Common, Andra Day perform 'Rise Up' with Baltimore choir

The Cardinal Shehan School choir went viral for its incredible rendition of "Rise Up," and now it gets to perform the song with the pros on "The View."
7:20 | 11/13/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Common, Andra Day perform 'Rise Up' with Baltimore choir
I'm CN Catholic school went viral made over forty million viewers believed. With knock out performance some on today's hit rise up and I couldn't think that would ban a birthday gift to us all then having them here today. So here to perform rise up and stand up for some band. I'm the students from Guatemala Baltimore's cardinal she and Catholic school. Watch what happens. You broke in down and inside. Advancement a man need to. You can find anxiety. C day 88. 3COM. Again. A. The team. Blue lot. Glad. OK. I. And yeah. Okay. You didn't. Eighty. Out this instance and you went. And a man. But it. It's just Benson who. Is now limp. Now about two oh lead to that Hindi. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think when you can't stop my. Reach down inside when his name is name. Yeah. Yeah. We. Yeah. Got them. That hadn't quite the morning finally I don't know. When you don't cry I went yeah. Continental and U you very much because he didn't know my name on the lack. Not that I shall we started hitting emotional and yeah yeah I'm I don't know. All the more you wanted to meet these kids ask the day he saw an Nvidia and sell. What does it do. For you as a performer I ask you the same questions when you realize. That in fact do not really singing and avoid that you're singing and touching the and moving kids forward what's that Y. Hey you know what it's so emotionally it's overwhelmingly my friend first time in the video I just cried and I think particularly their such a light in. What's becoming a darker time right now and I think. I think what it did is it just reminded me like it's so much bigger than myself I and so much bigger than us all the time and so it's you know I I'm just as moved hearing anyone else particularly them sing the song and it's bigger than just my voice it's the message you know. I'm looking the most important message on and drought on drought want people take away from stand -- on these are accidents are is that that's a hundred hello hello and I. Was Moses ones they have we weren't there will be again. At the ready Chad and I nearly as more people about to note that they are empowered to stand for where evidence there are no loans. You don't have to be entertain than to stand us then enough for each other's. What we have four to be honest and whether it's women's rights and where this human rights where there's. Black and brown justice education. Spend enough podshows and we just want people to stand up it's and just say this that is dark times but is really likes because we can all stand up for each other would love. And that's really just the message other solid. Students from all kiwanis cloudless day and Catholic school. I want to thank I'm today and comment I want to thank this crazy woman Jennifer live. I thank all of you watching and in the audience for celebrating my birthday and remember. We celebrate because so many people didn't live to always celebrate your birthday have you got wants. Have a great day.

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{"duration":"7:20","description":"The Cardinal Shehan School choir went viral for its incredible rendition of \"Rise Up,\" and now it gets to perform the song with the pros on \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"51120675","title":"Common, Andra Day perform 'Rise Up' with Baltimore choir","url":"/Entertainment/video/common-andra-day-perform-rise-baltimore-choir-51120675"}