Brothers Osborne talk CMA nominations, performance and parties

Brothers Osborne on CMA nods and performing with their heroes.
1:50 | 11/12/19

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Transcript for Brothers Osborne talk CMA nominations, performance and parties
Is the a whole family here you obviously turn this into became if there. Yet is are so there'll be with those are mom's gonna be there are dad and his girlfriend going to be there and Moet and Portland will be out of town but she's not to get off the hook so that's the fulfillment duty from into Asia. I love it you guy these are not. You guys are performing with your rivals in the vocal duo category. Brooks and Dunn how crazy is finally there is not I'm. About that since the tunes and sometimes get that way but. With almond the growth washing the CMA awards to collect all of us and we group watch and Brooks and done our performance imminent than. When every year on the C amaze. And just. The little kid in me this moment coming or about the Russian rehearsals here about thirty minutes. And sure the states with them. On the CMA awards is is literally stuff you dream of as a kid that just seems adrenaline ever happened in. It's over here we've come to a crossroads and our life of our dreams coming true Dawson. You're also nominated for C amaze with both Dirks. And mayor and so the real question it is. One or the other if you're celebrating with -- or with and they aren't you throws the better party and why the wall. They both through great parties. The be harder picked Lama we will. Marron is throwing a party that will be joining after the award show. I don't know verses are not dirt used to throw big rage earth after they CMO that is similar words and we've. Grosans the last months believed yeah while Milosevic have only through the but. On. I'm going all the parties can turn on a party or listen and I.

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{"duration":"1:50","description":"Brothers Osborne on CMA nods and performing with their heroes. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"66942094","title":"Brothers Osborne talk CMA nominations, performance and parties","url":"/Entertainment/video/brothers-osborne-talk-cma-nominations-performance-parties-66942094"}