Child Accused of Bullying Vegetarian at School

The women of "The View" discuss the culture of bullying in schools.
3:22 | 06/10/16

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Transcript for Child Accused of Bullying Vegetarian at School
Sixth grader in New Jersey was given five days lunch detention for bowling and why I ask. Because he made fun of a classmate for being a vegetarian. He said vegetarians they're idiots. Apparently this went all out to a state here in with it couldn anti billing specialists now does that qualify as bowling if you say here. Vegetarians are idiots I guess. Not not not mean that at least it dean of the school I used to hear this all the time and it got some point work. Every you would spend hours on stuff like this and and every time a kid would say something even slightly mean does not so another kid it would become. A near Federalist you know why it's kind of like. Broccoli shame you know what I named cook couldn't sell it JB on this RE DJ on face and just said it's just ridiculous so much more wrong going on show them how to disagree without hurting others' feelings. And again that's goes back to. Like. If you're in the Stanley deer can't teach you how to disagree without being evil little boy did it should help. Vegetarians are idiots is really with the kid went off the route. Did he just said my mother my. We like meat and my mother said his vegetarians are. Idiots yeah maybe what got out of it and I and I feel like another and a little boy said that the when I got since the suspended from lunch. It's time. Said that out when we were meet our brains got bigger so he was like spewing not rich but at the scenes I guess it was kind of were I don't get out what is it really bullying isn't that important that has to go all the way up I mean. I don't know I guess I had a bully in high school and let me tell you a U it was a year older than me three years of bullying he loved to make me cry he lets make me feel bad about myself. That was relentless now the teachers didn't do anything the principal didn't do anything they told me to grow up and suck it up like you told a holiday of I did I did and they observed it. But back then I mean that they didn't know what to do because that we didn't talk about bullying like we will now stand well there was a Twitter and let there is no LA you know itself in for Chris style you know. So I could deal of that myself so when you cost someone when you say that and that vegetarians are idiots that's an insult but. Did he do it every day busy making it relentless I was really I grew up in an a tough neighborhood of Brooklyn and the girls would Wear weapons for clothing basically it was a tough neighborhood and I would Wear Bermuda shorts you know. I'm a Sox. My parents took me to like nice stores to buy clothes it was it I would I lived in a tenement on the fifth floor happened at no money. But for some reason I always dressed nicely they it will relentless joint. See that's a great point though because I turned out because what happens is when when you're young and a police sometimes. I get there there are extreme cases that have to be tackled him but there's also a thing as building a backbone. And being young I was teens out of you know skinny knees and I had all kinda nicknames and we don't let me and my parents taught me you know why stand up for yourself and it's okay people going to be meaningless world and and you can. Handle day that's why you luckily lots where you'll like it truck right about. That what we can't get heat cannot be saddled maybe I can't Hilary pretty well can't get Elizabeth. Went as far as it did because they know that social media will get involved vegetarians association of America will get involved that there is that stink like. Nowadays people have to be so careful because they're created a backlash I thought my mom used to say look I've been hated by better people they knew that yeah.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"The women of \"The View\" discuss the culture of bullying in schools. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39758958","title":"Child Accused of Bullying Vegetarian at School","url":"/Entertainment/video/child-accused-bullying-vegetarian-school-39758958"}