Dana Delany Talks 'China Beach'

"China Beach" Season 1 and box set on sale now.
1:17 | 10/04/13

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Transcript for Dana Delany Talks 'China Beach'
I'm -- that was entertainment news popped. You try to reach -- what are -- season one has ever released on dvd. Well wonder no more because starts its series Dana -- stopped by to tell us why. Just -- scoop on a China Beach box. Candidates is not -- really isn't -- five years because of the music rights and thankfully Time Warner has come off but the debt load. Two by the law and -- finally -- me. You get interviews with the actors you get three dvds but it you get the box that. You get not only the fourth season. Lawler fifteen enough offensively you get ten feature at the Catholic mobile documentaries you get -- -- community cast and creators. And also attending school as you get this whole big box of photographs. Live around my favorite. -- -- Since the holidays are arriving never -- to shop for Christmas with. He has been -- let fat content he gets complete that or you can go to Costco and get his. Wal-Mart just -- one. A few minutes -- if --

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{"id":20475494,"title":"Dana Delany Talks 'China Beach'","duration":"1:17","description":"\"China Beach\" Season 1 and box set on sale now.","url":"/Entertainment/video/dana-delany-talks-china-beach-20475494","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}