The cast and creator of 'Love Is ___' discuss the critically acclaimed series

Mara Brock Akil dishes on new series based on her real-life relationship.
24:09 | 07/13/18

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Transcript for The cast and creator of 'Love Is ___' discuss the critically acclaimed series
It's 10 PM eastern standard time we. The amazing talented well Hansen. And they. The comparable. He'll my. How her hair. Up. In. Because. How. About any name eaten meat. Relation that your husband. Today it. What did. According to Salim it's 21 years according to the government is nineteen years merry go we've been together for 21 year yeah I'm very last I mean we are very. UT. Oh. I. Mean. It's. On canned heat guard. Now I could not. A I. Speed. Up. It's. Oh. For. All. Congress between new. Way. A oh. OK. You know Salinas you kind of nailed it right he's not he wasn't that interested or that excited about. Me telling our story. I'm very private person you know he's vary yes they're private protective person and so now he likes to keep them from self. Honest and hand he is so clear. He knows I'm an artist and he would never step in the way of me. I'm handling it. Are expressing myself that way that he knew I really wanted to do it he knew and trust that I would handle it in a way that would be. That would be. Hopefully I did it she says in your intro on back all those of the things he knew that I would be able to execute that I would handle our story. You. And speak to the human condition. S most ready within a pain Rita. In those emotions I think. Eastbound in both weak pound safety in knowing that we are not our story is not actually and unique to. And but we also or wanting to share our story because Italy. People that's that's. They've come directly to meet asked me to read a book about how old you know how Anthony would balance at all like you know beauty show with Joan every day that you didn't show up with Mary Jane never did it. We're clear that Mara and Salim are doing so can you write the bookie you do with the game plan. And I blame him at I'm glad I kin. Maybe the TV show maybe there's something there but I didn't one approach it just that that get asked in art cyst. Narcissistic Lee it was like do we have and I think something with the inspired by a version of our story and so when you talk about how it's will. Is that there's so many things I wanted to he they're so many notes once it's funny. Robert Townsend directed after pander to the parent heater that two newbies it's something that's it's. Such as mean in cherry now that she wrote a symphony. OK first of all Robert Townsend just that pirates at yeah. People. And I so thankful because he's one of the people who have paid paved a way for our. Talk about stories and seek our humanity. And that's what I try to do in black love. Who experienced love globally to for the world all the world audience to experience this series. Of demands of black love Ina. And it's time for us to see our own humanity and I think that's what art should dues should reflect that in who those that we are representing. So that we walking can act as humans. Too big and I don't look like I'm so much. And so on try to do all of those things that for you to say the things thanking them. Quantity the pardon me I get ready with economic. Scene I think about this OK OK yeah. I'm goes. And he. Your care. And pay. Need you. Here. Use. Its. High. You know BB BC near. The pain week. It. Is. In this. He. Forth. It. 00. Your character. It. There. I. Well that chemistry took five years and we have five. A five years ago and Sally. Any you know around watching each has career watch metres were. Growing spiritually and inn earn. A on our careers so. When I saw him in the chemistry als I uh huh thank god. And then going there have fun I knew that what ever he was that a brain was going to be enough. And sell bat you know even as a woman to you when you doing. Chemistry like them. It was so funny because mar it was like telling him and are testing by myself first she's like. You're like lie when he comes. Is present by rounds EU. Thank you is nothing you're scattered but just out and then he likes means you end. In the second he sat down in the chemistry test. I literally is it the exact same thing that she said was both happen happen not in have to forfeit sat down and it is it. Uh huh uh huh. 80. It. The woman we have we're after without looking. Right now an iron hammer out the curious. The writer we are. If you he. Idea who he is exactly. And so happy. All between those two ideas. Of who will have an excuse me who who gets the air isn't it. We we do that gruff okay. Out I imagine that dynamic and I imagine that all that hats QB you. Very top aid to do but you. Know he. I felt. Heating is that wouldn't happen but what about what might hear his answers on the moon it. We'll has went through so I just literally just tap Internet you know I've I was think you know me I had that car now at that exact same car. Because I knew that atlas or take the meat beat. The grounding line and hurt it's our way to connect all he said and any came history and we just thought Anthony Kim was like why you act and so much he's litany since act because no one knew that we knew we said yeah. But we we still that we meet will we still didn't really know each. We know we said in passing in refrain casino we attend the same church we hadn't really had no in depth conversation. You know is this he set down on that there aren't your journey has brought you here. Rodgers has brought me here you know that's rock mine you know and looked was. And I kissed. Funny because. And the intimacy. In the shadow. It's. We come a long way and regrets about our images. In incidents. I have watched. The black audience squirm when UC. Love in. He's seen in sex and romance insane in a way that's not comical. A theory. And we have progressed and so as artists we have to progress and yes you can kids. India trained artist. In know how to connects your chili and connect as actors and connect S. I think that's something that. Then put upon it like. You know at black people old age is fifty. And so we just magical negroes who bounced balls without training or throw balls without training our act without training or all these things. You know it's always may brighten music without training we tree. And so I I think is important. Especially for the listeners out there who. Aspire to be there for is you can connect on that level and also take care appear personal relationships at home. Also. Or will in his wife brandy for me and Celine leak creates base. Artist. That we can grow to him giving me permission and and not putting pressure on me about how to depict care that he trusts that I'm gonna do. My best and that anybody was in the care of these characters even be me and that we we. We figured out if there was a problem he would he would talk about that but. It's funny you mention the kiss scene in the economy is picking up on the comic on the left it's all this going on he is art is having the freedom that way. Black artists dating the opportunity to do what we've watched. White art is due. Doomsday and so I'm really proud of the progress we're making an artist with in this story telling me. Story telling medium. And that we can do it and keep. Professional bounds but make you the viewer believe me. That we can have conversations. If Tiki to a conversation. Not just an eat well that's. Be kill brand I would say that it's not just for entertainment I do understand that there's a role in keeping your interest if you think about. As its people eat beans Horry telling eating sleeping shelter has been a part of our since cave man days. We've been telling stories that they just progress. We in the medium progress and it's time for the lead take that in X earth our humanity in. That we can have those conversations the story telling us could be. Asked to be there we have to grow with the times and be better to capture the interest of the people so that we can talk about. We are we are as a people in the community and what we meter. O meter now. Add. Yeah. It's really about how. Able to Crete this narrative. I. That I believe the music even sometimes like I feel that music and that expect that song that. Certain that. Brings me to a steroids eight. And it is also the conversation between you and hear her best friend and what he's going through with his. You know or face a baby moms and kind of remember when you guys were in that moment. We look his house he was talking about put the all these different narrative with it like he's that is bringing us to conversations because. Even when you're talking about I think in the first episode. What you're talking about will argue he had isn't the end I don't want that I'm back now what did. I mean. You think that she. Can't be without. I may be able to fill. My question is likely. I. To create Dole's. Inject builds things because. Well it's a common. Commonality that. Eating. He broke no that's not what we want it then you're you're making reassessed. It. Rock my level of story telling to a whole another level an expression for me it's my job to introduce new. It's my job to. They tell the story to. And think about where were act collectively not answer the question necessarily but suppose in shakeup in star. Within that you should be responding to what it is that I'm doing if you're just. And that's okay too I guess but that's not why I came here in demy on the guess I my spirit came here to do I dotted and trying to get better at every so my mindset was. How do I paint in more of our humanity now that I have this opportunity and opportunity at a network as police supporting me. As fully allowing me to. Be myself and not be afraid of that freedom as you can also asked for their freedom and the gays here and not wanna mess up. But two died in and say okay let's take this let's go deeper vesco deeper says don't. I can. Change up a little bit print another beam urging calls of enough print another this college something else but I wanna go deeper one STX press. And they did they touched on I off woods with a one minutes on thank you for seen. I am drawing people in about this romantic love because that's that's fun exciting and is universal right. But so I love of what you came here to do your perk its. And so that brings along other relationships that surround. An anchor. The romantic love that can eat the purpose love and do your work on music or when you get to parent teen or friendship. And sometimes we knew or did. Meeting in one area of your life even your romantic life if you've created other buyers or other love relationship village. Hope she put everything back on track. So it isn't so. V romance another dead talk about the main you know you see here and shine in I mean. These two are stellar actors but the whole cassis -- in San and so excited that we get to play these notes but they even. My mentor Ralph arc. In my story about how I'd be it was sit here in this moment and talk about how. Craft as an artist I mints were under someone who's been crafting our stories very well there's a love there. As a love for my writers in the room. No we worked really hard on all of those dynamics. Relationship between on Noory and Angela Yoon sang and and and I mean the Dara victim and she. Amazing for the fine in the UC. Where is so on and you see here are Arian establish friendship were watching how. Work friendship turned into lifelong friends and we all know these things in we recognize it whether I label it that exactly. You recognize what's happening in that. And your heart recognizes what's happening that and so. When you gather these people around you. Sort of allows you to stay in purpose for whatever you're here to do in two U. Would you know order not to you figure it out Ian say and then when you do howdy statement ice they in love with a couple he's a on the path of your career how to use a keep that village around you this can support your path. Answer the question about how Morris Celine. As at all. I'm pretty well I just. So that was my mindset how do I pay all that. And we were brought care less but it's Jamaican it. And you. At once. Eatery is. It. You. Even though technically I know David I love Barry I love how that Larry this journey. And over at different times I'm gonna who want to question before we go. On one thing I'm curious about is just. This. Very specific. Or something that I see that I I kinda curious how we got here. With your character. You know. Neary. The man back I can't even if they get and other amputees are key talk briefly about beat this. His role for US bars where you are and how use Pacific. I am are now becoming this act her I really love seeing you in this role specifically. On just being. Open an emotional and being able to be free on how has this image change for you and I also asses in question for you because. It we've seen you and other roles but excellent east is east to roles here or something that is life changing from his own I have asked that specific question how. Have you been able to. Manage now being this open and being this. In in this case. And every question and I'll try and give a brief and her and that's fine. I got very very close animal shows and four that's like three months leading up to the show is between mean one other offer like three shouts. And actually one got turned on the day before they ask me test finish. So I got Willie and in and it after the second one I was like look got I just. It's really on the show you want me on and I have been preying on a yearly just I'll wait for the perfect show they had this hope rather like. The perfect show ware. Work with them like I literally was like Wear him. If you like. I was I'd let the writer is via knowing have been thousands of outlets. And you're riding you're well on what you want me to be seen in the public that begged that need be launched in this career how you want me to be lots. Oh wow the power prayer and because they're. Best of all it does mean so much to me because I need to seen Jerry on television and sell it to be able to play that is against. So. Before we Muir. Surely not I'm out I'm be quick I'm just here to serve. I don't think about. You know people can relate to where this Lao Lao whether it's Charlie Redd is sincere. And they can touch them and make them fill. A certain way about things and make a change Jamaica shifts and I'm I'm okay with. There. Congratulations. Silly would be here otherwise he's on the ground in Atlantic getting seasons here ready. Thank you look at that guy let me. Now let's say will quit. Less not overload if she's in her Michael Jordan face. You know by. Know this when she's like. She's she's joined now came back more in the fourth flask which sit it's going three. Go and after the rains you know. Being involve a number will be live in a veil into share in our heart this is the reason why people are connecting because Margaret decide to be harmful yes Mara decided to open up its show the world her things that she right now. We know just wanna be shown to everybody she decided to do day an ass while we here having these conversations though thinking like me. Thank you for the passing because we can't we put eleven the passion inning you're given it back in it fills up the cup and we think thank you we don't do it. And do it. I'm. At the.

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{"id":56577192,"title":"The cast and creator of 'Love Is ___' discuss the critically acclaimed series","duration":"24:09","description":"Mara Brock Akil dishes on new series based on her real-life relationship.","url":"/Entertainment/video/cast-creator-love-discuss-critically-acclaimed-series-56577192","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}