David Muir's full interview on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Jimmy Kimmel interviews "World News Tonight" Anchor David Muir on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Feb. 15. 2017.
9:35 | 02/17/17

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Transcript for David Muir's full interview on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
Everything okay. Come up. An exciting bits of fake news it isn't easy nowadays it is a high bar to clear he's the anchor of the most watched newscast in America world news tonight with David your watching every night here at ABC police say hello to David Neal are. Right here believe it showed up today and while water from what I after all the sacks last night I was a busy night. Not only one round bode well. Throughout the but it called in sick. The roads we've we've got his funeral you be reporting on and I hope. We could use a new lead story at that how is this a good timer a bad time to be in the news busy to really slow time effect. Expect yeah. I honestly this what I tell people I think there's no more important time actually be journalists. And right now I mean we've all witnessed. What the most bruising presidential campaign and our lifetimes and yet you know every single day legal and abuse or when we talk about the stakes in there there are enormous and and we know that when we do the news every night. It's a divided America. You don't have to country feels as though they were finally heard that this economic recovery that they couldn't get access to they couldn't find a job or the children couldn't advance. Further than they did they think they were heard it took a chance. But then there are 6566. Million Americans in this country who voted for Hillary Clinton said how on earth did this happen. And we have to find a way to let everyone know when they're watching that we hear them that were asking their questions. I'm all ends of the spectrum that's not an easy task and who makes up the fake news his deed to dig yourself or. Of imagine nearest you need help because I will probably also I don't I golf I watch yourself that this. Good news indeed it is. Okay. And. It's getting shot. Honestly people wake up in this aero with their iPhone next the bed they check the headlines the moment they get up they get the tweets all day here means to grab your FaceBook feed which is. Essentially curator new speed it's called but those are your interest your lights and so you often get the viewpoints that that you're expected to get fed back to you. And I think there is a danger. When it comes to safety is because there are some fake news out there but there's also a danger when you only hear back to you. The beliefs that you already have yeah right and so I would just encourage people and we've seen the audience grow on the evening news in this Arab social media when you think it would make it harder. More people are coming to us and we're grateful they seem to be responding but I know it has nothing to do it in a mere of incredible team and more to do this moment in history. And I think people do want to cut through the noise. They want straight shooters and they want you call people out when the facts are the fast there's no such thing as an alternative facts the facts and that's a reader overnight. You got the first interview with. President trumpet as president and how do. That happened did obviously everybody want an interview with them yeah. Did he may contact you would say yes he Euro the organization we like to go and we want David specifically or out of that work if he calls me up at elephant. Who is a good fight that would actually expected tweet. Expect direct message on Twitter you know. These these kinds of interviews obviously everyone goes for an end and we were honored when we got the call that that he was gonna go with the ABC and that he had agreed to lobby become the White House and quite honestly. The moment you arrive at the White House it's an honor to be there it's an honor to sit across from whoever holds the highest office in the land. But in addition to respect for all of that I also had profound respect walking in. Knowing where we. And that. I had to ask what viewers at home wanted to ask I wasn't there to really create a comfortable situation comfortable mom with the president and and I suggest president trump I don't think he would say he would expect that either and their and there were moments but you know. We we put on an entire hour in prime time wouldn't speak but we we did press him on I thought keys is that people at home I think he did a great job with him and I think also. It dates it was uncomfortable at times and of course it has to be uncomfortable at times fact I think we have a clip here from that interview ride you wanna ask about that look for a clip. When you see in your opinion. Millions of illegal votes. That is something that is extremely fundamental to our functioning democracy fair and free election should be serial launching investigations unit is done. What you presented so far has been debunked it's been called a false I can all look at the pew report I called the author of the pew report last night. And he told me that they found no evidence reloaded and writer write the report he said no evidence of Islam than white in Iraq at the reports I wasn't appearing within these. Then he's groveling again. At this point what's going through your mind as you now are in. And are an unwinnable argument with the president it's interesting you know we do this it's out and and we were gonna do the walk and talk the tour through the White House afterwards and I was thinking I just lost the walk and talk. But but he was gracious we actually he showed us a lot of the White House and the Oval Office but you know. This is something president trump feels strongly about. He told me in that interview that he will launch an investigation we've heard from Republicans on Capitol Hill. Who don't seem eager to launch that investigation but. He still can but some do some say there should be an investigation yet but I'd I'm not sure how many are convinced there are three to five million illegal votes he believes. But he one of would have won the popular vote is that Hillary Clinton had to happen for millions of it would all right now this latest material how does it happen. And I'm sure you've been on the receiving end of this kind of information but how does it happen that you get a leak from the White House. It seems very dangerous some in there can only be so many people in a room with something senses being discussed. And how does it work are the news yet what's funny because you're talking about the reports that. Perhaps some of president Trump's campaign aides during the campaign. Had communications. We've the Russians. Russian intelligence is just a bad movie from the eighty jets to start where yet sounds it's late it's serious yes very curiously why. Why would you have got him out of contact with the Russians begin but whether or not they were Russian intelligence agents or not. But but it's interesting it. These leaks like they are from the US intelligence community. You heard president trump what they are today and he targeted the leaks he went after the intelligence community that now serves him. About these leaks. You look back you know decades back the beginnings of journalism and often it's sourcing or a leak that will lead to you know story headline and unfortunately. This is what I think you administration's face all the time when they're in there are the weeks and and not only from the intelligence community but sometimes as you point out from inside the White House. What's interesting though is that during the campaign season you know we often saw Donald Trump as the candidate. Sort of celebrating WikiLeaks when it was about Hillary Clinton right yeah beginning rallies in the city low WikiLeaks I saw you play that clear on the news that it I'd the only reason we would do that is just to point out that. There are moments when when a particular politician he's now the president feels the incoming fire. And during the campaign during those WikiLeaks when James can be talked about the emails in the final eleven days believe me Hillary Clinton felt that incoming fire and I think right now because of this particular set of leaks in the reporting that's followed. The president and this new team is learning very quickly how to handle this and I don't feel like he feels incoming fire after like these police he he just walks through the fire yeah. More things on fire everything birds except for him but he just you know this is interfering. Okay. We're visiting the thing on the shoulder generosity listening and make it on a dragon right now. Well the interesting thing is I do think that president trump has. A significant amount of competence and skill set that brought him to the presidency and you heard him. Instead of talking about these particular intelligence leaks what they led to this these reports of possible communications with Russian intelligence didn't answer questions on that today but did. Confirm that they're gonna hold a campaign rally on Saturday. And I asked her correspondence and at a campaign rallies have literally a campaign rally they're going to be in campaigning for. The second term on Saturday well I think well they're not I'm not I'm Monica oh well made so you. Or get mad personally met when. When this stuff happens when they say the journalists are fake it's fake news these guys are making this up whether personally or on behalf of Europe. You're calling steel I don't. And here's why. I think if you underestimate the audience you do so at your own Carol. I think Americans particularly in this moment are a lot smarter than people give him credit for they're a lot more engaged than they were before the election. And if you were troubled by the election or if you feel buoyed by the election either way whatever and of the spectrum Iran. People are definitely more engaged guys have been in many many years I keep I keep focusing on that that is a tremendous byproduct. Of what was he terribly bruising we have not been this engage since the civil war. I didn't I. I don't know if you want to beat a second source I don't. We'll wait we'll first one point. Why why don't come out I just figured after all of this let's just open it figure what's going on pop culture I think in it was hosting the Oscars all I have. Okay. I doubt very much politics who commodity Oscars how to prevent it probably in all of that group doesn't want to doubt about back and that's about it at that and and yet he also so Libby also paid talking about that sort of thing will thank you David David you're everybody.

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