'Sorry to Bother You' star on fatherhood: 'Everything is brand new'

Stanfield appears 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' and talks about his role in the new film 'Sorry to Bother You.'
18:52 | 07/12/18

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Transcript for 'Sorry to Bother You' star on fatherhood: 'Everything is brand new'
Peppers are the script and over what. Yes. Is that he and or in the seconds on that same question are at third women and those oh so this is I have to dues. This is the courageous thing of Everett. Liberal out he was being courageous move nervously. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers this is popcorn when we tell you what's happening in the meat and there's a movie now call it. So are your body. But you should be bothered by it because this is a movie that's funny. And next year's and that's got a lot of things going forward that you won't expect when you go win. And the leading actor in this is my guest today with Keith Stan fields who stuffing his face with popcorn. And who will do that continuously so I will have to answer for you. It. Or mark duper good remove him from them popcorn far removed coking. You're gonna help welcome to try. Who is this guy that you play in sight of body Lipsky. You that with a mouthful. I've fluid dresses green yeah woods. That's been in normal guard who wants make his Ledbetter. Move up social and economic latter. Position himself. As someone that means something to the world and that can be the better financial situation is. And so. Everybody I think so back summits there. The distrust it's a far as position in the war you know. As a telemarketer. Well he finds a job opportunity as telemarketers and when it does he realize. In order move forward in this position and his wife. Which is in this movie of the rule was so over oh wait active. David Cross who was doing. Patent all of those who need that they've crosses mark. And so we're just go to the skills light boards. Which sound that I like this you could've done it is it was our mind. Edwards give immigrant would own. As does have oh lead that was that their movement now and then they came back and but that would. There so it went the rise of the letter relies yes to. Come into conflict. More direct question. What words mean and so as to make money has become more popular there's there's been loved and adored by his people. And his in his company says that the question whether actually made the right decision. As oozes internal bars. With weather and you know one should should move what was something if those owners sold. So and it's funny as the. Again. It just sounds like everybody could be going through this. I'm not sure what this book is hit. Do you think it's specifically about race for Texas. Is this it is he. Because I don't wanna give away too much about this movie but today the army hammock character that winds up having the company that you've got them market for. Is that is that kind of form of enslave them going and what he's. Seen vague enough in that I'm not giving willing to. Of course not uses them to do just of terrorism at this limitation any forms and and a lot of us are slaves or jobs or all of us are slaves who predicaments in positions of our missiles but it. And so I think the white voice itself some serves as a metaphor. For some much larger light was is and literally talking about white man might woman's voice. The sovereign bond idea position. A feeling that his adopted in this country by the majority and in many countries by their majority. Which is one of feeling like of a part of the group. Sooner and be comfortable through Aaron grabbing handfuls or whatever through Kansas City. We'll talk a little bit about boots Riley who put days. Whole thing together and have YouTube connected with the agenda to make this happen is that's fascinating. That militants. Bootsy is. Well he's boots edu. Yet is this can bundle of great creativity and ambition that I read into room. As Sundance. He's a great guy is months option. Rose. He wears boots actually. It's got to mindful of it endless. Creative ideas so we brought the script and that was rumored flatter than there are in my view good music through here in this. And the first or the script and over what. So yeah. It is. And Aaron seconds or minutes it was rated thirds. Oh so this is I have to dues. Is that praises thing of Everett and rely on his record as burgers and the trailer does and human. Business processor you know I'm here Wednesday that you won't know that trio what you're going to. Yes and I didn't know what to expect from going into the story but I there is glad to do is be Justin boots them Russians. Written figured. And we might have something went. A lot of the movies that icing. And a lot of movies public ceased to. Everything is ease a lead box. It's like. This happens and then here's the surprise and then tie apple Lucent this movie had to any and no it's just it's just not there and you seemed to be on a roll doing that cut because Atlanta. In which we you just finished season two. Tax. Yeah. How are you fine because it's so rare to find one of these and you found it not just to but he did get out before. Weird. I don't I think it's a pretty damn good. It's it's it's is that to be a part of these stories what I've just been very very fortunate to the people. Really brilliant minds and stories that they weren't and really unique perspectives. And they've chosen me to go along on their journey with them. So so we're very positive for for open and then rules. Allowing me to grace their projects. So it's all of them just just a vessel missed a puppet that's right. I am just you know and I an actor I'm the paint like her life experience that threatened can't but it's never trip he cuts. What these people of these creative people that it creating this concept or idea for TV series you're doing. Need somebody asked him interpret that yes and what you do as Derrius land. Seems to be coming from. Somewhere else some air outside from space. And at the same time he's out there in space he's. So real. That's the thing that is so difficult to bland. The I mean it's it's it's such a collaborative effort. Making these days and movies and TV look easy stuff to do but like if you guys were here whoever's Watson is who's seen as they. Huge stands holding these cameras in mind. Big lights tonight a bunch of people involved in this productions so people making more popcorn in Keisel make it through well. Hundreds of my security unit or that action while. It's not an easy thing to bring these things. But what what. Were all inspired by people thousands that are some incidents bar but people I think. I'm writing be able to please. Could you. Except I'd be talking. You never blink. I don't. There's sounded good I don't know. What you I didn't really or even deadlier everywhere. I think I am I think it is only off which is now. That the U suppose do you look at some. Yeah do you blink when that's going on trying there really aren't in which he aided a key. Now in. We can't make him. So because those. Your lap. That's all lad here you can throw popcorn is well it's all good you. Act itself. Do all it. Are you happy. With the way you know careers go. What content individual. What Waco and battle with mine who's in my demons and come to some sense of we would you care but. I'd do it yourself use the therapy and well things though agreement there takes many forms and one of them is having missed it would. Just let all these emotions. And eastern aren't as he would parts and that's armed guards and actually because. So sudden circuit. They like a slow orderly. You cry and you laugh and you're on. Live in. This just comes through here while acting. Yeah I think so maybe really you know kid and you're saying you know from the beginning that this is what she wanted. Well I think that it was a type of person like to something like crazy. I think drip I think if you don't recognize and Boise. Those type of person elected performance this happens to be a crazy job for people. But I like and then and so. Fortunate for me the American car and I can make a living dunes and so. Discarded. And then became annoyed and I was little I didn't think. I was going to be performances. But so is there. The former. Lee you don't do the act war thing. It's not what we see when we watch you on screen. I'm telling you the arms on doing what they if things have unknown it's great that that doesn't happen. Because you have done this in a way that seems to Derrius. And land is a character that. Became what they call fan favorite there's something about that than everybody. Seems to relate to even though it's impossible describe who he is. I can't can you. Who is it. Brooklyn Bridge opened the opened the department of. It and he is all of that yeah and a bag of popcorn but that. That whole Katie perkins' sense of wrong. Where I guess. Is it ever determine for sure that that's Donald Glover plane. You know in one of the was permanently come on you what's his name it figured that out but I mean I've never had a confirmed artists are different and where. It sounds like there's a lot of separation. From reality while you're shooting accident well the it's I don't know whether as a reality and autumn's new. What is or. That's a good question I'll have the answer for you by the time we're finished. All right well or I probably grow we'll have the popcorn while we do all but in a way I'm thinking get out now on the this is. If you might as well it just keep it with now with it that comfortably walk. It's. There. But the first time I saw you do anything it was short term twelve tighten. And that just seemed to come out of nowhere and that who is this room. But how did you do you've discussed that mean you didn't tell us much about how you grew up and where you grew up and when your family. You told them you know I mean to be an actor but they say. Gray looked. Largely him. Is there is a collection of aliens. From clinical records. And so. What we communicate we don't speak English soccer African roots are you would theirs because it was in the news. Lets you ports because we're I don't speak it. I would think you would pick it up on our allies and very well so that you would know when he said to them in whatever language I'm going to meet this rise alien and I. This somethings aren't transferable into English language is that you go where you can learn this language zone using the dueling. I do know I didn't know was that language I'm trying to pick up you know linguistically. It was an accident with CB you can read their language on the you can only imagine so it's there but yet. Stickers you know. So in their language they said he is the key this a great idea who knows that which. There. And that meant the Miami native might be a great idea and outs of sewer you do warmer yet to. Do this and while wise. What that's what place did you grow up. Where was. Here. You would now have always been there. Here that are sitting on this scouts. Who witnessed he airborne every wade knows its they have rocky. Ford. Those baby born and popcorn line. You have a music career tip. When. What's going to first on. I would love to hear some. I'm you. Whom. It. Wow that's on its usually save that in the end the show those rumors there is that. That's may be may be your first composition. Yes pressing on them criminal videos through this to have to make all of this yet there are video dispute footage of this loop. News eating the popcorn so who gave you job first. Room. Does it was a first collaborated with those words when short term probe was short first. And Doug Overton back as a future. And I've been auditioning and failing in the just distant votes are Burmese you let me of this improvement. I got that role. Then from that point forward just density is. And now on Ares. That's wit and and now I think there are no more mountains for you decline. Oh once you're there with me eating popcorn that's. That's just yet there don't need any Academy Awards. And these are all of that democratic. Everybody just hold that and accepted as you know this is what it is. You. You think it was a lot of luck involved in this or that somehow the fates were watch an ovary. Instead he would a few very fortunate. 22 to be able to do this love doing and and and hopefully people respond. Well to wrongdoing and insists. A nice thing I know that there are many other things there could be doing and and so this is a very nice jobs so. Yeah I'm really really grateful Warrenton gonna put all my eggs in one basket of pursuing this and so. The fact that its yielded some kind of good things is nice who that he played that's closest to. Posts to U2 who you. I don't know I stick figure don't know. Yeah aliens at home haven't told you know how to known and it. Maybe if Horry would have play that my true form then then and we get a glimpse into what happened on the opportunity and there isn't a script written it's. That's that's through close to the alien. Broken neck that day or so how about you. Coming back to sorry to bother looking EU. What kind of critic are you a view. When you watch yourself on screen forget asking anybody else. A critic of myself in the sense of whether or not a so I would serve in the story in the right way. And always want to make sure that but part of the puzzle and opened the story be told. So if on this you know if I'm doing that effectively or from government jobs have been equivalency. From not doing that I'm not. Two through an Bemis of over but sometimes hard for me to determine. Because I'm too closely aligned with it was with the materials. Have subjective I view bonds so. Our current does have to let ago on. But but with this film in particular this is a personal said and I was completely. Ready to receive it. Happy to be there in in just excited to see the film because. I just I don't know I had no reservations about everything we don't we work so hard with such crazy things to turn bring bring about which is crazy ideas. By the Thomas sit down. I was happy and and I still land are still not seeing his sixth arguments are watching me and there's something new that always see. All right well this shows the first time you've been on and you know isn't in song and I know you gave me kind of aliens. But is there a little bit of something else you could take gets out on while stuffing your mouth full court room. Mine. Homes. Now why I love you so. No matter where though way to sell Breaux take your mind body and soul holds it signals known. That you could never know. Go and see this beautiful show sorry. So bothering you and me coming out July 62. And it's in. Ali act at kitco. Thank you that.

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