On a Costume Hunt at New York's Comic-Con

ABC News' Charli James, Michael Rothman and Walt Hickey chat with costumed characters at the comics convention in New York.
27:09 | 10/06/16

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Transcript for On a Costume Hunt at New York's Comic-Con
And as it back here at your coming on thanks for sticking with us through that little technical issues there's not a million people all of that inherent negative about it manner and art. Little that is in its signal there but as saying we're gonna start off today I was a little bit of distance are so much of what people come here or is you. The other cost him island lots of comic related stocks that we're getting you know little to. Aren't just what the setup is here and we're gonna stop some people on we've seen some pretty great loss. Now again it was gentlemen of the dead pool with a suit on which is original scene. And it's on Star Wars cost news always great Spider-Man coxnews. That would stop any great cuisine. And. And great super hurled through. Yeah. And these these commencement grilled them or classes. Again. Transition. I think we're covered to the daily political predicament you. And and accident at an open for about an hour and a half eaten end it's already act here but just this weekend. A body that led to single a walk and. A lot gazelle like popcorn and fresh carpet and it's a bathing. That smell coming. Solved as we're getting a look around the convention center Mexicans are talking about the shows that are going to be gauges me again. We were saying we just we're just living the marble booths. After the success of the cage but he is iron fist this weekend which is another anticipated show from net flex. We got classics like archer and then big huge hits and stealing the Walking Dead so. Cassel be fair fans line up for hours in advance the kind of get into the the panels and asked their their favorite actors questions. Ever happened to you talk a little bit more about what the activities are here because people. Come not just seeing him for the violence but there's actually a lot of activities and promotional stop the gun on him. There's a time so. We mentioned the panels the panels are usually the big big ticket items but there you really have to commit thing if you're gonna go to a main stage panel. You have to be there one point two arrogant and sit on the floor waiting for a and that's got like Adam West as they've written about men do I mean I don't think we're gonna try that takes it so hard to get into. But then there's also there's there's exhibitors. There's bond an ethics bureau its Unix to deviate away from Star Wars. There's stick to waving the evenings he claimants to. And then a huge thing and and I think this directly how it started out with conventions let's be ought to graphics you know there's hundreds of stars big names. We were in the marble earlier and we've all kind of freaked out when they set at 5 o'clock Stanley was going to be signing yet. We realize that we with the the conference in the very using his nomination conference through ABC judging center and Stanley production room yes. Again stars big and small here. Up and down when it comes to the artist's life and performers moment I think it no viewer interest in a lot of the movies the devouring this particular coming up. Yes there's going to be positive look Power Rangers is multi generational this language is really make me feel old and sad Charlie Black thing right there. Heavy that night he shows they're gonna have guys. Like Walter Jones and dust mother original cast is that you could have the movie that's coming up next here. And that's over the weekend to have the new actors in the new suits and then. They sometimes dropped trailers and clips and Maltese what's it Shiites really at passing him the Power Rangers but on one might say I'm really boring moment and this here New York City I'm not. What all 60000 people showed up to the city. So yeah it's there's so much did you hear something for everybody and that's why I think that we do calm because. I think people come in particularly for one thing where they wanna get an autograph or. And a lot of us at the cost impacts me aren't you returning nearly every look over here this pulpit is just about patterned fabric and it adamantly wrapped around. Costumes here because it's not all only about comic. It's also a ballot. The idea of other causes plague constantly and dressing up theory got them like fun cracked true. Outfit that also have like these Captain America buttons this play on the Wonder Woman. Positive now that these are big branch ground. Style. Costs down going to characters in his articles I've ever seen as the book here's the man who robbed and take rats take care. A lot about the cost him. This kind of just goes to show its there's music coming in now. This shows the show that the budding industry that comes you know convention man. And cost plan I mean this is something that is truly original and inspired by his degree here and it crosses you know. Boundaries not just like that as well I think the schools. Coming on main street then again I'm way is like it's not. If people don't like court heat coming need guidance not see us you know you. Comic fans. It's got deadly on main street look ultimately management is beyond I'm like yeah. Intense security and take a look ahead at the rest of the field right obviously there's a ton of in DC and marvel movies making it big dent television as well. But also like it's the only independent houses he concealed people who work on this and would hear you exceeds the broad diversity of man's accounting on. It we're not even talking strictly domestic abuse and events adding we have. Because and another injured. Asheville area is coming night and presenting this stuff fuses and become a larger phenomenon is strictly does that make him. In a lot of them French comic. That's that's rerouting. And they. Outside. You mention that he hates noise there's actually look lightning an obstacle course re actually running a check them to check this out. The people taking videos and pictures the that he ain't white parent. Star or malaria campaign. And and others play the obstacle course. It's hanging out no lightning in calling him my hair. Telling him that the iPad. I think though wolf is rounding. This hero co-founder. To come talk to us about these lines. The love they have co-founder Everett Gary he's gonna talk to them. I'll pass off line. Hi everybody I'm here without them he's the co-founder experience here again behind the DD displays and then abandoning means dispatched here. We'll bring tell and here's an economic. I mean we love comic con for one but you know show off her new force band and I knew battle battle worn BBA. Does not done so about a one mediate but if you have a meeting that we offered from war is really clean that is not parity. We wanted to when that movie like that we'd be dirty it up as a looks like that perfect new. I'm and then we relieve the fourth man. Which lets you control it it is using the power of the Boston man. And ridiculous. The battle warned in an. Right here is they have battle worn BBA with the new charger in the course and make them and collectible box office special edition. And basically it's that people can that the realistic version of beating her home in the video game. I'm and then yeah we're gambling enforcement here today which is gives you the power control of your UK along with a few other high games that are just about the worst. This hasn't been a big year for the company ran over the course of maintenance on that looks like them back after that would be jobs in this and Tom it's crazy it's. This we've done all the compounds now in every time it's really really crazy it's overwhelming. Coming out highly transformative for our company we went from. Forty people to 200 people. They saw a few. This is one of the most anticipated. That cannot parent the parent and unfortunately it came out and everybody wanted to and now they about a battle lines. A dirty birds and that's that it is eight. Scrap that deviate and members of the media exit now down the stairs the day after Christmas and it's hard to balance right now of the inning of an album but it's the government. At the risk lodging. Usable hours. I think we're a strong game. If you don't recall last year we were the. Get me I had lived in Atlanta and thinking went art apparently did not. Wearing her legs and Aaron our god our hot. Which we haven't had to harm them mom. It did not realize that we aren't married it. Manhattan for an hour not husband and I actually on your older more mature even you. I'm thinking thank you have a tenant daily. And I midfielder border hood that's out of the missing during breaking news at all times. He'll have my word got out in a lot element. Check out something on him walking around. Wait a second I had big latest Beckett is this who Walt was supposed to be there are left. So that is hop. Sky news. And it's there was violence that I we'll we are O'Brien. They had to say you guys know this is really not informative but it's mostly just. Putting shame on wall for not wearing him out things. Yeah. Let's we find some. Housewares show live mine. I looked up buzz here. Log on to go still and Jonathan NN. And unlike the song it well you guys you guys are live on ABC right now. That is these somewhat homemade thousands these look like there's. Yeah that's right though we that's the plants and the Internet at mastermind he's the anti anti gun record. And I can't we build these couple years ago. Publicly. Again what. Yeah its. Mine took us about a year over electric want to might begin. Under his supervision you've done it before. On your thinking. For start diminishing rapidly that hear me now Michael and an old car is laying constantly air replacing and upgrading. Making it work I'll call. It's it's a never ending running things and it's impressive what compels you to do it. Let's look out of an obsession. I'd watch that movie like every day roadway when you're talking tell us like. Grade school to be watching the virtues. I knew everywhere. It's just like. It was the epitome much confidence. I felt compelled to Baywatch. And how many comic con kinsey as find every opportunity at any cost him re going to be our comic on every year it is our. Six. Yeah. Hierarchy of the cost him like that he called egg hunt obviously took awhile and leg up again what is going to bite. Is that they're putting that person get ready now that you can I. But the only way to get it was only. I'm like that tiger is back on the. It ran from the editor fire and make it and Lincoln were packed here costs and you know today is exactly what your needs counseling and continuing. Paying out front seat I'm not there are other and winning. He walked by some other you know fellow ghost busters and they're not quite up to snuff like you. Apparently had it'll. I mean they're on their way you know I got into my birth. Comic aren't here like edit out all my stuff up it's not like the Martin act is right on mob bent on that would probably done it might again you know I didn't have a electronics built in. It's like unite the perhaps that you know and sell it back. Saying this is really cool. That was legitimately have capability I believe the actual business. Can't believe they've built this my hand and it's very impressive. And that's and they got so much unthinkable or not you got my. One thing they do it adequately. Maybe you guys Obama Girl and. Respect and respect. Our posse on the mountains really fun. You never know I ran into economic Andrei. So it's that's. Like got these nozzles and doing belied days and I'm. Crying line. There's no carrier and an angry I'm lying cats inside it's very scary for cutting that they'll do yeah and then it won't. The that's vcast in the coming on it yet. Yeah I answered the image folks are inside it what you look at alerted him to see you. He's looking for and I bags areas like bank continues Knight aid that is great comments and is looking to create great stuff. Sockets and I'm Brian Cabell O'Neal's it's not like my the last man. Item off. Besides I don't I think he's aware of it about now. Little wherever you. Let's let wolf live anything that's gonna dress you slighted that you were gonna address. We're just NS problem right now it's something and I got nothing about a law it is. Again it's it was the Republican candidates he looked at today evening. I didn't just come to prepare for today is sort of like same alliant. Very taking an alliance where does running around frantic late at night but ceiling immediately insane. Yeah Michaels. It. I don't like the teacher wearing hoods and live. Yeah. The thing into the Atlantic. I think and snowing. Robots will and the mystery guy. And it's coming. Are right. On the com. Jack. I. I know. Linemen. Jack and NATO event. Which it and I can elevate art and without. No which Star Trek crew member are. There. And I doubt he's there is any that we can do. You wanted to go to works needling what do we do right now. When you got in the end back. That's in Maine and night night. And I guess and I once again. NBC news. Back it was on. Aren't even hit my didn't like art and well yeah. There is all I am I after the whole family it's cute downstairs and if the navy there's late favored trading. There is not sever it. There's a budget cuts confidence but they're separate ones just for young kid netting aged six to ten war. Or around there and wandered there love your little thing really really funny things not mean. There's obviously bundled video games there. Book signings is that dislike. Family friendly thing you can do so it once again this lake is offering something up every night. Here you see another and Pakistan atomic scientists crying out they're new games are new versions of little games in the summer of England set up. Mason like that's where. Meet mom and ends dry out again third test out new versions of it that's another. This actually Hollywood at Harris looks like. That's assassin's creed now. There. Movie coming out today later this year or next series star Michael Fassbinder I think that's that's under right there. I think we're seeing a bad. Arm over there. You know. Mom and I got out lives are on the rated against a candidate John McGee wearing characters in games he is here strong at your. I mean these are amazing though again technology changing as the shows change. These greedy pretty bottles are just beyond amazing and it looks like. It won't kind of agrees there are crowding around. And an act because all day to block. They wanted to question and I borrow 650 dollars from F. Yeah I don't see any it's not that its mind yet about what again. That's an important announcement it ultimately it's been since we're here now. Right in the dining room table. Now this Saturday at. Golden mile and political we thought it would Batman it's Batman. Well no Charlie James atlas and. I. We are very scary don't always have here it's also about these novels. Well they'll be back in season union's. Biggest break something and it doesn't it benefited him. I didn't break. It. By. What. I'm like more than 600. It isn't us. But it but it and that it it minus she's interviewed. Area. Battery that we know that. The older batteries die he is once again. RA. I finally I keep moving it's. Not as losers become announcement. Also wonder. As we all ourselves. And it's here so plotting a very old. Wolf this is really gets our government has the as they wandered to the outskirts. So these seeing. I want to saving a bumpy go thus far is it bad that he's Superman if these suicide squad. Wonderment does look good I'm starting baton Donna just as going on. Yes I've seen enough overtime if it is at fourth and I felt slowly. In delayed the. That's later brings healing arts and doesn't unite them. He's eating it fantastic acting a scene. Billionaire Edgar and that this is an initiative to look kind of went out as far back as the country to want me. Of that so we've seen it it's big marvels at rather solid runs of RTC as one of them coming in and many movies aren't everything it. And accountable amounts the with DC they haven't had a bit of the company from but it is going to really didn't look around today and see that they're still absolutely in the senator's conversation and it's been seen in our league wins all day long because it was and it's my. It was a fantastic vehicle for mark European. And they get all this individual Aaron. Zero points. Ehrlichman was probably the most popular you know actors at least not hearing coming on on them I haven't seen and an evening ABC hit against saturation point now that he's he's not at school. Seems to be a mean this lieutenant defeat my thanks they've been right here balancing a budget that schools and that pulls out the huge hit this here and he listens as lives. I would they would they hit but it with a big blockbuster movie the maybe it's not so needs anymore and it's not in that where needs an all hands. But any dad they give you. Are really dark and you and personality there's always kind of. Line not an island and the lying that brought it. I am not thinking that's not at all it cost event lady Indians has just wrapped. In his us early Thursday Adams and of the evening and things went maybe I'm hearing it anywhere. DCs and him again and opening night. I don't seem to be spending items. Because its top selling actors in the east line. I wonder what it. Hasn't given up all eyes on Capitol Hill let's visit H into the entrance they have a lot of people coming in and hanging out here to show off their cost him out. So we can wander a little bit odd years and this Iron Man out of here. There's days up the and all of the puppy it's just that nothing and. And we've seen it. We've seen a lot of earning every day that they obviously took it on down. And that Don. Obviously focusing on now is influencing comic con is well it's you know. Giant life size being hit ceiling now at dog eat him. And there's the classic bad men in front of us think and yes he says Ali and plastic that evening Hilan of lake. Tango and I was. It's art about is there. Michael let me. Pleasure and that could mean any pictures that are read. Yeah I don't know. Batman vs Superman stuff as they guesses as to get people don't look at it but you know them. Sixty news and the first time we ever going out together you're in my past that I picked up checkpoints to connect Kennedy in and out running around. I think. Actually Superman. You know. Guess it's tickets went into the big the big bad place. Which was pretty cool it. It was it was eight glorious minutes as wall is putting out are there at the fantastic. The second price of admission for me I would Baghdad see the late season. Versatility. We were bag guys single handedly. Automatic rifles and never doubted you for a second and I guess that the couple things get a bill. And and to come a time along the coming at this convention. I guess about twelve years. I don't make every year which we at you have to watch my empire. Billion dollars. But everyone smiling and there's there's. Let's bring a good thing if this a piece together a homemade costume. Make custom made the whole thing myself top to bottom soup to nuts every year I do something different. That it would boot I was going to very sleep. Little more armored doing. That's Jerry added actually. Forty feet of that line. Stated that they honor and I usually grappling with here. But convention rules stage you know no weapons and it's. Is that David machete put together and credit it looks very custom. It's actually carbon fiber underwriter with like there's been an accident classic at Princeton and principal thing. Literally like mindedness. Cast your real name. It or not they have night like this Charlie. Do you have any like Kate Lindsay didn't show I'm. That was Charlie is version of the red cover question what are you wearing. What if. Those the pleasures that are. Thank you very very much as half way. And pilot of the mom and yeah and it's and a lot of them and I love the band. All things. That's a problem he was an insect Dave's news as gun to bring sitting here come and gone. All that's. The customs Incredibles but it. What went into creating it. Just load Grafton soul in. No armor. Home while some patients. Telling him working on this illegal loans. They from the very sorry and aren't upstate New York. That's fields. Assessor Chris Callahan. And on about ten years now. Do you Johnson and just not good days are Constance in the last six years we decides on the costumes and just in the white. Some quotes about recruits of the divisions boss go. Thank you so much for your time this is that really credible passing. In concert tickets and notice. And we get them Thorman. At. And thank you Adam and act now and they get show labor Irving is as they do that. This is it wherever I want and there's a lot of place where people can peacock a little then snow off the Austin. Let it and arrogant Siebert crowded. And it's right in this area's rate he a lot of a lot of panic selling its CE and it cost him the group over here. Being on the second floor of the like seen things they yeah an overview.

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