Cuba Gooding Jr. Discusses Oscars and O.J.

The co-hosts sit down with Cuba Gooding Jr. to talk about his role as O.J. Simpson.
8:17 | 02/09/16

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Transcript for Cuba Gooding Jr. Discusses Oscars and O.J.
Interior Walt take you back in time as OJ Simpson in the miniseries the people vs OJ Simpson American crime story. When I tell you it's riveting. It's ins it's amazing incident is the piece is amazing. And everything surrounding the trial of the century concluding that infamous. Slow speed bronco chase is in that I when I tell you it's outstanding. It's outstanding tekelec was clapping. I should die. Don't let it go down you. What do you. Is that the tip it home happy that that are. But I had such a beautiful family called it. Still got kids write about kids just. Thinking. Want to see a problem good after police in California. That might not let us I want Ed to. Well known committing just yeah. And if there is this is. Outstanding men and everyone who thinks I yeah I'm not do you want to see and you are getting exceptional reviews and I just want to know. When you got this did you think comment I don't know what about. You know. It's funny 'cause I was offered the film. Some cleaner got in Australia. He was gonna self finance this film about OJ Simpson's innocence rack and he sent it to my agents and I was like. I know these guys and it's been a bunch of money and you know. Getting their agenda across. Let's pass so we passed it. And a week later my agents go so Ryan Murphy wants to meet with you and I said I meant I don't care what it is a good weight related. You want the television story. There it is again. While I'm still in 'cause I'm such a fan and yes and that's why I'm here that really that was you know because as soon as an actor you can't judge you cared. Because the minute this you put an opinion on that character. You're gonna miss all the other well is that played a lot of meat with a OJ before the role that in the fact that I'm playing him flamboyant. He has them you know football marquee star looks like yeah I'm not now he's incarcerated broken. My husband and I watch that watch the first couple about it and I got to say. An all star cast watching really Sarah Paul said it. Eight John Travolta David do you David Schwimmer Courtney B. Vance and you talk about an all star cast had to things get. Why so many big names want to be a. Part of this miniseries you know I think it's jest it's something about Ryan Murphy's work that something about that that he you know he always fights to find the truth in every moment. I don't jaw and had talked to Spielberg and a bunch of people about if he should do the role because he had real apprehension about it and they were like yeah. Snow is a letter to sign up right I think well I don't know if he was the last but yet he was that he was a holdout. Well it is an American tragedy yeah. Yes it out this big it was a big story American story and yulia scene and the very first episode that you got really emotional about after you were done filming. You know what I'm talking about who completes our money out now because. When the truck I'm all never forget when they hate when that verdict was announced not guilty I cheered just like everybody else that there are house. Because I was like I don't give you did or didn't do it I just didn't want another black men are being railroaded by the polish. So we shot this see where OJ was. He has glasses on he's at the funeral and he could he kisses Nicole's court. And we did a few takes then we broke for lunch and I went to my. Trailer and I wept I didn't understand why I was crying so hard but I think it was because I felt guilt and shame for not. You know mourning the loss of these two people. No matter what do you think it is guilty of is innocent these are two families that was shattered and I really I felt embarrassed about how I did. You know I allowed myself to get caught up in the hoopla. That the court case in the racial tension of the time. But you know having sons and daughters now it's like it did just really. Don't you really are phenomenal in mess I enjoyed it so much we all remembering air Oscar winning. Role in Jerry Maguire did he and that's. Now has gone down in history of one of the best that acceptance speeches and I and I don't I don't remember what. Yeah. Anand. Yeah. I don't think you're right. I don't either I know I was under control and always yelling and screaming. I was on the control emotionally until I saw Will Smith stand up that I was like oh I'm I'm. Say they won't kick me out the stage of east and than everybody else did and it was like. I sent you at the Oscars that she area that you you've had a little bit to say about the controversy about the ask got Snow White but your thoughts. You know. It's I think the director of the Redmond said it best it's it's. Yeah all the awards shows in the end of the chain of events that happened when you do a production. Specially feature film I mean if you look at. The diversity on television that you look at our show timbers those it's like rainbow coalition of people because they're telling relevant stories. American stories that involve all of us not just one section. But again it's the end of the change the awards I think it starts with. You know the executive decisions on what stories that we we tell what and I truly believe what I want what they sent in I have only had done. And you know it's like you have to support the Academy Awards especially as a member I've been a member since ninety. 390 force that was two or three years before it was even nominated. I wanted to be a part of that institution and you don't end and aghast as racists everywhere but. It just demonized the members and think that these are the rebellious people that are. That are telling these stories yes the majority of them are white. And ill older but I still I still think that the decision was made prior to. You know deciding on what nominees we choose certainly wouldn't appoint content you would know I would not absolutely not you got Chris Rock coast it Abby yeah isn't as president notes there's no way to. It's not the right statement to make to boycott I think we need the support. This the show and I'm. I look in the tuxedo in the. In our audience AGI is. You don't know whatever you think you know you don't now all the characters that took part in this. They meant change sort of how we look at that judicial system. There's a whole lot that none of us knew about and your mouse willed and open you want to see events trust me you want to see best. Thank you Cuba for common the miniseries the food. Daon and thanks.

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{"duration":"8:17","description":"The co-hosts sit down with Cuba Gooding Jr. to talk about his role as O.J. Simpson. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"36813836","title":"Cuba Gooding Jr. Discusses Oscars and O.J.","url":"/Entertainment/video/cuba-gooding-jr-discusses-oscars-oj-36813836"}