Summer Blockbusters Previewed at Comic-Con

ABC News' Jason Nathanson reports the latest on celebrity sightings and upcoming releases from Comic-Con 2014.
9:01 | 07/25/14

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Transcript for Summer Blockbusters Previewed at Comic-Con
While Devin -- of Washington for fan boys -- -- girls all around the world it's the biggest week of the year of course we're talking about comic con 2014. A celebration of all things scifi and fantasy celebrity -- this year especially a great chance. To get a good look at some of those big stars and ABC's. Jason Nathanson is there in San Diego Jason it's great to see you've been the effect. I hope had a good week so far out there must be -- -- star struck at this point. Let's talk about some of the celebrities you've seen first of all Benedict cover botched. It's can tell us why was dancing like a -- went. He he was here promoting the DreamWorks Animation film in Winston Madagascar -- this was his first appearance here at comic -- which was a huge deal because he's huge in the band -- in rural community. With shows like Sherlock and of course Star -- -- this was his first appearance people camp out overnight to see him you came with -- -- -- news dancing around a lot of people out. And it's crazy because I just mentioned his name minute suite just mentioned no hashed he doesn't have his own Twitter address. And that blew up hundreds -- tweets posted the video of him dancing with the -- that got 111000. Views immediately. I mean -- I don't get that kind of action and on tweets and -- so it's just crazy there's a huge hunger for edited comer -- While you've become a hotbed of a celebrity there you're right I -- -- -- On his coattails but also there let's talk about some of the others the rock Dwayne Johnson. Is there to promote his new film Hercules which is in theaters today he said. -- told told us though that this didn't quite stand up that such a big budget movie. Now he was he came as a as a big surprise it was for the Paramount -- Paramount didn't say exactly what they were bringing to comic -- so all of the lights go down and all the sudden she walks -- he's standing right next and he walks in in the -- in one of the entrances where the stands usually walk and walks the crowd everybody's kind of screaming and excited he gets onstage and then he doesn't really know what to do -- -- -- -- prepared. Usually the thing like this they bring footage of the film he didn't bring any footage. He made an announcement about showing the film to fans in -- here in San Diego a huge show it to them for -- And -- that was kind of it -- it kind of fell flat he didn't really noticed. People were yelling at him questions from the audience he was responding but the whole crowd all 7000 people. Couldn't hear what was being yelled at him and -- -- repeated it was a very ought five minutes on stage. Weird hash tag awkward bears the fifth straight yeah -- look at him there. Movement tells Jason you also gotta look at this new trailer for -- a movie a lot of people are talking about right now inter stellar. A space travel film about finding a new planet is to support human life stars Matthew McConaughey. What can we expect from that what you see. That was another big surprise after this awkward Dwayne the rock Johnson appearance -- -- the -- The other big surprise nobody knew he was coming it was his first comic con as well so he comes on the show a little bit of this this trailer and the trailer -- believe. Nobody seen yet we a whole lot about the move because there's a lot of secrecy surrounding it this is Christopher Nolan is first post Dark -- thing and then Matthew McConaughey talks about. Film talks about how he met Chris Bernal and their first meeting was three hours of talking about nothing basically just hanging out you do need to know there was really a movie involved. And then. Matthew McConaughey brings out Christopher Nolan another big surprise and surprisingly he's never been to comment on either the got. In the Dark Knight and its inception -- so many fan boy and girl type movies has never been either so there is a huge I mean that the crowd erupted. They talked about the film for a little bit we get a -- details but you can -- it'll be out November so we can all see that. Hey there's always a first time for everybody -- -- remember -- absolutely -- that's -- It is it sabres also asked about Ben Affleck who is promoting his -- actually filming his film Batman vs Superman right now Detroit. I understand he made a bit of an appearance there in San Diego but that wasn't actually there. Person. Now there's a picture of him a new picture of Doug Hampton as -- you know in the new Batman Superman movie as seen it as Batman and Warner Bros. has their panel tomorrow so we'll see we don't know if -- actually the year we know they've been shooting and usually when a film and shoot -- they can come and bring some footage. Excite the fans and get a lot of buzz going so think a lot of people are expecting to see him or at least some footage from the film will -- tomorrow. Let's hope he has something to say when he gets on stage there contended that any State's right leg the other team today or yesterday. Had absolutely how another big trend though -- past three years obviously film adaptations. It's been taking these young adult novels Hunger Games be one of those have become huge hits now. And as you were telling me one of the big budget. Two films right now on the docket is the giver remember -- -- -- eighth grade. Sure are different is this film different from the other just -- in John film. It's interesting about this film is that this film is coming after films like Hunger Games and divergence -- things like that. But this book actually preceded it and was the inspiration for the authors who wrote those films of this is the original but they couldn't get it made. Until the book came out 1983 -- believe they. Jeff Bridges has been trying to get this made for twelve years he wasn't able to you but then because of the success of the Hunger Games and those films he's now able to get this -- looks like it's riding on the -- but really it was the one that started it all. And so Wilson remains to see that the audiences are you know kind of wary of at this point -- they really are divergent didn't do so well as the Hunger Games but maybe this book because a lot of people -- -- a lot of people read it when they were kids in eighth grade. We'll see if it has you know some staying power Jeff Bridges was really high on it and he's happy finally got this movie -- Hey count me in as one very excited about that elements are great film into the waiting for some time but. Out moving on the you have really bizarre interview with Betty White William Shatner. There's should. I'll be involved there -- for this. It's the most epic Sophia that I think -- ever happened your column on that I've taken pictures Stan Lee in interviewed a bunch of people but this was one of them the biggest -- I think of a comic -- ever they were here for TV land in its Donald is on was they are also Betty White and William Shatner. There are promoting their shows on TV land and I was told. If you want to come over you can get a couple minutes with them by the time everything actually happened. I think I got maybe a grand total of one minute with all three of them they were sitting down William Shatner is in a wheelchair which I didn't. Realized that that was the case I don't know if it's a chronic problem more he just -- his leg or something I was gonna ask him if he was gonna do Dancing With The Stars but I think it's pretty apparent that he's not going to and I asked the clintons they. -- -- I asked him -- he feels like he's the king of something like this because of his Star Trek notoriety and he comes to something like this and he's mobbed and everybody loves and he said it's got a feel like the king and this is Mike brown and pointed to the wheelchair. That I got to talk to Betty White for two seconds -- asked -- if she's a geek or -- for anything. As she kind of -- looked it means that -- be anything you want me to be. And then she did answer the question now and said that she's a geek -- nerd for animals she loves animals. Adopting animals that's been her -- cause so when it comes to you her panic which she geeks out about it's all about the animals little cats and dogs. And that's an incredible pictures certainly a professional milestone for you and no doubt Jason. There had -- -- 150000. People like Herbert going to be on its crazy still two more yeah sounds. You're gonna hang around I think -- Sunday but what do that in the big -- we can expect to see next couple days here. -- Today is very excited fall or -- panels for the Walking Dead end game of drones those -- the big -- big things here. And it almost overtaken used to be a lot about the movies but now it's really a lot about TB as well so walking that -- game drowns out the panel sure we'll get some spoilers for the new season and then tomorrow on Saturday. It's all about Warner Bros. what are they gonna do are they gonna bring that members of Superman and then -- -- Nice to kinda close things out Saturday night it's all about marble what's gonna happen are they gonna bring the avengers the gonna show footage from -- of all -- they -- talk about these new movies that they've announced. That they're booked until 2019. Five or six new movies but they haven't told us what they'll be I expect we'll hear a little bit about that. All right and we will be waiting with -- you know it bated breath ABC's Jason Nathanson a star in his own right breaking down. Fantasy -- -- action from comic had reported thanks a lot Jason have a great weekend. I all right this has been an ABC news digital special report on Devin -- Washington you can keep up with all the latest on comic -- in real time -- downloading. Our ABC news -- -- the story for exclusive updates on the go. For now on Devin Dwyer Washington think so much for watching have a great day.

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{"duration":"9:01","description":"ABC News' Jason Nathanson reports the latest on celebrity sightings and upcoming releases from Comic-Con 2014.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"24719181","title":"Summer Blockbusters Previewed at Comic-Con","url":"/Entertainment/video/comic-con-2014-summer-blockbusters-previewed-24719181"}