Cast of 'Galavant' Talks New Season

Karen David and Timothy Omundson discuss the musical comedy's second season.
6:07 | 01/08/16

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Transcript for Cast of 'Galavant' Talks New Season
I have. Dancing swashbuckling musical comedy C seventeen just kicked off with king Richard losing his crown and princess Isabella losing her mind take a lot. Laura Jodi blacksmith. Walt unhappy guy he. I would do all kinds of actually stop in mind blacksmith those Marines. I would get the things we've the other thing they wanted a different thing. If Laura Joan David. So mostly due guess who wins and they all plan. Yeah like three billion. Still know when he's going to be. Kelly liked it. I am my. I think you've I had so many surprise guests on the show you act on stainless wreckage of eighteen on the well we're not yank him mixed I'm the last half week season premiere you. Its hat on Kylie Minogue. So we're in you tell us who else are we can expect them show this season. We we have some of the best. Of the British island coming to play this we've got a Matt Lucas et. And ray Donovan nick frost is he's on leave next week Geddes. If they now live at the favorite comedian she was a little Britain if you've never seen that so you have to and I got so I'd make it is plastic airs at times this weekend so wonderful. Staying spray on the hit a huge amount my talent as an interview that we've never left apart from that I highly doubt without really great you guys thome before we started to guys ended filming in Morocco. Big news here yes coping yeah please tell me about that this. The shot at a shopping that's what I care about it and it's not about your beard but I went and about this. Week we've been shocked because we didn't really have much time because the filming so much and you know the sun goes down so it's it's very quickly so what were mostly filming but when we went in did one been shop but this one shot you've gone on to run. What about three rugs do not have time to take pictures and and succession of cell phone service so it couldn't show the noise again public and she hated everyone. Contact the expedition your beer because I heard that she also didn't like your other facial hair. Compilation and your last job my poor long suffering wife she Alison. I put wow twenty years with let's look at that it's it's the Vatican cast away when Tom came. And. With the girlfriends agreed to hair's crazy it appears wild what is he doing she likes it she doesn't like it when I go hobo chic yet yeah. I came home after. As you can appeal I. Eric I came home after being gone four weeks in the season it was usually shipped first six months insurers whose it was big. And I walked in the door the first thing she said was did not have a hello. What V hell. Let's go how in God's name are you one TV look at. Yeah I just think it's a done. Grow yourself you don't use across that'd be here facial hair does allow people use the pay cut both thank you very much because unprofessional. Yeah and while you. And working in the industry that things don't always go as planned and we have acquired some never seen before but edge of your bloopers. I ran to him than. Now how about. There's one thing so many nice to you you don't mess like her. That's them. Find out what you have a nice CNN. Back didn't. It's. Best I wasn't paying. So much I'm. I don't imagine the ones we can't show other that. Yeah that they were asking as. Activity. Is it true that you are giving your first rate by one of my heroes leery Dave and I don't like to hear of a guest mr. Dave giving my sign cardinal who show called silent film on. Yeah. You might have been essentially flat areas. Tell me everything. I walked into the addition likely join explain it to is like Ellis is in do it you know what I was doing. They gave the job that Clinton on its is that still no one told me thing I don't know what. All I was doing and I geez I personally I do my life been honest honest civil war. You know she panelist a touching up because you actually have ten million innocent and Imus doesn't find out she wrote letters best episode of the show finished continue on Larry yeah. I have some fun information. Yes you guys seeing and yet she Wear a pop start when time in my right. Let you guys put together something for us would you like to serenade us with him I'm like are. Serenade. You're not getting here lot of men can. Element contends on her Monica edited. This may be awful you're never done this before but this is Wilson and pro at the opening number. It's. Or. Newton C business or hang on sealed so all in. I don't need this season and we shall probably returned a new season should get comfortable please the next guy. Rumor it. I think they've continued heat and Karen David bar Taliban parents Sunday nights at 8 PM right guaranteed.

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{"id":36168672,"title":"Cast of 'Galavant' Talks New Season","duration":"6:07","description":"Karen David and Timothy Omundson discuss the musical comedy's second season.","url":"/Entertainment/video/cast-galavant-talks-season-36168672","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}