CRS Day 1: Morgan Evans

Morgan Evans talks about his first-ever NFL game, this year's Super Bowl.
1:42 | 02/05/18

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Transcript for CRS Day 1: Morgan Evans
Wow. Actor earth. Analysts feel bad saying it but it was in my office and organ. It's bill it was incredible incredible experience we go to bottom up by. The famine villains Kelsey recoba who also on and it felt pain. Hockey game and them the last minute and bought of course. For the S let's get this that Ayman veal spectacle it was meant to be we both were picked towns. It is made for TV that things it's not like. He's just template that's like that put down. It was cycle of what's on TV so many times. To see it from that laws angle and everything about the symbols spectacle and that's. It was right coming at liked the different states senate on two area machinery you're looking at hand from Vermont to its quality. Their news they'll it will run Lauren. And then ran in the crowded room pool its Q. Is coated. You know as some moments music and active people the idea of points. And science and on an amicable. Some ridiculous millions down. He did it's it's it's like sparring in inspiring in. And he's more like respects to pack has been along on and he steal. Clients level and down. And the hits that he played spans such a long gone as well. Crimea river. He Panetta now let's Madsen. In poppies ago that is. He's crushing.

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{"duration":"1:42","description":"Morgan Evans talks about his first-ever NFL game, this year's Super Bowl.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"52856978","title":"CRS Day 1: Morgan Evans","url":"/Entertainment/video/crs-day-morgan-evans-52856978"}