Dean Jones, Disney Star, Dies at 84

The star of comedies "That Darn Cat!" and "The Love Bug" died of Parkinson's disease.
0:23 | 09/03/15

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Transcript for Dean Jones, Disney Star, Dies at 84
Actor Dean Jones has died he's best remembered as the star of many light hearted Disney comedies in the 1960s and seventies starting with. That darn cat the most successful was the love bug featuring a Volkswagen with human traits. Jones also worked on Broadway and television and in other movies including clear and present danger and Beethoven. He was 84.

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{"duration":"0:23","description":"The star of comedies \"That Darn Cat!\" and \"The Love Bug\" died of Parkinson's disease.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"33508636","title":"Dean Jones, Disney Star, Dies at 84","url":"/Entertainment/video/dean-jones-disney-star-dies-84-33508636"}