CMA Awards: Granger Smith

Granger Smith debates why Garth Brooks should win entertainer of the year over Luke Bryan.
1:45 | 11/07/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for CMA Awards: Granger Smith
I feel like this based on some experiences you've had of the couple last couple months. You may have overwhelming favorite for entertainer. A year I'll yes and I you know. Garth. So you're talking Murray tomorrow Luke is outside fad two. I had to really get experiences this year you're kind of having it fixed so these two are small and I'd eyes really thought of that and out. Yeah I've been I was Luke and and Garth this year. But. All fairness to Luke guards. Is long as Garth is touring and my brother and I said this earlier in my Brothers and manager. As long as Garth is touring. No one right now is competing eight estimate to Eck in for entertainer of the year. Because of what that encompasses what that took a word encompasses. It's the be fooled package of entertainment. It's the every seat matters. Route realization of entertaining that Garth only Garth right now pass. There's something about as we wrap there's something about Luke so that he'll always be entertainer of the year that we make the in the interest of fairness make the argument so they and in fairness the Luke. Com. Good being relative to. Now the now generation of country music then you look at Luke Bryan and what he's doing and there and them and the magnitude of of his tour. What he's bringing to modern to traditional country music. If he was info if Luke Bryan was around in 1993. He would be one of the hat acts. Right he's right right down the middle of country music and non he's doing it at at a huge level. So he added I think your right to relative to modern country music it's Luke Bryan entertainer of the year.

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{"duration":"1:45","description":"Granger Smith debates why Garth Brooks should win entertainer of the year over Luke Bryan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50992870","title":"CMA Awards: Granger Smith","url":"/Entertainment/video/cma-awards-granger-smith-50992870"}