CMA Nominations With Steven Tyler and Kelsea Ballerini

Countdown To The 49th Annual Country Music Awards
11:22 | 09/09/15

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Transcript for CMA Nominations With Steven Tyler and Kelsea Ballerini
And I am constantly until I'm I've not gotten Steven Tyler who is in gun country of the Renaissance man and court yeah. Right countries are right next to and Kelsey Valerie needs just nominated for two to CMA awards evening. Yeah. We've got a few more to get to just before we do that Stephen I have to ask you you've done. Beyond going country you moved to Nashville. You weren't eligible for the CMA is this year because of timing you hope to get one next you're not any merger seemed don't mean he harder time hopes kind of yeah. And the best and listening to you to interact I had to hear you early this morning and your advice to county it's got to be so cruel. To be not only in his presence but yet not made now on its. A Miranda Lambert Carrie on the right Linda feel. I mean those are just so Stuart two women that I've looked up to so much I mean just willing to be a singer being told there's a lot of writing songs and knocked in Knox bower from so. To be in a category with them is in saying mission tonight you can tell him about the mid south and he gets in Seattle and national. Candidate can reason with them so share with us the rest of the categories that he. Oh my first verdict. This award goes to the artist and producer. The nominees for CMA single of the year are. American kids. Kenny Chesney produced by buddy candidate and and Kenny Chesney yeah. Girl crush little big town. Produced by. I don't days. Oh lead braves produced by Lee grace. Take your time Sam hunt produced by Zach Crowell. And Shane. Mack and Leigh. Talladega. Eric church Kerr moved. Produced by. We don't Lauren junior. The nominees for CMA single of the year. Next we have the nominees for CMA music video of the year this award goes to the artist in the director. The nominees are this Casey must graves directed by a part five felt. Drug crash little big town directed by Carlo lunch and Matthew Welch. Girl on a country song my girls Maggie and today directed by TK making meet him. Little red flag and Miranda Lambert directed by Traci enjoy it. And something in the water Carrie Underwood and directed by rushed keeper. Those other nominees for seem a music video obtained here. Okay the nominees for CMA musician of the year are. Sam bush Mandel in. Jerry Douglas. Dole broke yeah. Paul Franklin steel guitar. Did half. Guitar and Mac Mac and early guitar. Those are the nominees for CMA musician of the year. Next we have the nominees for CMA song of the year this award goes to the songwriters and the nominees car. American kids of Rodney confidently declared and shame act finale. Girl crashed Liz rose Lori McKenna and Hilary Lindh the eighth. Like a cowboy rainy Hauser and Bryce long. Like a wrecking ball Eric church in KC about thirty. And lastly take your time as Sam hunt same act an Alley and Josh hospital. Those are the nominees for seeming going to be. Okay the nominees for CMA musical event of the year are. For the alum jango and Jay and Jimmy. Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard. Lonely tonight Blake Shelton featuring Ashley Monroe. Raise him up Keith Urban. Featuring Eric search yeah. Smoking and drinking. Rental for which I do well Miranda Lambert. Featuring little big town. Wild child. Kenny Jay-Z with grace potter. These other nominees for CMA musical event of the year. The nominees for CMA vocal duo of the year are. Brothers I'm Lauren. I'm day since day. Florida Georgia line. Matt AM today. And Thompson square. Those are the nominees for seeming to. Last but not least the nominees for CMA vocal group of the year are. Lady Antebellum. Little big town. Around school grads. Dan Perry. Zack brown band. That didn't it. These are the nominees are CMA vocal group of the year. Well the nominee names are those some of the names that is kind of immersed herself in the country well to take some inspiration from it off. We you know harassment we just get up the road last two weeks ago first thing I did was went to Boston and went down to the baseball field. And played the second of his three sold out nights and my hometown. So wanted to say he did walk this way and sweet emotions. So react yep he's got a beautiful studio down there and much of the people who were. And that's an easy thing it says to Fulton it's been a gift to an inspiration and I like. The star over Jerusalem is just crazy is crazy. And at least good thing you said you're a fan last year at this Yemen is now you're going to be locked in a red carpet doing your thing with the cool kid. I love it. It and I mean you're here is keep your energy guy again I feel it you're in a statement what do you see your future with the next step. I gosh I just keep making music I really am excited because we'll both of you any excitement over who's going to be at the C amaze which which performance USC must. And I don't know who's performing yet. Who would you wanna see let's listen let's make them do it on you. At. I KO yeah. We're so grateful for both of you being here thank you forget all those names out there hasn't had counted in so many ways the hedging their young lives. He's so much for watching the case or its allies the 49 annual CMA awards live right on ABC November 4. I.

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