Couple Who Fostered 92 Kids Hope to Adopt Child From Africa

Part 2: Jessica and Jason Neal receive a special message from Emmanuel, whom they plan to bring home.
4:27 | 11/28/14

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Transcript for Couple Who Fostered 92 Kids Hope to Adopt Child From Africa
? As we just saw, caring for seven children, five of them adopted, and dealing with medical issues has not kept the neals from St. Cloud, Minnesota, from wanting to expand their family even more. We've done foster care for 92 kids, and we are waiting to adopt one from Africa. With significant financial challenges, they know waiting and worrying about little Emmanuel is about all they can do for now. What they don't know is that help has just come knocking. I'm gong to take you up on your invitation, may I come in? What was it like to hear your children say they're grateful that you two are their parents? To hear those words, thank you for adopting me, it's a pretty big gift. Do you really feel as a family this is what you were meant to do? Yeah, and not that it's anything that big. We're just living our lives and walking through the doors the lord opens. And each opportunity has presented itself and we have prayed about it and walked through that. So we have just a few surprises for you. We know providing for a family like this isn't always easy. So, General Mills and your local grocery store, coborns -- a $300 gift certificate. Okay. But no, this is not the only one. They are giving you 67 of these for a total of $20,000 of free groceries. Are you kidding me? Do you see all of these? Yes! That's insane. Wow, thank you! And we know your family is getting larger. That's what your hope is. You've met sweet Emmanuel. And he has a little message for you. He has a message for us? What? Yes! You ready? You want to gather round and see? He is waving hi. He's got a sign. Oh, my goodness. Papa Jason! Papa Jason. Yeah! That is incredible. Yes. Wow. I don't even know what to say to that. We understand that you are $15,000 shy of the adoption money that you've been trying to raise. So we are very happy to say to you that the thank you America bank is giving you a check for $20,000 so you can bring your son home to be here with you in St. Cloud. Wow. That is insane. Will this help you bring Emmanuel home? Yeah! Yeah. We have one more thing here. Because we know when you bring your son home, you're going to want to celebrate. You're going to want to have some fun. So maybe, Josie, you can help me with this one. What did you dress up for Halloween, who were you for Halloween? Mickey mouse. You were Mickey mouse for Halloween? Oh, my goodness, I wish I could have seen that. Oh, hey, could Y go get the door? It's Mickey mouse! Are you serious? Yes, it's Mickey! Aw, Mickey. Thank you for making the trip here to St. Cloud. Mickey knows that you would like to meet all of his friends. So, Neal family, you're going to Disney world! You're all going to Disney world! Four nights, five days -- you're going to go to all four theme parks. You're going to stay at a Walt Disney world resort. It is going to be vip Disney style. Thank you. So what do you say to Mickey? Thank you!

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"Part 2: Jessica and Jason Neal receive a special message from Emmanuel, whom they plan to bring home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"27228176","title":"Couple Who Fostered 92 Kids Hope to Adopt Child From Africa","url":"/Entertainment/video/couple-fostered-92-kids-hope-adopt-child-africa-27228176"}