Byron Pitts on overcoming adversity

Pitts joined "The View" to discuss his new book, "Be the One."
3:54 | 05/18/17

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Transcript for Byron Pitts on overcoming adversity
??? So emmy-winning "Nightline" co-anchor, Byron Pitts, is sharing how six incredible teens triumphed over tragedies from war to addiction to abuse, by finding the strength to become their own heroes. Please welcome the author of "Be the one," the fabulous Byron Pitts. Hey. You have an interesting back story, and you overcame a lot growing up many Maryland, right? Baltimore. Tell us a little bit about that. All of us have stories tell, right? I was raised by a single parent, had me at 17, and before she finished high school. I didn't learn to read until I was 13 years old, and now I'm working television. Now you're Byron Pitts. I think for me, it speaks to three things. It speaks to grace, god's amazing grace, I had an incredible mother. We all need at least one person to love us, right? I had my mom, and people that poured goodness into me, and believed in me before I did believe in myself. The supporters and angels. This book is fantastic and an easy read. And you write about this group of teens who opened, you say, your eyes actually to a new reality. What do you think you learned from them? Well, this one young woman in the book, I met her when she was 11 years old in Baltimore. She said, when you were my age, where did you go? Where did you hide when the world hurt too much? She was being sexually abused in foster care. And what I discovered as a journalist. The hard facts say that 70% of people have been bullied. 1 in 5 boys have been sexually assaulted and 1 in 20 boys. Some kids, sometimes on their own, but mostly with adults get through it. All have two qualities. They are optimistic, and two, they are tough as hell. If you are in a street fight, you want these six kids in the alley with you. You wrote this book specifically fourteens and young adults. Yeah. We all spent a lot of time speaking in different organizations around the country, and I'm struck by the number of people who feel lost, and feel worried about their futures. These were seniors in college. These were kids that were all dealt a bad hand. Sexual abuse. Homelessness. War in the Congo. This boy who walked from the Congo to South Africa in two years. Hopeful hopefully, someone will find you, but if not, you be the one to save yourself. And also, you know, we should send this book, "Be the one," to the guy sitting in the oval office. You want to talk about how hard a time you're having. If you want to talk about how tough life is, maybe we ought to send this to him. Maybe it would be a good read for him. I don't know if he can read. There is an interesting proverb that you refer to in the book, and it says, when you pray, move your feet. What do you mean by that? Amen. Amen. As a person of faith, I'm Christian, but respectful of all things. I believe in the power of prayer. I do. But also, when you pray, you got to be engaged yourself. Right? Yeah. You can't say, you know, god give me this. You have to go do the effort. You have to come back. That's what you have to do. Our thanks to Byron Pitts. His book is called "Be the one,"

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Pitts joined \"The View\" to discuss his new book, \"Be the One.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"47490710","title":"Byron Pitts on overcoming adversity","url":"/Entertainment/video/byron-pitts-overcoming-adversity-47490710"}