read compliment and work alongside Joseph flowers. Means that some people if you can't get into the show you've got something else to go find and explore in today's outcome it's just another I'm today struck because this florists. We're not. Reading showcase that's happening in the show it so it's much more about gods and sites and sites and read up the opportunity for us to get. I'm parades. You know I don't become a great nation and then actually the people to get Iran to see. Powell. Different design is intact the same and if so it's back now. You get death that they fit the bill that opening. There's actually a hate. If not. Just 818 foot. It really nothing good to cast is like a tropical cascade range apps and react. It's just. Of course golds. Gold medal. Slightly presumptuous. We cannot have actually came to sub. But we wanted to that reference the Olympics which was again parts of the brief that the deck in the state. Until the agreement on it issued. And it was just one of these elements that we kind of let me go to that it might well that is the idea of the conflict style it's flying out the wind. And meeting crates in lovely impacts to come. And then in terms of the construction very different because we've he's real flowers savings over three and a half thousand carnations. Created the Fed's structure from heads in the wings. And so we caught that differently on a frame that mental which has been hit in the in the designed to give the impression that the wings of flight saying. And and then the ice and beat itself within again and told by my team. To create something that it's really shop. I'm an open check. And it. Thank you Sam it's the president keep stepping on arts enjoyed exploring thinking Spanish and I. And on to the next stop. I was told that behind. Two rituals available. It took three for everyone anyone who wants to go on that. On the trail. And so we're gonna be rising very silently on things street. Which is a very tight cloning. The street. If you like let me say if you like shopping its inherent very iconic scene of London. Very high and at. These areas. He he. They. I know that I think god and of their very they have accomplice those. That have been raining really amazing to save them and share you. The London school and feel fat today. With Karen London knights you have time. Here come by a. Then try and stop. Where we can. I love you Karen has done fictional. Really it. And the game. Jump off and. There's still a lot today saying right now it's on the fifth Kenya. Good luck and needed to they don't feel it here. This. There's a. I can't. Nice men and for the day. Mean other. His days are on the undecided at this lab I'd just before we say goodbye to my show you. The main splash. They have bad a couple of puff puff on Pol Pot. Another one here. Okay. And this is dance class. So we thought it off and of that. We basically did a new light bent down Stansky. And they've. They created this whole pop thing DT Harry. You can have. In gen. How to vote. Not every day that you see there have been. And London. That's I have few enjoyment I'm here we've got. For ABC news this bill in London thanks for I think.

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