Cast of 'Hamilton' Hears Original Raps from NYC Students

Broadway's hit musical welcomes students to the Richard Rogers Theater for a unique education program about the life of Alexander Hamilton.
32:37 | 05/11/16

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Transcript for Cast of 'Hamilton' Hears Original Raps from NYC Students
Hello love. Have a seat. No little. I don't welcome. Welcome to the best day of the year for us here at the Richard rock the market. We have been waiting so long to see you. It means the world to us that you're here we know you've been studying. We know you guys have put together some extra special presentations for us in the teaches about the piece of history that we did not know. That's the really before us it's really the best part of marquee. To get to host Q and see your performances. I'm going to be joined right now by the president the United States the first one at George want to take. Hot dog yeah yeah out of school for the day that's the best job and do what. Shocked. We're gonna see performances from your schools. Here is my goal for today. My goal is that you all cheer so loud for every school. Eye candy been to help with school the report. That makes sense TR. I that they need to why. You give them one. And that they need to be beat you to the ends up you BM dot. Apple whatever they need I. I love you for that they give that response. I think you're ready. All right let's get ready for the first show aren't already for the person. Like let's there we are so excited we ought to be here today. We know that you earned the right to be here that you put in the work and nothing makes us happier than to have you in our house so. To that and we're gonna bring out to the states from Bronx River high school make some noise. Make some noise for a snotty. Moon won't and Kimberly but. Hi. This is start with a piety. That creation of carnation started with a party a key part because and free. There's no toleration for the noticed taxation without representation. Outpatient was getting fastener that taxes growing denser. We called it slavery Nichols guilty of the mother country. But in the last of rape really pets from just seeing. How my wallet that's not utterly. Of lap purchased it ain't where you hear East India Co. So drink coffee but fatigue just to break the monopoly and three Massachusetts companies cut an NC. Greg yeah basement but smoke but. Love and love that you already for the next to the next school. I already for the next school. And I. Coming from rooms street academy shot eyes through good the we've got dressed up. Breads and chewed he makes a good job. She. Picked son. My feet about the whiskey rebellion. In his duty. Is her parents'. Night. Come in hopefully a bullet in the needed them. Then I got that really up pet. I think well they. Now other math and I want. Now. Want passes. 8 o'clock o'clock. God. The Newton new. What's the big lead at that. One years old and I still can't beat box like that war. Who withdrew its. Good. Good. Well our next for apartments. We got a group from Curtis high school. Makes you know. We're beyond Saint Louis and beyond all the parents Holbrooke must. I guys. Who won't mind who will not come out. Ten dollar bill being rented by the constitution that's at you don't think about it. It's America it's accurate yet to not. Oh my successors pulpit that would follow. Whom I will not come out and I haven't to pick national bank helped put the national debt bowl but it makes sense that the united got hooked up accidentally. The boys and later I would come much debt and detectives and that jumped out to eat just my problem won't have that debate cool wet witnessed what little. What better there's been impacted right act not a tough job and make combat that big get did it for me what it. To whom I. Tulip. I'm confident. Who won't. You've that it would. One. The critical. Reflects the nose for the facing history high school. Known and unknown underdogs at let's make some noise the praising his only modest yeah. The road to the stage. Racial BO. Yet Sarah did verde and jazz and Mary. Malario home. I'd isn't. Hi everybody my name is Rachel. That beauty. Sarah however of the facing disagrees school we have a rap about The Boston Massacre so what we need to do today is give us a snap so one snapped. Sue us Matt. Thirties snap pulls map. One and soup. The BM book and one Su. I sold Mo we. Is to make up the at the right not quite ended up and it's like at all it would slash but he does get him back. It's not at my feet my pelvis even though they know mom I spit. We also welcome want Kingston with Minnesota's every game day. Police also look at what is going to be. It's a job so we got there. We began about what we do that again and it's would have done that without the days. Mostly I was ever raises. It being picked up to me. I. Aren't we. Let the. Apparently don't do. You'll see how do you think. Now have a good time this morning it. No I have a good time support not bellows dollars and up bill stays. Give it up give it. Amazing amazing amazing work coming up next. For affordable high school board and it's. Do it's that that. Melissa Maggie long arm. And this monologue and then to be betraying a delicate Skyler. Sorry wasn't ending but knowing how my heart eating. I knew I was nine if it's just a few months back might like it was my sister's. There's it's. It's growing at a few months later we would end up at the winter ball and beat and be up all. With having that kind of a life. And Philip high consequence Alexander. And I knew I once he hits life. If you and surely everything in place I wanted to run away. What the only one with help me I introduced until and they upright was let the man and all of the left lot. With the odd name. Later 83 minute let's move it very and there's other Indies write me an office congress. Or are. I noticed that the older ones so. I think at the hectic outbreak at some. I went back excellent I am then. There Reynolds pamphlet I failed back to back this is a fence and property at this time of need while hi Alexander was well read. 1801 would be the biggest heartbreak of all this my neck he died in a deal and that had an artery. I Hamilton's moved uptown. And just. Grant years later did it would be thinks it's Joyce at sun billion currently street and and now we're both eyes when he died he was so young analyzed it was the story. We slowly recovered we stop wasting time on it and telling Alexander story to me like it Laurie. Sometimes I won. What it. Alexander in Phillip a what if Alexander took a break and my biggest. I mean Alexander. You've got any questions but won't be my legacy. Eat fill up Alexander. I can't wait to see you again. God I hope. Let's you. And why. They have feelings situation in my heart. Bill and all the fields and all the bills and intelligence. On not to get these elements and was him as soon as for me this one. No appeal and appeal soon. Coming up next of Long Island City high school. Rick none of those red. A is. How old worn something besides you heard but was it did examine the deal with. When now turning to young not sick while my mom. Signs and that. Clinton Madeleine K game. Wing man in the sun needs in my life plus. Blue. Wind and ten. I must stress felt I do stuff like that. Oh. Point seven Indy five have you heard a boom was. He's up and you would. You really young. Essay why I'm a mom. My yeah don't ask hey you know I don't and a damn deep. And. Sons and Lang time. Man oh man it's playing and it's. Close. Turn back. Blue. Blameless test. Can deceive us. Yeah both welcome home. Would. Yeah. Limbaugh want to catch you got single tied to its bottom line we're everything possible. Yes head coach I don't keep dollars. Up next. Repertory academy when my two news. Will be right. Antonio darkness. Raymond Smith junior then Lawrence while sun the moon trips. Its. That's not others aren't. We terrible these days but we do but put on a good job. Some cities at least it's. Declaration. That in this way he owed me let's go. Game he is once funds he surprisingly beaten. You guessing they view I can't. Anyway he hasn't eaten hot did that yeah he's the off him in sandals. Statement. We have to stop the immediate lesson of the Clinton they despised by so he wrestled victory here. Tell us yeah. I think its patent but it would love his accident that I don't. Among back. What I'm here. That need to read the political season with the image of Chris. Com's. He. Venues. Pretty easily in Hellman and equipment now in its. Pinned. This intense. He. He'd be always. The so Clinton. That is still plan. Mines back from the greatest decades to whom he mean. Yeah. With what was. I miss you react let's not. Does that tied him with what you the reason my. I've the red planet. Also thesis topic isn't any publicity Obama stated he want to greet him was just because of me. If visit genetics. Way and I see my yeah. The clintons don't weapons as it is also plan. On the it is but there is something we. Or. Puns and and and is. Hung them up. And in this. It's. She. Good riddance now no. Now locked up it's damn. The path of the game. Now ready for you next guest appearance say yea up. Now like was going roles they all. Delve into one bloc that they'll pick up and up from Renaissance High School Musical theater can expect none of the OCR. Saved. Please please please give a warm Hamilton welcome. For Alyssa Martinez. Thank you. An issue is fear I ride over the tease of those loans I have met have been here before how what I ending her own. I Sylvia Platt the descendants of chains and whips judged by my thighs and hips house ice and I. By cotton picking out time is ticking tease ox trickling down my face. But there is that god I think it is indeed a blast and beautiful and I don't bring me. Over the cost of five years I will line of the greats before me and that greats of all of them I am fortunate enough to have my shackles to lay my hands on matter which spies. Countries look pace shot at love and pride but none of which belongs to me for the eyes of these men my that this is the Sen. I write for the man who hates my skiing but at Dawes what I can do for him I have seen tragedy at its finest. Those once an image of beauty and appearance along I'm not strange for. Once full and right field with lights on at this memories. My children fortunate enough to have three died from disease might cut it away from me. What's I. I and Phyllis Wheatley the first of many African rightists to grace the pages with my ink. Broken down Barry is stereotypes. Discrimination. And accomplishments. But Amanda Christine negroes blackness came. May be refining giant jelly cherry. News. For only somewhat clear. Read a. Think it's Hackett. Which typically that. Now. I think in my life is that you guys uses incredible there's incredible. Personal favorites gonna build repertory. High school. The only there given it was gum up the repertory is going up all of them. And we don't. Please welcome to the stage Natalie DNN's Rebecca Martinez. And have been Romero. Com for all the Caribbean people well we're done. Clinton picked up. Pick up a rhythm with the Caribbean by so the ride. Busy any weakness. Yeah. Seeing. Women. Yeah. Mean yeah. Eight Passat. And his manner. So they kind of any any chemical. And even the U. Yeah time. Yes. Hands yeah. Yeah. Okay. Food. A look. Coming up next. One shred the tech minds who I don't. What threat detective also don't that's okay. The Larry one rocking. Griffin. Rok Ken Griffin must now and obviously moment a monologue. Which man Alexander Hamilton. My background. Is related with adversity. Saw worked hard to get to that top university. To sit my idea of people and semi aristocracy. Tibetan this game equal to democracy. Now I know you guys don't know me as a ploy. Bad wanted to youngest and why this founding fathers Nassau Marie. With silent be father. OC use what I wasn't long lived that I wanted. That I. And it needed. In exchange awesome change and a couple of Alexander's. Sick kind of money I gave what was statement our daughter but lets me get it let it be slaughtered. What's. Our might it is seen so let's talk McLean every day you get seen at ten a yellow instant not euros yen. They tell me Alex and you can't compete with them they have education relations apple on generations and generations but October and over my background some of them on my last race ends. And not know my daddy by the was in never let me my mother I bet it hurt when you. Saw that I became the first president last summer this department like damaging back again Macias run run that Mason run a money went to capitol Vegas everything's about put these delegates that the race and in my life bullet legacy so live on for Edgar. So fathers beat a part of your thought his life and be apart of it sounds like the pot in his preparation. He may be the head of the nation or you can be like my father James and alcohol Americas in the only because act Lawrence saint. Why it's like ms. Hamilton the president may call it sounds like LeBron James running what they think this day. China's state run banks be an ice rink at the job you do it our not alive that would be a lot of dot review. And best. As my stepfather I think uber rich and some are really wasn't a part of you. Give back everything you did I love you kid in America does to pick a what that the huge there would be no me but that didn't happen now problem America knows me. I can't stand school don't let them use like they used me every day. The people while work with what Bill Martin on the bill so they can save it up and it can happen of the mill while blacks browns aggregates like myself. Have to sell the happened of the mill and how does that lost the game do. Must look good. Ladies and gentlemen. From uncommon collegiate charter has. Yeah. It's the most everybody. Some though is up there. Just don't itself mirror and quit. Please welcome Dionte Alexander. And though that as there. I know my name is beyond it. Money that leaked. All this is unedited joins license info on those we. I think. I was such a at the time and I see him that innocent known enough seats that didn't there just isn't that they've he's my take from this the almost. This he amendment but not to money not. And it may not see the queen and I move a line snag him. Designs in didn't need them then you haven't made no comment at any accident. Think you're not playing time in the Indiana isn't it the elderly statesmen. Do you thing then they. So tasteful and dean the Afghanistan policy meeting that will be taught in those. I am going to. King and you don't tease him my. Look and mollid though I aching in know it. You didn't bill I have seen it up by connecting him. Global. Don't so honestly but maybe you can see so many of these connecting you to please him. Our best yeah. They vote the pain then the and then outlook. That might give them my son Matt yeah but take. Hate this thing and that's value that team. Click. Yeah now those. She didn't AM his excuse no deal thing and it milk today's bulletin date that is there bulletin David Obey and no. Allan thank my feelings know making it can't be some time thing. Look at us I am now live until I aching in no decent man. It's four point we'll. One all. Given a war moats. Uncommon is right. Next to last performer. When urban instantly school for law and just this. Newest I'm Mike Goldstein are given up no. Yes I did a remixed it takes brought him in Toronto so. And I mean about The Boston Massacre. Why create green trying to play as he left the motherland and knotty spine Klamath up what I need most they need Ollie to deceive them but we do an all white navy in the payment Akamai that Miller might have slipped all the rules backwards. Probably won't be here in British laughter Mickelson was ruled a harem opening taxes. That's because we often paint great bring in colony life balance telling you this ain't living it. British troops attacked in the house like Thanksgiving and while they SATA really young books Fella named Henry Knox and telling you he's a good. Man at the Karl Marx bit it was like Bob that in injuries like thinks. Either rankled the look in the ages ten and now hooks biggest slap on the obvious that we get killed to be with is this. Colony is the catastrophe that's Watson always that they listen in in the street that we so love that the theme at a briefing gets this money is money to meet saint out of creative Peru. He that this is thought Palin themselves. It wasn't thousand McNamee was still matters a couple of classes with the rankled until we up it's not a revolution in this time of about I got a big probably look at the is that in the may seem bad press about injustices that we have faith I like Bieber been active funny how he used a motherly empathy the office for money a lot of people felt that the pre Inca that the movement that we only country still hopeful improvement asked -- if we get them all the Olivia Mitchell begins not alone because in the towel. The acting like we should be loyal to them was on the king's rule once but never really again the Ole Ole Conte time to take it back in but we meet in new ones will be embedded in them. Do you credible lead cars on Mars do I want bars. Aren't.

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