Brooklyn rapper Casanova discusses 2nd album, 'Behind these Scars'

Casanova talks music, new album and #SoBrooklynChallenge.
14:18 | 10/10/19

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Transcript for Brooklyn rapper Casanova discusses 2nd album, 'Behind these Scars'
Can't Italy and ABC radio of course so much to get into today because today I have one of Brooklyn. That's right. RTDs and CDs out wrapped her he's so much more than that because the end album was topic tomorrow that's right Friday. Yes October 11 behind me I don't worry not comment on the very nice guy that's Smart or dig into the conversation Casanova how are you doing. Are you doing. I'm very well and you know I'm very intrigued because I see that your name like Casanova to time Munich of Casanova Casanova is normal thing I mean. I'm Truex is among regularly rules so. Just. Grew on me. Why I thought of it as two time let's say speaking Saturday night. The two hour our so in any case we are here to talk about this album which is coming up Smart and mentioned. And there's domestic get into with that at first stop I mean you really. All of this kind of anticipation up into this week because you're from bulk landing you've been raping Buckland very very hard and in fact he had the few that haven't seen already has kind of viral shall Brooklyn challenge going on. A lot of other artist I'm really kind of hot jumped on it from Dublin all started with these fill Brooklyn was diseased not with fat man you know. I think that's so unique because you know yet people wanna shout their borrow enough not from the New York City area. Basically that just means act you know everybody wants direct where there and everybody wants to represent their area and you didn't act. You get to the next level you did hold music any you know bright outlook fan. And all these other Brooklyn natives in. New data debate aimed. And it's interesting because all these different artists like Ian Macs in my class in freeway and Cassidy who looks down there are and sees an artist. And special Levy did so. All kinda coming together and doing their own or is it so I am sure that have to make you feel pretty. New doberman referral group of our foe alike are we bring them back rat Wright you know. Lot of people guy who sold but he can't react so this was light. Rap with Paul rapist or. So inch interstate because it's like. My understanding a little reading a little it about you you'll necessarily like an infant C wanting to be this art Miron. You know you weren't like us they say four you know 'cause I've been doing interviews artist's remaining many moons. And so you know they say kind of our young men. What it's either blue jeans and who dream you know you know what to do that it added that you know formerly on the Allenby of rapper that that's not calling but eventually that happened for you. He later in life to talk about that moment when you knew that this is what you wanted to do. Home. Our uses his golden age who who rampant. It's consumer. Moon. Partisan. Urban Como was go on the spot. On a typical Michael read to from his numbers are those but it could be dark about the and everything would just like rush rush rush and opening. Hospitals sixteen in mess that. Home was also brought service. Oklahoma movie maybe our computers when we try. Limo. Medium blows such from the first armored bowl run was the first woman to go for me. And spotted taken ensues was starting to pay you think you know than a mile is of good money here. Now mom happily that that helps the situation Avila in lower realistic when you actually would become something that can add to your finances merely. I just mentioned till Brooklyn it it is really became so hot. You know in numerous aunts. Has been terrific minimally so many people there embracing. I'm in it so fitting that fabulous is on this track because I feel like he was one of the guys who kind of and those early conversation do you. That's first link up because Ike. I that I would locate immediacy back to you under his wing and. There are moves before remove the mysteries. MO. He deafening brazenly. I were overhauled by you're Kamal there's Bloomberg News workers. You always trigger default mean Manama poems though if you go hand. Now of course Brooklyn has a big legacy let's talk about B idea I mean one who do you have one of the amazing and seized recently. I would say its capacity and on the Mac. Among others. What does it mean to kind of be from Brooklyn and two kinda continue this legacy. You know do you hole in. I guess help. Re ignite this great and around her from home. For our parliament leave a good a good and it's paying the Brooklyn. On stand by his dove got these people and then he still lives on the street after. Everybody knows his reps like kids Tuesday noses about turns Goldman's parliament go. And of course we'll talking about Brooklyn neat yeah can't forget cola miss daisy. Let's talk a little about Alice asked the boss the talk about you being the aside to roc nation and what what does that mean to be associated with obviously one of the the greatest. Jay-Z and end in toppled how that came about because. People think when you on Iraq nation gauges Alvis uncle Carl called due to his. Whom. He came borrowed from bleak moved through the I had a right which is my first record and my own beliefs army. And a few months later. We found glee o.'s total amount off so great concern among. Brooklyn to celebrity. You know saying he's doing views like deliver Brooklyn. News on limos and don't give no more Brooklyn him Jose. Who go. You've had. Interactions with Jay. How have they been mean I'm I like he's a wealth of not accept what I imagine their conversations with him are lie that he had already has and never had that com. Gun owners and managers go Joba rules that all. You write a minute let me cones around everybody's. Room soon. You definitely like ghosts. Come pop open a whole foods nobody knows. Well here you dove is always good night. Neil we learn from the mutual. Wrong. Storm or let them down don't want me who. What is then the molds. I guess the thing that has really stuck with. So would they are Beers I always think. It got to do so but I gotta get another -- known soon and that always spoke with me. Who amount includes Dave occurred on another one status. That it expected and older oppression I always person the moon what they do say pressure makes diamonds and that none. Acting as well either Ellis bobbled his album mile skyline. Fabulous young. Am I. EB Chris Brown. You know that you kind of worked with him in the past normally not on give us a preview what what in listeners bandit act now of course upright and ISO now out of you pre ordered to be noted that moment. The Urban League. Ohm I was sued ours are being dosages used Eric Wright me mourn an album right confronts. Toasts are dependents. No it is behind these causal. He's gone nowhere would Lamar life life. And the significance of behind these cars is is just one. Break that down home. We would trim a look amongst all the Momo and they came from our drew and Lugo the people's skulls and normally can. So you know you might Shia agrees on curriculum when I opened him. Image for lawful but some delight that saw Rodgers is right. Initially was calm Moscow institute mar live on bringing in the mile world wide field. Mumps and good to bad and and so what is the Eagles gruesome that scar that you have a what is the story behind. News to moves are all. Well we'll probably be. Laid its market deep hole. My leg. Paris bound to us through the good news. To Islam will Marlins right this isn't combat. And and you got obviously injured by the and that mean. You know before we see this man today you've been through some things in your ally and I know that you are now full clean slate you're around here live in your best life. But. Don't just kinda talking a little bit about. All of that I know that you've also been in the headlines as laid because. A young man by the name Takashi 69 whom he decided to drop your name in them as the Modi saying you know he wanted you out the way more. What was your reaction when all that was revealed in the I had to you'd imagine that was Kathleen out what you wanted to learn. I think your doctor Tom little mom are best life among right a loan to. Us. Monday's Ramo I do my bird flu and who. Yen it is it isn't wheat was it weird sits even imagine because it seems what I get from new is that yours your focus on the next one as east through focused on what that next step in your career in your life is. But that had to be I imaginable a jarring because I know all that and you there was a song and there was knowledge back in foreign. You be more pastor than he while. King. I think you are Lou we're going there would lead me abandon reforms. I'm just. Live do you going on to monitor. Were you surprised that he has. Then basically this I revealing all these things and having RC system working with police were you surprised at battery like a kinda. Figured something would going on. I owned competitor to news crews are unclear its original Google Mosul Alamo mode details go to war. We didn't do landmark Harlem right. Small so. Well I I can understand that this is something I think a lot of people are trying to remove them there's no front I think Elena affidavit I don't I don't know and there are a lot of means immediately after lap and a lot of means the I think there were kind of pretty silly. Woman then. Improved. Out. Well of course you know in addition to. Does this album people are obviously going to be wanting to CU one lie and what's the setup for that looking like an old album drops tomorrow which is Friday what are the initial land and street and be loud and how -- it. March closing on the and the symbol go to our performance rule allowed to sundin. Those look at air home. Managed to piece. There are rumors and news bloom please. Don't amount. Bring in any friends. My views are available on my brings to mind whose that we knew who hurt her. And that now I'll soul read today your breath I'm not only are those moves them. What are your plans for your breath test on Halloween amiga the gaels. Scary spooky what. Alamo when something and you're. The year. Hopefully something that gives great good things you know very excited for you. I know this is the head of the child if you like your first album is always like a child in DB you know. No. Are you at all nervous apprehensive and Mars are. Bloom does IB. Route showed otherwise some of these job moon. Talks Romania. How long did it take you to put album together it was it's a long process. You boom. Are being processes of religion was all right now we don't want it to me amount which the government. Without mauled an embankment project reputed. Eventually hugs when an old says I won't do about it and I got to put some life really cares. Ramon here's Soros told him two more tomorrow my opening remarks are sort of my littlest recently. Among been gone too long and Dmitry improvement program. Oh. You you missed the work and it boss man here to. Maria I'm are doing was right when he saw limited First Amendment and argue download. And listen to his or its rightful want to lose him into it. Fixes often to afraid that. Wow. And I am assuming I. Thumbs up from us again that's a good luck of glee owns an old remembering comes garlands in the. So he can definitely improve. I. Well brother. I want to thicken regulation. And boom we're gonna see more of these tires because it's common now and what's behind them in all of that. Tomorrow is when it out loud. At least Leon turn them out behind these are is dropping tomorrow efficiently congratulations. Casanova. Ex cons they liked the liked it she get out brain. You can't easily in signing off things again to Casanova.

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