The Crowdfunding Campaign to Save Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers

ABC News' Karen Travers goes to the National Museum of American History to see why people are donating to save an old pair of shoes.
7:15 | 10/19/16

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Transcript for The Crowdfunding Campaign to Save Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers
What can adequately illustrate tank. Is no place like room as him pay his let it go. That did not do anything probably mice are super boring into the black heel I mean Karen Travers would be easy digital. And we're here at the Smithsonian American history museum to check out. Northeast ruby red slippers from the iconic movie the wizard of so right and here. Yeah yeah hero. Beautiful hair and eyes one of the most popular attraction in this museum but. Bouncy and daring eat a little bit of a six and Smithsonian is asking you the American public to help them out and get. So let me bring in writing instrument is the curator. There are there. And in the end to talk a little bit about what's going on with issues and let me Smith. So. Fearful thing. They eat for the movie but it's that there's no I didn't choose to meet in the and they got. Fifty commercially available she. You know anywhere eleven dollars and a lot of the time besides diet and these were purchased they were dyed red and the secrets replied I. Rob Portman. So they were supposed to last for the filming of the movie. Put away in the front. It wasn't until 1970 does level it takes an anonymous bidder bought an option donated them to us in nineteen. They've been on display ever since here GM GE anonymous bidder even in the next 151000 dollars and 96. That would a little bit. How are a little. But that was sort of the heart that this Hollywood memorabilia market adams' house. Part of it is the memory it was a class and of these movies that kind of shaped our American Identity but he reported that they've been on display yourself you think tens of millions of visitors. Links him last evening season gas. You can't look at. ET given in the movie they were beautiful it was such. Key part of it I mean every little girl he's seen this movie probably had a pair of ruby red slippers at some point I dead. Love clicking my heels and tried to get home to you can think they're really not crazy pretty mean what what's the company went on the UC. So you know you're in the museum business and our enemies are always play time oxygen humidity the kinds of things that can help deteriorate especially costs in its aggressive time. So what we've done as you know what we do with any object we try to keep in good shape and he's really doesn't care nothing else this museum and besides star spangled banner has. It so we wanted to do was make sure that future generations to Stevens over its. Kick start it was a great great restaurants my immediate conservation. Cleaning and Alice this and a stabilization. To make sure that those same movie. But then also we wanted to use state of the art taste and protect them from right from humidity constant temperature changes. So it's really going to be you know this sort of iconic status it's happening in the case that things. Yeah times. They are angry let's talk about it. Keep starter. Crowd sourcing. Testing and he can't. To raise 300000. Dollars the starting on Monday just days after my second minutes ago are you a 161000. Dollars so. Pretty overwhelming public reaction. You really want to jump in the cost so much. Well you know these are highly trained people who do this ordinance that we illumination of the best ever. Sir Icahn's American history and it was advised Americans carry jail it's over those people remember watching this friends and family. Holidays and all that it means people we won a nation that's your. So they're essentially doing surgery and she. Who does that went into English and learn how to distribute red flavor in the class. Say yes of the skills that we have here vocal conservatives. And isn't just think they're not doing restoring refurbishing the slippers that conserving them which means that there. Kind of keeping the mess we are now stabilizing it and make sure that they really deteriorating. We're not adding anything new would have me previously personal guess is sort object to. Guarantee. This UK's ever gonna build. It's like almost the same good vision and into the it's going to be the best way to help them stay in. Okay thanks better bay news. The wonderful thing about as many museums are not OK and tell me. See everything that there is here to offer and you don't have to pay a large immigrant and so this is that the end is funded by the federal government why isn't something like this. Is it taxpayer money might have to raise 300000 dollars. Emergency yeah so any of these you know exhibits a special projects that we do like as we go to the outside after finding is that federal money doesn't cover everything. So this one case in which we didn't management corporation or go to a lone individual who wanted to give everybody the opportunity to feel some ownership and slippers because we all love him so much. So this is really a great way for people to do you know. To just pitch in one dollar 2000 dollars and 101000 dollars whatever you can afford to feel like you who are helping to save his and I. Treasures in the history so we're hoping that it's an opportunity for particularly involved. We do it. And it is a note that as we've been doing it people are gathering on the look this is one of the most popular tourist attraction that. Yeah you can tell us about that many have you seen it was a months. And the TV news and continued beyond the regrets the prison right in here. Everything I can't regulate. Inkling that can really angry. Yeah yeah. Right. So yeah. Well. Period ever time it was visitation. Yeah exactly on the sounds. So at that point will be able to do it when everybody who's in a concerted campaign along with the opposition. Of course anytime you think about this later got a lot of us. So really don't want to do it but we do automation to pick the best care possible for the generous. I didn't do anything to my stick around yeah. Yeah say they're not in the greatest. It's been a lot of time here on display but there's still. Naturally you wouldn't what do you think. Well you know they symbolize that sort of Hollywood glamour in the is that we all know and in 1939. Year that this movie came out was awesome god. A lot of other really. It was wonderful songs in the wizard of some important it's character and it stands in for everybody do sometimes donations. Understand and I have to make way out and you know he's going to rely on themselves fans can only so I think the slippers and for all that really magical. Yeah Henry and.

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{"id":42919506,"title":"The Crowdfunding Campaign to Save Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers","duration":"7:15","description":"ABC News' Karen Travers goes to the National Museum of American History to see why people are donating to save an old pair of shoes.","url":"/Entertainment/video/crowdfunding-campaign-save-dorothys-ruby-red-slippers-42919506","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}