Claws and Feathers Come Out on Reality Show

Move over "Housewives of Atlanta": Here comes even more drama, with "Married to Medicine."
4:31 | 04/05/13

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Transcript for Claws and Feathers Come Out on Reality Show
You -- your latest entertainment. From ABC news now. The real housewives of Atlanta gave us the donkey booty. And now -- a new set a fierce and funny divas in town that could give those duties have been and a check up. Bravo is kicking up Mary to medicine at the -- series that follows the lives of six of Atlanta's most dynamic ladies who. Include doctors and wives of doctors and just as you would expect. All the drama that comes along with that take a look. Thank you call me dramatic masters and you can actually doesn't matter how -- maniac -- student questioning Amsterdam. Exactly twelve weeks and I thought I want anything my name Harry imagine almost all golf politically well -- -- yeah. Yachts and a no from the now and I don't know and you -- Erie and Ontario that there is coming out and yeah Larry Magid and yeah. If I didn't. But the fifth feathers are out joy does -- help explain where the wings are at one of the feisty ladies herself plot -- Oakland's rich thank you so much for joining us today thanks for having -- Claus and the feathers came out like they -- -- it always liked it does not always like that around that was just one time that you see some feathers and ruffled a little bit at this. This is a totally new arena for you right and so we have cameras when you get those kinds of like really intense back and forth with your friends -- Are you checking yourself to say Iran might not want to say that. You know what honestly sometimes you get caught in the moment right -- I think first episode I was definitely caught in the moment and -- taken off guard as well so. Had you noting these -- prior to the show I did -- I knew Carrie. Announcement it's way and we would have wanted dinners. Periodically and the right is my best friends so and we go way back to college so how did this idea even get started. It came about -- -- -- -- -- actually this is her brain -- this is her whole concept and she's bored very diligently. Over the last four years to bring -- -- -- -- and you've got a degree in met in chemistry and biology and I -- in English and what okay. Interest will do everything imagine that your life would take it turned to compete on. -- I have absolutely not but I'm I'm -- that it is. So -- if you're going back that you get a chance to look at the episodes after after they've already been edited. Yes you new jail we. We we get the episodes like a week prior -- -- we kind of know what to expect and -- for the bigger surprise than when you go back and look at I. I know I. The biggest surprise for me. I don't think I've been very surprised at all I think I Iconix negative it's pretty -- formed -- is actually. So popular about your relationship with carry them because obviously we -- we see this kind of play out and -- -- some pretty intimate relationships of course -- -- -- the capital all I can talk they like. -- within its problems itself. The fact the matter is having your your sharing very raw emotions. But yes yes we are. It did get pretty intense between myself and -- We do have -- this we have. We know he's in this UAT yeah. Yeah. Carrying II think we we do have some things we might need to work -- in terms if we're even going to try to entertain. Having. A relationship with one. So you know you're you're going through us and obviously everyone -- -- -- the real housewives of Atlanta in the end that entire franchise and I think a lot of people of wondered like -- those women have changed over the years that they've been seen their lives play out are you concerned about that at all that you might be influenced by what you see -- for what you're. Sort of your fans and interaction -- Well what -- -- would Atlanta housewives I think they've they've done -- to perfection. We've seen. Let me PM just grow and any -- to this beautiful person is doing some magnificent things so I think that and the to -- a -- -- actually. It's great to hear and have -- been in touch Ruth -- to talk machines that don't Collins it's important. Not many -- I wouldn't faze her Allen Hunt on Cuba. And through it's called marriage to medicines on Sundays and -- -- -- Is playing so much for having to be wonderful to meet you and my and I and if you wanna learn a little bit more about -- please go to www. The -- is very busy dot com. True to form right there -- the perfect thank you thank you love.

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{"id":18892311,"title":"Claws and Feathers Come Out on Reality Show","duration":"4:31","description":"Move over \"Housewives of Atlanta\": Here comes even more drama, with \"Married to Medicine.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/claws-feathers-reality-show-18892311","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}