'Deadpool 2' cast assemble their ideal squad at premiere

ABC News catches up with the cast of "Deadpool" at the red carpet.
3:28 | 05/15/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Deadpool 2' cast assemble their ideal squad at premiere
What's up everybody gets for ABC news lives we are on the red carpet for debt equal to you right here in New York City debate premier we've got Ryan Reynolds we've got Josh Roland. The whole cast. Deadbolt had the chance to assemble its own super spies the explores it viewers -- your own super squad with folks that are real or fictional. Who would you play in your super spot okay. We've beat Sam Jackson. Digits twelve. Michael B Jordan Unita needle ten negative that is the super Spotify at hot. And the without that in a theater notably right there are. My own team tonight gas line you know I'd probably take the Hulk like take the juggernaut you know either take Wolverine to battle Hugh Jackman. The on thing and I eat. Katie Mary. Narrow street. I'd take dead pool to deserve commentary the whole thing and then probably take. Dominos that ass yeah. Lining. Dead bolt Wolverine. Spider-Man. Wonder Woman. Tesla. Candidates like the ring I mean he sent the card outer space and that is our. What did you I think ours outer space not many people can say that they do that. Gotta have a minute spot. In addition to the movie did I read it right the also got to direct this Celine Dion music videos you as well. To be about that. It's funny I I've never directed at the media but now it's wanted to. It's like you know we beauty big movies right like. But listening to music mania. The idea so it was an amazing moment and watch out of the purse tape. A purple track. I looked around and the crew I didn't nobody out hot I didn't know any other night. Ever onus is mesmerized thankfully. Star power medical's I have to ask his mortgage diva on set Celine or Ryan. Dead pool no understanding. In the cast. Re the most surprised by and a good way. A 100% I I knew she would scales when I knew she was perfect cast on. But when ice art David shouldn't get cut in February and I sit home on God's. A wonderful what's so charming and she plays off Josh and and run so perfectly and ordered over the move predominantly over the Josh Johnson Ryan. Their plea sold everybody's. I was so excited about them but domino is it's ridiculously. Huge economic would be so for me being a part of this Christmas with an axe -- the losses it's it's I think that there are no words with. Michael like you know explain elect meal and you know look at this it's amazing it's it's going to be so beautiful still to be here tonight. Duke whom probably a lot of thought everyone was wonderment. Why is that there it route it is superhero movie why hasn't happened yeah Bryant don't think they do they. And we it was getting them through it. That there way to do it again.

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{"id":55185782,"title":"'Deadpool 2' cast assemble their ideal squad at premiere","duration":"3:28","description":"ABC News catches up with the cast of \"Deadpool\" at the red carpet.","url":"/Entertainment/video/deadpool-cast-assembles-ideal-squad-premiere-55185782","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}