David Muir Talks Heroin Epidemic in Special 'Breaking Point'

The "World News Tonight" anchor joined "The View" co-hosts to discuss the "20/20" special.
5:13 | 03/11/16

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Transcript for David Muir Talks Heroin Epidemic in Special 'Breaking Point'
Clients heroin in America isn't eye opening 20/20 special that airs tonight. We've David you are exposed as just how bad this country's drug problem has got please welcome. David me or. So forth so thanks for having as well white and you remarked on his a lot of time incredible to. And the numbers are staggering thing about this every day in America a 129 people die. From a drug overdose that is largely related to heroin a prescription pills. That's more people dying than from car accidents and from guns in this country it's a prescription pills and heroin it's a huge problem. It's a huge problem a lot of it's coming from Mexico he didn't like he's working on a story for over a year you followed a swat team is about families that are dealing. With heroin addiction and air. But initially came in and they're still coming in from Mexico they find a way to big urban centers like New York City and straight up 95 and some of these a New England towns Manchester, New Hampshire is just one example. But now they're so sophisticated a south of the border it's almost like big pharma. And they. In this state. That's a question that's the question is not that hard day's O'Donnell build this war he keeps talking about what that kid the drug and there are a lot of people within the wall would help there are a lot of people who say that's one of those solutions but the big debate now though. Is not drug in law enforcement but how do we help these communities because they're being ravaged. And it's all over suburban America and we have a clip of that that swat team in action and what they're doing with eleven and twelve year olds now let's take a look. We we just want there about to go outside of us. He disappointment when we see a young couple of young addicts also selling. You get the money for their next fix. And if you think that's not my family we met so many parents and families and lying sons in. Sabrina of the medic dispensers swirls plus phone. Of oil up declined. Doug Griffin corridors a lot of fun he would bring us while everybody's face and we see there are no boundaries rich or the middle class ills and heroin. Texas has shown airline heroin heroine would please can my door at 1 o'clock in the morning. And my son was kind. As we go up I really wanna say watching these clinching a lot of times in the news you always see black people being. Taken for drugs and and this is what's going on the black community but I didn't see any black owner does it's a very important point to make. 90% of new heroin users are white and its suburban America and what's behind of these prescription pills. Four out of five new heroin users begin on prescription pills. Left in the medicine cabinet it's an appealing fix and when they can't keep the pills anymore but heroin is easier to find cheaper to get on the streets. David kids are even being taught now how to deal with this epidemic of school level we have another clip from your specialists take a look. In so many communities across this country the needles are everywhere in the paramedic Chris shows us the needles the tool kits they found families discovering them you've got Pham is calling you saying they're needles the park. It is on a Little League field. There are real front air which is why Chris is now teaching middle school students eleven and twelve years old. How to use no locks on board nor can't as it's called to bring someone back from a heroin overdose. As common as you've seen in the hills students have seen the needles everywhere. That's I'm just an honest. And house was. Tony pounds. And some of the children revealed until their own homes these kids are eleven and twelve years old that's where we are you. In just look this young girl practicing how to administer the drug to save someone in practicing in and a Teddy bear. I. This town I grew. New Hampshire is that things of that statement having trouble that when you would doing the debate when you're hosting debates in New Hampshire you ask the candidates. What did you do about this what this video. Well they gave their answers and they said mum on investigated as we've got to help these communities but I gotta tell you. I think the families appreciate feel validated the question was asked at the debates but there's so frustrated with how quickly these answers go by. And what you'll see tonight because he's a very brief families who allowed us into their homes for more than a year and even they couldn't predict. Where would turn in their own family and it's not always easy to watch it will be unsettling it's an unvarnished look tonight. But these are families that are taking their communities that they're not waiting for the government any longer. And people at home might say 1112 years old I don't my kids expose about even teaching them how to use that drug to bring someone back. But that's the reality that their living and they say it's like the Walking Dead. Teach them early they know not to do it later they see the effects of what's happening with the older generation. I think it's wonderful that they're going into schools they need to bring this education into more schools in the inner city and outer city as well that needs to happen no communities and the immune no community and making. Yes that's happened yet and in the parents I think I did I can't say enough that these parents these moms and dads who said it would never happen in my child. They raised him and loving homes. And in many ways tonight you'll see love sometimes isn't enough just happening coming in from Mexico now that's the main thing stomp it. Such an important out of fashion map that we have matter and our homes are now desperate about that's you for bringing this up columnist and thank you it's and thanks for coming on shopping stood.

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{"id":37582386,"title":"David Muir Talks Heroin Epidemic in Special 'Breaking Point'","duration":"5:13","description":"The \"World News Tonight\" anchor joined \"The View\" co-hosts to discuss the \"20/20\" special. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/david-muir-talks-heroin-epidemic-special-breaking-point-37582386","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}