BTS kicks off summer concert series in Central Park

Fans camped out for days to get a glimpse of the K-Pop band's big performance.
3:21 | 05/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for BTS kicks off summer concert series in Central Park
Time to let you in on something epic I admittedly you would not a big fan or really paid attention to the cape pop Megan group. BT as but that changed today because I was able to check them out ahead of there. Performance. For the first time their performing today this morning on GM hey and it was incredible but to be honest with you the real stars of this show. Where the dedicated its ride or died fans and take a look. They call it an army. Writer director. Five dollars for this side. There are other people live waited. I want to do. They've been waiting for hours as. About being right at the wanted to say that. I. We're right there and it. Really it's 83. The whole situation but hey how you feel. I didn't get it right here in the credit him for a week. Only you can tell me your line. You can't poorly yes OK break it down like let's just fix everything. Man in the room. And her performance is. Aren't yes and leave from New York I'm from Brooklyn went from England you know it's expensive. You know it's less than it says it clearly waiting. Outside on the side Iran could be the very first book online via price. You guys are trending. I'm happy for the I'm obviously you know you're happy. I read we got a good sign here up and Bryant who tell me what your sign says I'm not. President. I rang again. How long did you wait to be around and left almost a week almost certainly were you going to school where you. We just six cents up and then like we kind of lights someone like ghosts of the past similar words and then lay another prison Wednesday and then. The person comes back and then second presently leads ambulances and yet your first time. Now assuming your personality now clearly got us yeah he's. Oh. IRA so amazing right there incredible low what I really learned from all of those stands out there is that it's way beyond the music it's about their message BTS is promoting the message. Love yourself speak yourself and many of the fans said that's helped them get through some very tough time so kudos. To be TS for using their platform in such a good way.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Fans camped out for days to get a glimpse of the K-Pop band's big performance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"63053394","title":"BTS kicks off summer concert series in Central Park","url":"/Entertainment/video/bts-kicks-off-summer-concert-series-central-park-63053394"}