No Charges Pending for Tony Stewart Thus Far

Investigators still working to figure out what happened when Kevin Ward was struck and killed.
8:42 | 08/12/14

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Transcript for No Charges Pending for Tony Stewart Thus Far
Disaster on the race track but will NASCAR star Tony Stewart face any charges. After his sprint car struck and killed Kevan ward junior on the track Saturday night. Hello everyone I'm not taken on in Washington DC police say that as -- now they have no reason to think. That the death of twenty year old Kevin ward junior on Saturday was a criminal act. And just a few moments ago the Ontario county sheriff's office began giving an update about the investigation here's what they had to say. The investigation into the death of Kevin ward junior of Louis county is ongoing. And is expected to continue for at least. Another two weeks or more. Investigators continue to seek witnesses gather evidence and develop the race track crash reconstruction. However it would be inappropriate to discuss details. -- findings of the investigation with the media at this time. I would like to thank everyone for their cooperation. As the Ontario county office of sheriff continues this investigation. And for having patience. As we conduct a thorough review. Of all the relevant facts involving this tragic crash. When the investigation is completed. We will meet -- members of the Ontario county district attorney's office. And discussed win them all aspects. The investigation into the crash that occurred on August 9 2014. At the -- that was speedway. At that time more information relating to any determinations that have been made may be released. In closing. On behalf of the Ontario county office of sheriff. We thank all of you for your patience. And our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the family of seven ward junior. Now out. Did you statement there in Ontario county for more in the accident and its aftermath and want to bring in now ABC's Josh Haskell in upstate New York. And ABC news legal analyst Ryan Smith from our New York's studio thanks for joining us. Josh well let's start with you can we learn much from -- the officials of this press conference. We did not really Bosnia he did say that -- he expects the investigation to go on two more weeks. So I think that's an indication that there will not be too many more briefings. With new information until he submits that. The district attorney which is obviously protocol and then they may release some more information but at this point you know were almost at 72 hours since the act. Sitting on Saturday night. And that the offer. -- only received. About two pieces of video again two pieces of video one from a spectator who was there and another piece. From the track itself so. -- this point although they've been asking the public for more pieces of video it seems like they're just continue to analyze that video. And reconstruct the accident. -- doesn't seem like an awful lot of additional evidence at this point so -- just how difficult do you expect will be approved. Criminal behavior on the race track. Fighting to be very difficult mostly because of the conditions. And as Josh mentioned not a lot of video -- they're not a lot of evidence so when you look at this you're talking to witnesses your putting that tracked back together reconstructing it. And trying to get a better picture of what happened but. There are so many things that go into whether this was intentional or not -- even if it wasn't intentional was negligent behavior. When we look at the crash video. You can't really tell he's not hitting -- head on he's -- into the side. And one of the big questions become was their intent there. But Tony Stewart is given statements so far it seems the police believe his statements so unless there's something contradicted in -- statement from the reconstruction. It might be difficult you might find it very tough for them to press charges. And -- we understand of the sheriff's office has brought in an expert on this type of racing called sprint racing. I -- think it has law enforcement is not really familiar with that type of -- that they could actually affect whether charges are filed not. I think he could and I think they're doing the right thing because what you -- -- do is you want to bring in people who know the track and know exactly what it was like on that track because you don't know yourself. If you don't know and you try to assuming guessed that it. You might end up bringing charges where there are none -- -- a case that you can't prove or bring Tony Stewart and others through that entire process I think it's critical. They bring in people who really know this kind of racing so they can get really. A sense of what it was like in that car for Tony Stewart and try to figure out was their intent was there no intent because here's the key. Even if there was an antenna could still be negligent behavior and if it is you could still be looking at criminally negligent homicide which is a very serious charge. And Josh -- autopsy on -- ward junior was performed yesterday -- idea when police might re releasing results of the autopsy. Well yesterday Bosnia they did say that Kevan ward junior. Died of massive blunt trauma. But -- the sheriff just mentioned. Keep -- investigation go on for two more weeks so. We do know the cause but we don't exactly know the manner yet he is not called it an accident. For example. So they are going to take a few more weeks to go over. All the evidence analyze the tapes as is Ryan said reconstruct the accident. And then we we should hear more about. Wolf how they feel mr. ward junior -- in any other thing I wanted to mention was the Tony Stewart. Yesterday the sheriff told us that they had been in touch with Stewart's camp today he didn't mention anything about that we know that Tony Stewart had pulled out of -- race. On Saturday we don't know -- race on Sunday in Michigan -- still awaiting those questions but as you saw the sheriff did not take any questions so not. Major update here on Tony Stewart and his whereabouts. Yet here they're definitely -- Point. So why and Tony Stewart has a reputation of being a bit of hot head where he will. Do you expect that could influence decision making -- -- the case here. I don't -- look when you look at this particular case yes he has a reputation yes he did some bad things in the past even got into some fights. Put this. It's almost like apples and oranges there you're talking about a fight on -- race track maybe getting angry to driver here you're talking about something where if you think it was intentional. It almost rises to the level of a murder charge so you talk about the conditions on -- track and everything else. I don't think they'll look back and say. Well he's been a bad guy before therefore we're gonna use that against him now I think what they're gonna do is focus on this situation. And say in this situation was he'd -- -- intentionally or recklessly or was it simply an accident. I find it interesting that the driver right before him had to swerve out of the way at the last minute. What does that tell you maybe he didn't see what the driver right in front of them saw and that would really suggests more of an accident but I think here. Even though he has that reputation I think for police they really want to focus right here because. In court going to be hard to bring in that reputation you have to really be sure that there was some -- intent or reckless behavior going on -- -- -- by Tony Stewart. And Ryan. Even -- at the end of all this there aren't any criminal charges filed -- ward family. Press for civil charges absolutely and I think that's nearly a sure thing here because the standard as a lot lower in a criminal court the standard is beyond a reasonable doubt. In a civil court the standard is preponderance of the evidence more likely than not. He did something that was negligence so I wouldn't be surprised to see the ward family file a case -- Tony Stewart against the racetrack and others. The case might not be a great one. Against the race track but against Tony Stewart they would try to say. He was negligent in his behavior and therefore should pay in a wrongful death lawsuit so I think that's a much it's -- because it's a much lower standard. I think they're likely to file it and see what goes from there but we don't know as of yet. I want to say thank you this afternoon -- Ryan Smith in new York and ABC's Josh Haskell in upstate New York this afternoon. And you can keep up with this story in real time -- by downloading the ABC news -- And starring this story can -- did exclusive updates on the -- For now I'm body cannot meet in Washington.

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