CMA Fest night 4: Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell talks about the importance of CMA Fest to fans and his excitement about releasing new music.
3:26 | 06/11/18

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Transcript for CMA Fest night 4: Cole Swindell
Have you gotten to spent some time with the decided out with friends this week. Did not have especially at my fan club party that was you know us I was on my favorite time because. He get in the new fans hadn't met the then there's also those familiar faces that you see you know where they're from but they still my action is all over the country so. You know this is what they look forward to all year and on the got a lot of favorite artist's legacy column you know luckily got to spend some time last night you know. Old Republic shall Barton and after party there in just to be up close and personal of them back in the bars like that started school after play and you know bitch showed a sense. And now operate at the end Unser is. Now it's impacting people coming and telling you your story and it you not think this is it is the breakup song but it's it's it's a love story I think any kind of love that you would go back and do all over again no matter how audiences is pretty powerful and you know two to hear the fan stores that's you know that's. The beauty of generally Sonji enemy agrees that the more the song with you start here one more stores about. How people relate to it and that's you know has been a country music fan Nasr is not fell in love with it because -- relate to and help meet three times now in another SATA that. Get news you know report songs write songs whatever might be that relate of people held and that's that's moment. It's like you work super hard on this third record and now it's finished yes it is it's finally. We've had a finished with just you know we recorded songs we had a narrow it down to the final track listing and thus far and find out which sounds economic album because you love all of them and you can only fit many on so but I think not to mount the last elements a special to me in this is going to be hard to out do that but I think you know thanks to. The songwriters and national record some songs I did not write that man I was so out of there but I think best song wins we've always went by that concept but a pickup had to write a lot of them because I wasn't able to get songs like this sentiment that the big guys and girls forget those there is pretty coolant to get from the songs and build a record in the if I'm not going to be tries a fat and ride it was good enough a big smile songs can be. Is it harder to have it ready in just beasts that non go on the way I can't even explain and not house ready for this past week to come out so you have an away at another week has. And they get nothing ever about as excited and on and to just get more songs up there wouldn't they release in music right up until August 17 when all of it drops them. This readied for ya hear what we've been working on complete we worked hard my producer Michael Carter on this so happy the but it where. I'm curious did you ever come to seeming faster fanfare as the fans yeah they there's a picture this then runs several towns that celebrities softball and don't want to beckon seven before item that was the out on the the natural light on that year. But it was yes in my fest I remember I was there on the background picture and there was some of you might stand at my head off that the Anglican like some college kid that note is doing and that's pretty much what I was and I yeah that's it destroys it. Come from being a fan and now you ninety you have fans out there and I enough from being occurs music fan that they're the reason we could do this and that's what this week's poll will have to Cilic or real full sort circle mall on Wednesday an yes I can't at. That's an element to be in here Watson some of your favorite artists years ago it's now being on the state several times. You know some of my favorite memories of my career in here singing you should be here two years ago riot there in that stadium is one of the Hollis mockery of mountain and others use them.

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"Cole Swindell talks about the importance of CMA Fest to fans and his excitement about releasing new music. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"55811657","title":"CMA Fest night 4: Cole Swindell","url":"/Entertainment/video/cma-fest-night-cole-swindell-55811657"}