CRS Day 2: Luke Combs

Luke Combs talks about his college days feeling out of place before he picked up a guitar.
1:17 | 02/06/18

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Transcript for CRS Day 2: Luke Combs
In Gaza feel like I've been this shows where I feel like there's a wall between me and the person on stage like that's totally. Unrealistic thing that I'm watching and he should be gray the music can be grade or for whatever reason feel like there's but I'm watching them. I'm really you're not relieve air stage and so polished Marsha to be like. It's literally it's your right there. I'm right here in your living room. Do you in the saying it could just be me use their response people housing college knows. You know I like the guy that was supposed to be there you know and sometimes feel like that in this capacity now stands. Kind of get that Sampson. And can I wanted to be if I can do this you can use any pressure on your goodness. He faces two sold out nights and anybody can be anything so that's kind of I think I have that connection with my hands because ago and that's just a regular. There he could be the it works for McCain shop. Store. And he's. So I want I want to stay connected to those people because those people line here. And I think that Cotchery is the perfect. Opportunity to reach those people.

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{"duration":"1:17","description":"Luke Combs talks about his college days feeling out of place before he picked up a guitar.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"52879807","title":"CRS Day 2: Luke Combs ","url":"/Entertainment/video/crs-day-luke-combs-52879807"}