Carly Fiorina Talks Anti-Abortion in Front of Preschoolers

The Republican candidate was photographed giving a talk on abortion while a preschool class sat around her.
5:08 | 01/22/16

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Transcript for Carly Fiorina Talks Anti-Abortion in Front of Preschoolers
You know we talk about politics this is sort of a political story about Carly Fiorina and I was shares right OK so some preschoolers. Went on a field trip yesterday OK and they ended up listening to Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina talk about harvesting organs from on board. Treatises. Yeah weird and not a city kids parents are upset saying they don't give anyone permission to subject there four and five year olds to an anti abortion rally. These kids I think they wander it and tell the tell what happened. Appearing in his campaign manager said that the kids had followed her into they'd been outside looking away and they came in and they must just like this. They must have thought she was pretty neat because then their teachers and parents and kids off followed partly into the event complete with currently stickers. One it it'll take any sticker you give them and any crap back like but but. I think it was purposely set that queen say there's children you know your message you know what's coming to say this may not the place for events like. Couple affected she took cover photo obvious exactly Emmy she took a picture of the children in front of the the fetus and the cat and nothing yeah as a mother I would be furious that my kid was photographed. Even if I believed in what she was saying. Photographed without my permission as sort of a analytical hat and the parents are up a lot of the parents are upset they say that they didn't give content and you do enough shoots like this whenever we talk to a little kid on camera. Are you castigate the contest they have to sign a waiver by I think the truth somewhere is in the medal winning re act I mean it wasn't I lately we are in the middle. No I think the parents are upset and she's not a saint but they came into the rallies I'm saying the truth if she did not say get the children out of here this is not sell the stimulus but they and the photographs. Are her campaign is saying that kids wandered in one of the stickers in the parent to Zane noticed how did you why they dispenses they are under and I play I eat it. I wouldn't want to say I I also. Blame that on the chaperones that he had to kids because I think. This Jack road this fun team only assuming the fresh eBay Wiki that Russian it I think it might damage to the several is that we're a little bit excited excessive when there is he Carla Fiorina the U Carlisle arena currently but she should've said you know their CEO yeah based on. This because she was obviously. She was not should not exactly proactive in getting the children out let's go that Barak. Do you think that she is Frist teaching sex education in schools since she was winning. I think that and I bit of a snag I don't pay up you know I'm here to likes what and and think that not Acer and I am I know this is very adult subject just like sex education it is an a lot of people opera I'm assuming she'd because she's Republican then against it usually. Teaching sex -- didn't in the elementary Tauriello intelligent my parents pulled me out of sex Ed class in junior high and it's scarred me for life my player can mean I thought I could have been in there would've thought I. Dark meat. Well Sally. They got out and been married to dot governor isn't. Sometimes you know I I'm week. Carried away with exposing children to to things I mean I'd be ready for I will say soon my night the kids spit at the school of my kids go to start sex Ed in the fourth grade I -- nine year old Atlanta sentinel this pamphlet with. Pictures generous. You can't afford bread I was rarely stuffed ballot I don't know why I get to our my daughter started asking two years ago how babies were made and I just had the teller I mean I kind of like I softened some of the terms but I figured with how. She was six but yeah when she kept asking and she knew she asked how babies were made and I said you know we kiss and she said isn't dancing and I was like what you could call it dancing and then. And that's what I'm feeling it but there's so at least sick of I often say want mommy and daddy look at other than god please debate night. LA I did that about you know about placed the baby but then somebody said it was here when it without any one time they need to know the names of the year prior part of what I like our. And Jeffrey Scott beyoncé dancing and he said mommy my. Because when you talk. I mean yeah. Sorry. I'm rent and then you and I didn't get even turn it into a stint snow ending behavior and he now has been. Well school pubic hair anymore that's why don't. I not until my grandson actually as my daughter it babies came from robots. I'll bet he outlook stable air robotic and that both of them are up yeah. It's not so you can't seem like I make babies she didn't say god might get an empty or you may be if you have kids it's important they're gonna hear so much from their peers so much at school. And the voice that you want in their head when they ask you a question you want you were boys and you want a controlled a massive. At and questioned then I think there are I want the schoolteacher and a Betty exactly do you I'm. I disagree I think it should teach accident and the very obviously let pentagon announced Monday. The younger the better so that they get used to hearing all the things you're embarrassed to tell them when they're old.

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{"id":36454566,"title":"Carly Fiorina Talks Anti-Abortion in Front of Preschoolers","duration":"5:08","description":"The Republican candidate was photographed giving a talk on abortion while a preschool class sat around her.","url":"/Entertainment/video/carly-fiorina-talks-anti-abortion-front-preschoolers-36454566","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}