Counting Crows Front-man and Music Blogger Ryan Spaulding

Curators of 'The Outlaw Roadshow,' a free 3 day concert series during CMJ.
4:49 | 10/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Counting Crows Front-man and Music Blogger Ryan Spaulding
-- city CMJ music marathon we'll have people paying upwards of 500 dollars for our five day all access badge Counting Crows frontman Adam directing music blogger friend Ryan Spalding. -- -- -- -- That time -- year -- the outlaw erodes the returns to New York hitting in the fourth consecutive year. If you're running for three straight David Bowery electric Thursday Friday Saturday October 17 -- -- tonight. Gallery -- is always in the free show. Anything that will now -- Joining us today at the master minds behind the alar -- -- -- under -- and Ryan Spalding. Tell us about the -- Well it's it's -- free show and -- that we don't we -- years ago. During the interview which was -- about twenty minutes went for about two and a half hours and we became friends after that -- to talk on the phone all time about. Just stuff in life and music and and then we just started. Putting on these shows that Iran was already putting conscious. But we started doing says it's not our southwest Tennessee MJ here in in. New York and start work here and there you -- -- expanded to three days this year and we just in by eight. The best. Just great indie bands from all over the country in the world and they come -- and they play its -- show everything get in and we just we're just trying to expose lot of really cool bands of people. Thirty man they're -- finding and who gets to show its monthly -- and what all you can explain that had -- I mean it's. You know and all this is labor flow from him what we do is we put together -- -- you wanna see. So it's you know some of the people are come to us because -- percolating up and they cut to the point where -- accurate and other bands like me. You know we need people on the road and you know we put some of these fans in on -- showcase -- -- you know we're last last summer was yellow roadshow tour. We put the billions in -- -- -- -- is that you know are doing the same thing in communities across the country you know these type of bands are everywhere but. But it just seems that people were putting them in the -- that we wanted to see so we decided what -- -- we'll do it ourselves. And what's what's resulted is a great community of musicians and and fans that just keep coming back together and it's. At this point you know three to have for years -- -- -- we're we're doing pretty well with us. -- and what's it like being on the other side. -- music well it's it's not unfamiliar. I mean. You know thing that really resonates means when you start out euros part of a senior -- -- -- -- yourself when you're playing has seen in my keys in San Francisco. And Berkeley where there are a lot of other bands we have all these -- peer group. Your friends -- -- thinking you aren't sure it's scary whether you when you do your life but. It's a really great thing and I mean you get signed and it's weird how much else evaporates. And there's no peer group -- -- that's when a hand programs and it is never really appealed to me. I -- good how much admits that over the years and when making friends of -- and just immediately in our conversations. I -- bands over Twitter other other -- other other like musicians. And writers who we jobs became friends and and we start putting on the road shows. I mean it was looks like. It's become like a weird clubs like apparently bands are really proud of him part of it and the finding the other bands -- -- -- Two -- it's been pretty cool that's on the community. -- it's very much as -- communities many surprise finish downy thing and you always great man's filling out is when we're gonna play one -- I just -- gonna play another -- in -- -- he is one of the owners of power electric he's an old friend of mine and we decided we have like. Some people -- into the night -- I think you know -- little -- -- -- any three nights performing what about the recordings to India. We're going in December we've been spending a lot of time my Amazon town -- -- -- me writing last month. And they're gonna stay after. She endgame -- more we're going -- studio in December Berkeley and we don't agree that some very happy there. I've got ask you this. I know Ryan you're aware of this you know you have very big fans out there have you seen that -- -- let's take a look pretty good paying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that cost or -- Minor League Baseball stadiums and they enough when we gave you doesn't -- yeah. I don't know I'm not I'm -- -- that the death. Pilots and Ryan great to -- you ranks falling out under its congratulations on your show that block blood and become -- I don't know how anyone and many who I can show up and deep down -- door. Our electric free show in the -- And thinking.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Curators of 'The Outlaw Roadshow,' a free 3 day concert series during CMJ.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"20591807","title":"Counting Crows Front-man and Music Blogger Ryan Spaulding","url":"/Entertainment/video/counting-crows-front-man-music-blogger-ryan-spaulding-20591807"}