Will Bringing Up Bill's Indiscretions Help or Hurt Hillary Clinton in Next Debate?

The co-hosts discuss Hillary Clinton's performance at the first presidential debate and look to the second.
5:03 | 09/30/16

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Transcript for Will Bringing Up Bill's Indiscretions Help or Hurt Hillary Clinton in Next Debate?
Yeah also says that he may bring up he may bring up a Bill Clinton's peccadilloes. You don't those all right. Little sins that he committed during those years let's keep working in high isn't it if you weren't let it Della I love it. And it may bring it up at the next debate. And he already said that he didn't at the last debate because he knew that you want to listen Chelsea has lot of respect for. But now he's doubling down that he says he's gonna bring up do you think that this'll backfire on Campbell that her help him I think it's gonna. An act partly built not running the thing is if it will work somehow running and we're picking on him it was a character issue for him. My bill was already president Hillary's running it she can't be help responsible. As much as I can look at bill's actions say this was a disgrace to the office of the presidency that's really not on heart that was not those we're not her action her popularity rose to 67% and that is so good luck that. Yeah. But much younger my parents filled me in on that situation it was so they can win eight winning feeling bad weather like blooms told her own she is a strong woman sent a firm and we know what immediate. Let Clinton do that she did what every woman wishes they can do and that's what about the candidate that people are attacking her. Ford basically trashing the women that he was sleep I went back Marcus Allen I think she thinks we had it in November she had pleaded every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be hurt believed in supported. And then she subsequently clarified that well I'd say that everyone should do believe that first until they're -- believe based on evidence but. Prep history if you looked I mean she called Monica Lewinsky at narcissistic looney tune. Carl Bernstein wrote a book where she had set about Gennifer Flowers that she was trailer trash and his yeah. The bottom. Line is an and we can all sit here and say you know. I would never trash the other woman for sleeping with my man because my relationship. Is with the man about the woman. Guess what the Latina on the yeah. I'm. You are going to be upset with the other woman as well because she wrote about it you know she thought group code ME Madison Wright he knew he was married Jennifer flowers knew he was married. Think tests and only thing I would get. And it that they were kind of house of carting it and like she knew he had done eight in it was calculated and she was protecting her own and I really met my business arts if she did that then I'm pets. Different thought might my question is another woman away but it's section but when they're accusing him of rape and sexual assault I think for people that takes it to a new level and what does it with anything at around accusing him again and IBI and violating some a lot of die and somebody at Houston fat I don't that I would jump back on those women and here she is supposedly a defender of women. And I think people are critical of why did you have to go after those women you know he called. You now specialists all the heavy active even in hot and you won't license I mean this guy ions. I'm not only iris. I don't think it was hate that he didn't think. That Monica Lewinsky was gonna tell that to face Linda Tripp about it cannot. It's had a girlfriend definitely racking up I just I just think it's ridiculous that they are blaming her. For being upset. At at not only built with these other women she's a human being yes she's a human being blamed the victim I don't think they're blaming them for being upset I think they're blaming them for having been an attack dog against women while promoting women saying if you're not man I'm going on the attack that rabbit. But that's what that's what we are as public faces right you haven't something behind the scenes in the U turn on something else pointing she's trying to get votes I'm sorry she's trying to make her money she's trying to eat. The personal doesn't always work with professional everybody knows US title politically if that's Smart I think it's not Smart for him because people will ultimately at this stage of the game people milled history with the clintons and the Bob or doesn't. So what this is Donald talk about the issues why are you talking about tunnel about credit and Brady yeah. Before getting. Donald Trump said quote you have to treat women like the S word. This isn't a guy who hasn't ended by I don't even just like east do you. We're really in 1992 happens on the coaxial upon Catholic in their act like locking up because that's how he treats women like an hour. They're shadow over the slavery is now. But that's the other problem chickens on on him because he is when you make an accusation like that you've got to be coming from a place of solid hour during his situation and I think he's. Really turn around and say let's let's quelled some of the thinking set about what an insult my cabinet I don't house back in the day am if you remember this. Marla Maples his girlfriend at the time said you know. Best sex I ever had was still married to wipe my -- pretty good Julian I like to tell everything in the press. Is great it is wrong when I eat when it's a man doing I actually think they don't idol appearance she ended and that's why she's having trouble we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"The co-hosts discuss Hillary Clinton's performance at the first presidential debate and look to the second.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42478131","title":"Will Bringing Up Bill's Indiscretions Help or Hurt Hillary Clinton in Next Debate?","url":"/Entertainment/video/bringing-bills-indiscretions-hurt-hillary-clinton-debate-42478131"}