David Chase, Bella Heathcote's New Film 'Not Fade Away'

The director and star talk about being inspired by the music of the 60's.
9:29 | 01/25/13

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Transcript for David Chase, Bella Heathcote's New Film 'Not Fade Away'
How can never talk to -- high school. He told. Municipal -- class once. You sizzling on the conclusion -- I really liked -- Again. We have a good voice. -- Thanksgiving Karen -- -- -- sang lead. The band sounded more of soulful and tonight. -- this is my opinion. It doesn't have a name yet -- latest idea. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's on your side. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn where we tell you what's happened and at the movies and there's a real happening right now called not fade away and written and directed by. David Chase and starring ballot -- code. And I very cleverly have invited both of them -- them to the show today. So who want to start by saying what not fade away -- He or she wants you had not being the rider or the direct yeah. Could be the one that now some too close to coax enough he's gonna do that he's -- just give me a hard time. I'm gonna say David it's really your story is then he's going to say. Other tell the truth and. Look I love this film and I feel like from -- it's kind of about this group of boys -- -- -- to -- -- following signs and -- never quite get. And then there's this this story is. The run alongside it that this incredible about aids families that just completely dysfunctional. And then the most normal relationship in the film I think it's between you know John and myself. The two kids. That -- this grant it's a realistic. The two kids you buying do you buy this explanations I do know that we look at that we'll have our work is let your hair done and -- -- do it. This can get -- it is all about. We see -- the posted there in a kind of magic marker that says from the creator of The Sopranos -- Now. When -- -- not fade away I don't see any sense of this -- until except for kings and the Phoenix presence. But he's not Tony. -- knows not these. Do you think that Ole miss -- Somebody when they come in to see this coming of age story and think they're going to -- that sopranos Gloria that was -- people who. You know I never thought about. I think juxtaposed with that picture I don't think there's any frame of this present looks like with. -- so -- you know. It was something else. I don't think it's going back confusing and in the movies not like that at all I mean except that it takes place in new -- about telling Americans to discuss James Gettelfinger. Otherwise there's nothing and there's also some music yet there -- some -- And needle -- That all happens to where he can you talk a little bit about the time that it said. It goes from and 1960. Well really in the movie goes from 1963. -- 1960 to do. From the summer of 63 to the winter -- early early spring of 1968. Which is time from four which for my money below the best music ever popular music ever made was created them. And that's who my real interest in music not so -- the sixties -- -- -- What is that music -- to you now you know that what was what was it you. I'm like I don't look at could have formulated at that time didn't. It just seemed so cool it just seemed really good and really deep -- I was you know for part of that time I was in college. Studying English literature and American literature -- I sometimes think I didn't get as much of that -- -- -- -- of between the buttons you know. I think what happened was African American music from the Mississippi delta. Became popularized through Chicago Chicago blues the British pick that up and then brought it back here. And and so it took American pop music and made it you know instead of songs about your car -- about your girlfriend. It introduced the things that people at that age in their late teens and early twenties are worried about which is they start to think about mortality. They start to think about who -- -- here they start to think about betrayal and work and sex at all that. And I think. The music search reflect that that it became a lot deeper than who. Well -- -- names but then that profit and -- -- well you. Are not part of that -- but you're growing up in Australia. What is this music means he was it ever part of you life this classic rock. It's so funny because John and Jack -- talking about -- yesterday and we'll grew up listening to that music. Parents until it and so we were brought up on it and I assumed by NI -- seemed that every one of my generation grew up listening -- this music because I think it's. -- incredible timeless music. A surprise some people went fortunate. Yeah I definitely grew up listening to an even away in Australia. Well there's a wonderful scene in the movie that's been commented on the -- where -- -- and John are in the movies looking at -- earnings below. Yet and where the music it was that a movie that you were familiar with before this I wasn't -- balance one -- the joys of working on this -- I got. -- -- films that wasn't. -- -- -- Could see so you were doing something -- this is a lesson as well what -- -- like a schoolteacher but that was and. It was over it was kind of a woman motives for making the move was that I felt very lucky to have been that age at that time. And I think I lived through some really good music and movies -- I sort of want to say that and showed some people who maybe hadn't seen there weren't aware of it. At the saint hello I'm also concerned because I know a lot of people in their twenties goes baby boomers with their. Music and -- and there. Long hair -- all that stuff I thank. I can see what people would think that but I don't think this movie it doesn't cover the same territory early this other movies. What doesn't because it's but it it really covers in a way like you do on The Sopranos to this somehow the pop culture. Of that moment -- end to what we're watching so it's a part of the fabric of them. Which is why I think it's too personal. Even though I know you tell me it isn't. But you did hand a -- did she. I was a member of the government organizations some sort of an organism that we're getting -- organism that exuded music went to war. If you what was -- -- we never had a name -- ever had never settle and don't talk about that all the time we talked about everything. But we didn't -- And and I was that that my friends and that they were really good musicians effect couple -- Sort of careers in music. I didn't but and under that. That group of people we didn't we can accomplish much. But they have been they have been like a hotbed of high -- -- they were riding -- a reputation. And they thought everybody was waiting for us to finally play in the region. Had you seen any of -- work what does know. How much things. Dark shadows Pleasanton. Who was ignorant. Became the -- action production connectors -- -- No -- just. Was in the room and then came this creature. She was great budget deal I think I will receive a Q -- you finish reading this -- these smoke because that was I knew we -- gonna have to people who smoke so. That was my sensitive I think I think he said I've been known to center. It noted that it Kanaskie actor with the thinking that there are Italian. Right. Because I was asking us that you had to have smoking and I really didn't want to get on the set that -- say -- by the way sorry. Yeah this it's got to be -- witnesses say yet we must do this. And we've -- a lot of cards -- endurance test screenings people decide hate all that's really hate that would be entitlement programs. -- had you seen The Sopranos had you seen. I actually haven't tried to save. Shooting and I and they started watching it I'm outside of obvious but had about it but I never seen it and then a -- watching. I'm -- I got the geeks I knew that if I saw -- that prior I'd be way too intimidated and I'm really glad that I have the sense to think that. Because otherwise I would have since you know are terrified of -- -- the title. She forgot six. More -- that -- came running back.

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{"id":18313960,"title":"David Chase, Bella Heathcote's New Film 'Not Fade Away'","duration":"9:29","description":"The director and star talk about being inspired by the music of the 60's.","url":"/Entertainment/video/david-chase-bella-heathcotes-interview-film-fade-18313960","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}