LOCASH talks about the time they stole a U-Haul.
1:12 | 02/06/18

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Transcript for CRS Day 2: LOCASH
He started teaching dance that we're young we needed money and we did that at the wild horse and while we were doing now we elect or writing songs. Why don't we start. Putting. These dance lessons the city's other people's songs. Are. Really teach in the dance and then. After talking with dance the -- say okay now try to Islam and it is so we play arsenal that we just wrote. And they would dance to that we would sells. Take all the. So if you wanna it in line because because when people. Learn to dance the first song they hear and they dance to it they're like that's my go to salt now you not know what to do so we itself. Chips also. Likes that we've we would burn CDs on on a laptop in the DJ Booth Luce policies for five bucks. Now we which is right on it. The name of the dances. Then we'd sign in the wild horse. In the whole world money. Roared. It's. The manager came into the game on time and islets lie at through my body in front of the drawers there are full cash. And all five dollar bills lyrics troopers. And as though I'd I didn't admit to them Chris conflicted. Yes there are want to stay. With current.

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{"id":52883055,"title":"CRS Day 2: LOCASH ","duration":"1:12","description":"LOCASH talks about the time they stole a U-Haul.","url":"/Entertainment/video/crs-day-locash-52883055","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}