Cast members of 'The Long Road Home' discuss the new series

Michael Kelly, Kate Bosworth and Jon Beavers talk about the new National Geographic series that is based on the nonfiction book written by ABC News' Martha Raddatz.
5:09 | 11/06/17

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Transcript for Cast members of 'The Long Road Home' discuss the new series
Raddatz, of course, she's a chief global affairs anchor at ABC. I'm not used to seeing you at 8:30. You just launched a new miniseries based on her book "The long road home" and it tells the story of the black Sunday ambush in Baghdad that claimed the lives of eight Americans and wounded more than 65. Let's take a look. What are your order, sir? We launch. Now. Sir, the crusaders still have to complete -- There's no time. It could take an hour. It could take several until they're back on the target. Our guys don't have that long. We launch. The crusader loader who was killed, Mitchell, you find out his first name and where he was from. Yes, sir. Great to have Martha here. Please welcome Kate bosworth, Michael Kelly and Jon beavers. You say writing this book and now this series has been one of the most profound experiences you've had. It really is mostly because I stayed in touch with a lot of the families and the real soldiers, a couple of them over there. All these years, 13 years and that to me is what has made this so important and also, you know, they're 1% and to allow the 99% of us who don't understand these stories who don't understand the cost of war in many ways has been really profound for me. How much did you know about the story before you did the movie? You know, I -- I was quite young, you know, when this happened and so for me it was really important to understand it in a deeper way and I feel like for many people in America, to have the hindsight and look back on it and to honor the soldiers that went through this and the families, it)was a very powerful experience, I think for all of us. Kind of hard to believe how long it's been. I know. You remember it. I mean, we did -- it started on ABC new really. Telling this story on "Nightline." "Nightline," yeah, a long time ago. Michael, in fact, it was one of the interviews Martha did that convinced you to do the part. Yeah, yeah, I had read -- it didn't really work out with my schedule to do the project when I was first offered it. I read the first four episodes that night. I could not put it down, page turner. I was like, let me Google this Gary Virginia less ski guy and as soon as I did I came up on some great journalistic work. No, but it was the interview -- I kind of like this guy. There's Gary. And to hear this man talk about his men, to talk about his wife and call her the ultimate hero which is what the show does so well, it tells you both the women at home and the men on the field, it was just -- like I was like, oh, man, I get this guy. I don't know if I can play him but I get him. It was like he's this incredible man and I showed it to my wife and she was like you got to do it. I figured if they thought I was the right man to play the role that I had to do everything I could to do it to the best of my ability. Kate, you play Gina, an army wife. I heard and it he will me if this is true, her son was very excited. He was very excited. I play Gina and she had just given birthdays before Troy deployed and so America is now 14 -- 13 years old -- I know she's too embarrassed. When Gina first told Merrick that Kate boss wart was playing -- wait, isn't she like a supermodel to which gene that said, what's your point? There you go. She's such a beautiful woman and she is so lovely and I'm so honored to have, you know, played her really. She is an incredible woman. And, John, we're joined by the man you played Eric Bourquin. Bourquin. A little intimidating. Oh, man. He's still intimidating and I'm proud to call him -- Try to look tough there. It's intimidating to take on the role of a person who is still alive and in this case, standing over our shoulder and teaching us rifle training and how to move through, you know an urban environment and basically critiquing everything I'm doing live in realtime but in addition to that he was extremely generous as were all the guys from 2 five cav. Band of bourquins right there. Yeah. Eric, you're here with Aaron fowler. You're both consultants. What is it like to see yourselves portrayed in a film? It's surreal. It's really, really surreal seeing all of your friends dressed up like they were, you know, almost 15 years ago and running around doing the things you did. It's crazy. Well, it is a gripping series, U guys did such a good job serving our country. Thank you for that. And "The long road home" debuts

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"Michael Kelly, Kate Bosworth and Jon Beavers talk about the new National Geographic series that is based on the nonfiction book written by ABC News' Martha Raddatz. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50952055","title":"Cast members of 'The Long Road Home' discuss the new series ","url":"/Entertainment/video/cast-members-long-road-home-discuss-series-50952055"}