Cast of Downton Abbey Takes Us Behind-the-Scenes of Hit Show

The co-hosts get a sneak peak of what it's like behind the scenes of "Downton Abbey".
7:13 | 12/11/15

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Transcript for Cast of Downton Abbey Takes Us Behind-the-Scenes of Hit Show
Depressed because it's the end of an era. My favorite show Downton Abbey is about to air its sixth and final season and I'm in total denial I hate it. I love the show and I take that attending it. We have a sneak peak. Admiral that there was six footman when I first came here I'm fine if house managed not we've got to a beach and no kitchen it's a tool we must run this place as it should do it. I'm not continue to wield a size but I mean. Who has an under the boxes used this. If I could stop history in his tracks maybe I would. But I come costs nor you nor I can hold back time unfortunately. It. Yeah well Liz welcome some of the can't sit down have a another sag awards do Bonnie down Phyllis Logan. Alan Leach and Kevin Doyle welcome to the the cries scenarios such bronze. What groundswell Magellan and yet you're always coming on the show would teens even the last time you would hear Barbour gave you some crap. I know this is Mike should be above rules is the lesson she I'm wearing purchasing toys I think. But so you she refused to accept that a character like little grant would have a wedgie as it hey he can't. What you fulfill a fantasy for all of us lord grant them hold that thought and let's gives the show a little bit so Phyllis I'm at the end of the last season is his Hughes got surprise proposal. From the head Butler Carson and you know everybody was happy for the romance but my question is great as the consummate. The problem that's a bit dealer with the bank street and a look at that they they have. As of slight discussion about it and the forthcoming. Season. Because it's sufficient to worry asked it to mrs. Hughes if if stocks site of things will be acknowledged in an anyway. So I won't could watch this space. Beautiful view wire and then they give you that crazy hairdo is mrs. Hughes don't you hate that. But I ever get back the corset at the wait yes but I I won't be sad to see the back of that. I I'm Alan yes in season in the season's finale. You got you came to America with your with your sick little subsidy that's rice and you're not even in this season's promotional photograph known so why are you here today. You didn't talk. The boys didn't and a back up the. Gets a bit of a spoiler town of Branson and when he went to Boston. He does discover that may be his home and his heart lung but contented very. Seeing how are so. My lips are sealed. She is fanning out right now I've never seen doing so getting this amazing OK Ted and you play the but man mostly and eating and seems to have the budding relationship with that made Baxter but I. And mean yeah that's a but he adds to Graham a little while ago and it so this amazing tattoo is this kind of a spoiler right now. Because that first of all I want that tap at solaris. I was able and you look yeah. What was the Hyundai Accent and there was the text that was it's artsy film relatives with to a lucky enough to have Jewish community to come and play with this. This time last year we did it was a charity. Events on the night TV that the network that the show is liberal custom in the UK. You have a lot of famous fans George Clooney named it just named one. TV came to visit on the sat I would say that the duchess of Cambridge when wouldn't Taiwanese talked. But how do you do any benefit in. I'm not going to stop all of narrow idea fool around. And as Jimmy litigation but that generation of of the royal family particularly a very very relaxed and but if he's very quickly but tell you guys spend some time of the makeup when in. I don't doubt that. Don't James caught in his note with assistant managing pleased that evil but it's been found it Tom Thomas he's wonderful he was on the makeup talking and the duchess of Cambridge keep going I was get to my week going to Miami cop. The cop in my minimal makeup done and felt safer than lovers may ma'am add you're just some taxi mrs. Hughes get to have Botox injections. Cut to her that she laughed but it it's funny and you do some dirty dancing. I heard balance I mean and he's been let. Katz head back when we're not doing at the castle Upton and that and that helps check week we June the best stuff on six in the studio. And it's in the NB a cold he Leighton. Evenings to do was face down and be added that we always Alan and I. As a tribute to the studios. Get couldn't do that got us into sex she will dealing. You have to Larry yeah. And I was no notice they attacked annihilate an excellent healing you guys are both from. Really. Miss tedious because energy broke into the set. There was one night when. I may have gone and with rob James collier who pays and Thomas and I. The hotel when I got back have closed up and Evan was asleep so I thought it was a great idea to woke up two hours but to the council. To climb the twenty foot case. Using my bag and who's very diver. Them. I got over the wall and then I I and hoops even in my trailer there are no security. There was security to their rooms sleep as well then how great. So I don't Sonia did you play cupid that you fixed up they be lady Mary also known as Michelle Dockery the beautiful and talented. With someone a did you have with them money has made in bed and when my best friends. Oh yes and I play cupid there where will William tell us acetate and well I'd incentive for a long time that they should get together and then there was actually my birthday party. I think they mess and you know the rest is history as they say. I really wanna bring up the fact that you you're going to be in the second season in his musical comedy. Gallup pants were your greatest ease singing and dancing I'm. Very inside and out. I had your Kasi may I didn't YC they're laughing at you now. I think that's. How would the filming. It was great yemenite hasten their that is just a tiny little cameo that's pretty much all of it but I did I did a guest spot last year in the race really just the gum back and Debbie in the opening number of the new season is a mad cap. Really funny bunkers show a medieval musical comedy took quite some hot skills hugely avenue value of the bid to that it. I think a final season of Downton Abbey premieres January 3 on masterpiece theatre on PBS everyone in the audience is going home with a copy of the new book to help you navigate.

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{"duration":"7:13","description":"The co-hosts get a sneak peak of what it's like behind the scenes of \"Downton Abbey\".","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"35719164","title":"Cast of Downton Abbey Takes Us Behind-the-Scenes of Hit Show","url":"/Entertainment/video/cast-downton-abbey-takes-us-scenes-hit-show-35719164"}